We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Voter ID’s: Yeah, Right


Democrats registering the dead to vote

Drug money funding voter fraud in Kentucky

At some point, one has to wonder whether all the reports of “no evidence of vote fraud found” connected to the wide-spread corruption of elected officials?  Or to the push back to voter ID requirements from these same elected officials?

119 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Voter ID’s: Yeah, Right

  1. Voter fraud on the part of the Obama campaign? Say it ain’t so, Joe. (Anyone here remember the ACORN debacle of ’08?)

    • It crosses Party lines (been finding as many R’s as D’s involved in local issues). However, in regards to national campaigns, it does appear to be a heavily Democrat-connected problem.

      • Hey, I’m all for voter photo IDs at the polls, just as I congratulate Rick Scott for one of the few things he’s done right in his term, getting access to the federal government data bases to clean up the rolls in Florida. If you can’t prove your a citizen, that your alive, and that your not a domestic or farm animal, then you simply shouldn’t be allowed to vote. That goes for whether you’re a D or an R.

        • Agreed, but even more to the point: why should the feds be involved in voting when that is the function of the SOVEREIGN STATES?

          Washington has seized far too much power from the States. I think the States should tell Washington they ALL want to secede. By my calculations – if they did that – it would end the feds and retain the nation. Win-win in my book. What say you? 🙂

        • Agreed, but even more to the point: why should the feds be involved in voting when that is the function of the SOVEREIGN STATES?

          Washington has seized far too much power from the States. I think the States should tell Washington they ALL want to secede. By my calculations – if they did that – it would end the feds and retain the nation. Win-win in my book. What say you? 🙂

          OH! I almost forgot: racist! 😉 (not to worry, me too…hehehe)

          • @ B, I am a person who believes in Federalists, and a succession (if only temporary) would send a loud and clear message to Washington. But James and I had a discussion that touched on this, and he made an excellent point …

            Me: “states are increasingly separating themselves where possible from federal control”
            James: “Maybe–but when federal dollars come into play, we’ll see how many actually hold to their “principles.” Maybe some will, but I’ll bet others cave.”

            And he’s right (even broken clocks are right twice a day — sorry James, all in the name of good humor), some states would cave in to the Feds. Places like the insolvent California could not stand on their own fiscally, so pushing the federal government out is not an option for them. They simply need all the federal money they can get … and it is that very money that they pay so dearly for with their freedom.

            • Understood, and that would be a price the States would have to consider. But also understand that those States that pull back will keep the taxes they pay in. James likes to point out the blue States pay more, but then, how will that work for them when they are the only ones supporting that federal behemoth? 😉

              • ” James likes to point out the blue States pay more, but then, how will that work for them when they are the only ones supporting that federal behemoth?”

                I’ve seen him say that, but I haven’t researched for myself. This logic has me curious though … could there be a correlation between blue states and more federal regulation in those states vs red states who may have accepted less federal money?

        • Even your former Republican governor and many of your state’s registrars have criticized Scott’s slapdash efforts, of course.

    • Dun-Dun-Dun-Another one bites the dust.

      There you go: figure out when I was in HS and that will tell you the rest (we made the song famous State wide for about 3 years).


    • Dunt-Dunt-Dunt-Another one bites the dust – hey! hey!.

      There you go: figure out when I was in HS and that will tell you the rest (we made the song famous State wide for about 3 years).


        • IDK: check your year books.

          BTW: Jeff says you are going to have a hard time learning from him since he hasn’t signed any new students this week. You did realize we were brothers before you started telling people he was trainign you, right? I mean, we talk to each othjer – duh! 😉

          • My yearbooks were destroyed in the hurricane.

            i never said your brother is training me; I said I shall pop in with my girlfriend to see if I want him to “train” me. (I’ll scroll for my comment, if you’d like.) If you’re implying that he is too busy, I won’t bother.

            • LOL, man, you are touchy. He isn’t that busy, and – personally – there aren’t may better you could learn from in this town – IF you want to know how to actually use the art should the need actually arise. But YOU’RE the one being touchy here.

