Doctors Reach A Tipping Point Under O-Care

Sooner or later this had to happen:

A doctor representing the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons told The Daily Caller on Thursday that “physicians have reached a tipping point” under current health care laws, as they cannot both care for their patients and comply with mandated regulations.

Dr. Louis McIntyre, from Westchester County, New York, testified with three other health care experts before part of the House Small Business Committee on Thursday to explain the increasing challenges Congress and insurance companies have put on doctors who work for small or solo practices.

Rising costs of malpractice insurance and regulatory paperwork, along with shrinking reimbursements paid to doctors on behalf of Medicare patients, have all but forced doctors to become hospital employees, McIntyre said. He believes patients will see the quality and accessibility of healthcare deteriorate as more and more doctors, struggling to eke out a profit, leave their private practices for hospitals.

There is video at the link.

10 thoughts on “Doctors Reach A Tipping Point Under O-Care

  1. Watch: the govt. will “suggest” the solution is for doctors to work for some govt. hospital where they will be exempted from the regs and insurance/malpractice problems associated with private practices (it’s nothing more than a Cass Sunstein “nudge” – which, when you resist, becomes a shove).

  2. This Bone Doctor speaks the truth. Costs have gone up-up-up, and reimbursement has been flat-to-declining. Eventually, you reach a tipping point… and we’re there now.

    “the govt. will “suggest” the solution is for doctors to work for some govt. hospital”

    Many physicians are actually expecting that the government will force them to continue in practice no matter the cost.

  3. My good friend who is a doctor, explained to me, the doctors who can, are “retiring” from practicing medicine.

    When young people realize they cannot practice medicine with the patient’s best interest in mind, they will choose a different professions.

    The worlds best doctors, will go elsewhere to ply their trade.

    There will be a shortage of doctors as I suggested in my post on doctors….

  4. Utah, pardon me for being off topic but I know you don’t always check the comments on other people’s posts, so since you hadn’t replied to my correction of your misstatement about Alinsky, I thought I’d put it here, too, just to make you’d be sure to get it:

    “So you were with him when he wrote that and can testify in court”

    Of course not, and neither were you. Unlike you, apparently, I recognize humor. Now you’re sounding as inane as a couple of your acolytes here, Utah. Are you playing to the base?

    “At any rate, this Lucifer issue is a distraction.”

    Perhaps–though Joe saw fit to include it in three separate posts yesterday, and conservatives such as TV twit Monica Crowley keep repeating the lie. This seemed like a logical place to try to correct it.

    “The only thing Alinsky seemed committed to was agitation.”

    That I can buy. Early on, he try to fire up the poor. Later it was the middle class (which is why some compare him to a Tea Partier).

    “I doubt that the statement about Lucifer had any significance to him other than a method to agitate people who adhere to religious beliefs.”

    That could very well be true. Not having been there, of course, I couldn’t swear to it in court.

    “On the point of left or right, you must concede because you are clearly in error”

    You’re the one who seems to be “clearly in error”–please point oint out to me where I made a claim in this regard. I merely quoted the opinions of two very conservative writers from Forbes magazine.

    And I’m sure you’ll tell Joe, “you must concede because you are clearly in error” because of this post that is obviously much more “in error” than anything I’ve written:

    Yeah, sure.

  5. Ok, so about 12 more topics on the main page … if you hurry, you can likely post this in all of them before someone pen’s a new topic. Better yet, Utah … delete all the posts in the RNL and save this one.

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