              If you are going to “drop in” on him, you might want to do so soon, or call him to get directions to the new location. He’s moving to a place down town on Jenks next week.

  2. Ok. Well let’s see- the first one is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with mass mailings and out of date databases.

    The second is laughable. It has nothing whatsoever to do with anything voter ID laws would counteract.

    So how about Pennsylvania stipulating in the case against their voter ID laws that not only are the unaware of ANY voter impersonation fraud in the state, they are unaware of any cases nationally? Or Texas being forced to admit essentially the same thing in their case? Or the evidence that despite the crackdown on voter fraud launched by the Bush administration no cases of in person voter fraud were found?

    There is certainly all sorts of voter fraud going on- but none of it is of a type that would be in anyway remedied by voter ID laws.

    • “There is certainly all sorts of voter fraud going on- but none of it is of a type that would be in anyway remedied by voter ID laws.”

      Watch as a man gets offered a voting ballot claiming to be Eric Holder. He literally states: “I forgot my ID”, and the man says: “You don’t need an ID”..

      His last line is completely hilarious: “I’ll be back faster than you can say furious”

      And you still say we do not need voter IDs?

      • Sadly for Holder and company, exposing holes in their logic was not a difficult thing for James O’Keefe. But the response came predictably weak … “manufactured” example of “voter fraud.” And when called, the DOJ would not answer or comment. Imagine that.

        • Oftentimes the rhetoric from the left is weak. Hell, they seldom can consolidate their own base. They’ve had to walk back so many statements under pressure from Obama that they’ve literally handed the Romney campaign a new buzz-term; “Cory Booker treatment,” to describe the effect.

          It’s turning into quite the comedy. 🙂

      • Yes, a publicity stunt. And yet there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in this country- indeed- there is really no evidence it occurs. And yet millions of americans will lose their most basic right- their most basic duty- Voting for their representatives in our government.

        My father, who has parkinsons, is soon to be disenfranchised by his state voter laws. He can not do the hour trip each way, and deal with the beaucracy, to get a state issued ID (obviously he is no longer capable of driving). But he can still make it, with help, the 5 miles to cast his ballot. It disgusts me that this man who has wroked his *** off all his life will be unable to vote because of a non-existent problem being used to cover an attempt to disenfranchise mostly democratic voters.

        • I call BS drugs. With a POA, you can do the necessary ground work for the man. I know, I have done it for my grandfather.

          Non-existent problem … that’s rich. Its only non-existent when it works for you, but what about when this non-existent problem worked against you in FL a few years back? Did you say it was non-existent then?

          • Ok. Please show me proof, or even any strong evidence that in person voter fraud, the only type controlled by voter ID laws, occurs in this country. Numerous studies suggest, picking the high number, the incidence is .0003%.

            And no- a POA does no good. He can NOT physically handle the two+ hour roundtrip, not to mention the time there, to get a government issue photo ID.

            • @ drugs — if you would clean your house out of whatever paraphernalia you have stored up in there, your state’s agency that is tasked with helping the disadvantaged will send someone specifically to your house to take care of this for you.

              I’ve done it in my state, and I am quite sure you can do it yours too. Provide me the name of the state you live in, and I will gladly get you pointed in the right direction. Fair enough?

            • Oh, and the Power of Attorney worked great for me. I suppose though you say that it was because I was wearing scrubs with a stethoscope around my neck, and this little badge that said MD at the end?

              I’m sorry, that only works at car dealerships when you want the cost of the car up-charged for the mythical “Doctor’s Tax” dealerships have. 🙂

  3. “Anyone here remember the ACORN debacle of ’08?”

    Yes, as a matter of fact. I remember that despite lots of effort on the part of Republicans, they could not find EVEN ONE case of voter fraud by someone who had been registered by ACORN.

    In fact, UFO sitings are a few thousand times more common than voter fraud. On the other hand, if there’s any evidence that space aliens vote Democratic, I’m sure the GOP will get right on that. 🙂 http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/voter-id-laws-charts-maps

    • “UFO Sightings Are More Common Than Voter Fraud” – With a title like this, from a devoutly liberal news source, I am certain that the progressives would praise this as a laudable effort.

      Some people attach themselves to their hukas for too long, and too often.

    • Now James, do you want me to accuse you of misdirection or some sort of fallacy? I never said ACORN committed voter fraud. Their employees WERE FOUND GUILTY of faking registration forms while under the employ of the National Democratic Party in 2008.

      “ACORN workers have been convicted of submitting false voter registration forms in Colorado Springs in 2005, Kansas City, Mo., in 2006 and King County, Wash., in 2007. ACORN’s Las Vegas office was raided by a state criminal investigator on Oct. 7, 2008. ACORN workers are also the subjects of ongoing investigations in Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. The Indiana investigation started in early October and may involve thousands of fraudulent registration forms Of course, this wasn’t the first time.”

      “Investigator Hayes followed up, confirmed that many registrations were faked, and found a former ACORN worker who confessed to faking most of her forms. After obtaining a warrant based on the affidavit, state officials seized records and computers. Secretary of State Ross Miller was quoted as saying the faked forms included names from the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.”

      “The Obama campaign also paid Citizens Services Inc., a group affiliated with ACORN, more than $800,000 for get-out-the-vote (not voter registration) efforts during the primary election. The nature of CSI’s services was initially misrepresented on the Obama campaign’s disclosures to the Federal Election Commission, which the campaign describes as an oversight.”

      ” A Las Vegas judge has spared senior ACORN executive Amy Adele Busefink jail time for her role in a notorious voter fraud conspiracy.
      Judge Donald Mosley sentenced Busefink to two years imprisonment but suspended the jail time provided that she abides by the terms of her probation. She was also fined a total of $4,000 and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. Prosecutors had argued for a fine of just $1,000. Voter fraud, sometimes called electoral fraud, is a blanket term encompassing a host of election-related improprieties.
      This isn’t the first time Busefink was involved in shady electoral dealings. Even while under indictment in Nevada she ran the 2010 national voter drive for Project Vote, which was President Obama’s employer in 1992. Project Vote and ACORN have long been indistinguishable. Project Vote still operates out of ACORN’s offices in Washington, D.C.
      Busefink also ran ACORN’s fraud-ridden 2008 voter registration drive. In that drive, officials chucked an astounding 400,000 bogus registrations.”

      Don’t know much about space aliens, there James, but I do know ACORN was guilty to the point it was disbanded and their ties and endorsement of Obama were never in question.

      “Funding dried up after a widely disseminated YouTube video last September that showed ACORN workers giving advice on how to flout the law to two conservative activists who posed as a pimp and a prostitute. A separate embezzlement scandal also damaged the group’s credibility.”

      • Yeah, I see, it isn’t that ACORN is crooked, it’s just EVERYONE but 1 person working for them (that 1 person is kept locked in a closet to provide plausible deniability).

        Thanks, FC, for clearing that one up…for james! 😉

      • “I never said ACORN committed voter fraud.”

        And neither, as far as we can tell, did anyone registered by ACORN. So why bring it up on a post about voter fraud, except to do what Joe was doing with his two links–cry foul with no evidence, buy hope others will buy that the unrelated info somehow supports your assertion. I’m sure Joe could tell you what kind of fallacy that you–and he–committed. 😉

  4. By the way,Joe, both of your links above are essentially meaningless in regard to voter fraud.

    In the first case, it doesn’t matter who gets forms to register to vote (and probably doesn’t matter much who registers)–what matters is whether they vote. I doubt that many dead folks will show up, regardless of whether they have photo IDs.

    In the second case, the same people will be voting. If I show up with or without a voter ID, you don’t know if someone has paid me to vote a certain way.

    • SBJ, I will tell you this: My cousin (huge lib) volunteered for the Democrats and bragged about taking folks from the Rescue Mission to vote. While this is America and I by no means deny someone the freedom to vote, it is at the same time very frustrating to have people so out of touch (maybe) to vote.) I say maybe because I am is going by her comments and my son’s (he counsels there.)

      • I’m sure there are cases like that involving both Democrats and Republicans, but the voter fraud proposals likely wouldn’t affect those cases, anyway–assuming the folks at the mission have IDs. And didn’t someone here recently claim that fake IDs are easy to get, when I suggested heavy fines for those who hire undocumented workers? Hmm.

        At any rate, the problem is tiny at best–while putting through new laws (especially this close to the election) would guarantee that many people who have legally voted for years suddenly would find themselves unable to vote

        Not coincidentally, most of those voters would come from Democratic-leaning areas (such as cities and college campuses, where many folks don’t have cars). It’s telling that the Texas law would permit someone to use their gun registration to vote but not a student ID.

        • This is preposterous, James. I had a DL in college as well as a car. Primarily I rode my bike to get around. I really doen’t take much to get a photo ID (unless you wanna give up your ramen and 12-pack for the week.) 😉

          • Not so, Kells. I just had a student get her first driver’s license–at age 20. She has had a school-issued photo ID since she was 18. I also spend time in New York and Chicago every so often–many folks in those cities never drive, and so have no need for photo ID. My mother-in-law, who recently died, hadn’t driven for more than a decade and so didn’t have a valid driver’s license. Just some top-of-the-head examples. I’m sure you can think of others, or find some examples on the web.

              • Easy for you. Less easy for an 87-year-old who doesn’t drive. And of course there’s the point I made about the proximity to the election, so many people won’t know that they even need the ID until they show up to vote.

                • And someone had to get him to to location where he got it, and pay for it. And again, he’d have to be aware of the fact that he needed one to vote. And again, this is for a problem that doesn’t exist.

                • Michelle Obama’s “Bring One with You” should be the huckleberry for your student too. Just have him get his ID handy and then call her. She won’t come pick him up without some sort of ID. 🙂

                • Since my student is both female and conservative, I don’t think your comment applies, Augger. But nice try. 😉

                • Love those fictitious students.

                  Have her contact us James. Republicans have assistance programs available as well to help folks get registered to vote. They just don’t show up at the Olympics telling the world about how benevolent they are in helping those disadvantaged victims of constitutional voter laws … all for the purposes of a photo op.

                  We’ll be glad to help your troubled student since you’d rather come here and whine about her plight instead of actually trying to help her yourself. 🙂

                • My student didn’t need the help. For one thing, she has money and intelligence. For another, my state didn’t just bring in a voter ID law. Other than that, though, your comment is almost relevant.

  5. James,
    If someone is too stupid to get an official state ID card, they are too stupid to vote.
    It’s not possible to intelligently say that this law is wrongly biased against Dems.

    • Dusty,

      If he IS saying it is biased against Dems, then isn’t he putting the lie to the Left’s claims to being smarter than the right? I mean, at least we toofless hillbillies has our ID cards 😉

      • I’ve never claimed to be smarter than all of those on the right (just most of the conservatives here). I notice you’re not addressing the fact that both of your links were completely irrelevant to the argument you claimed to be making. I’m sure there’s a fallacy you can connect to your original shortcoming, Joe, and yet another to the fact that you’re trying to divert attention from my statement.

    • Stupidity has nothing to do with it (though apparently a lot to do with what goes on here). Many people won’t be aware of the change in the law because it’s so close to the election. Some are disabled and/or poor, and this creates an extra physical or financial hardship– for a “problem” that DOESN’T EXIST.

      • “Some are disabled and/or poor, and this creates an extra physical or financial hardship– for a “problem” that DOESN’T EXIST.”

        Obtaining identification for disabled and/or poor is not so much a problem as you might think. Using Florida as an example, the disabled simply has to contact a social worker through their MD, Home Health Agency (if they have one), or the Florida Department of Children and Families’ who will come to their homes and assist them. The poor can also contact the Florida Department of Children and Families’, and their social workers will assist these disadvantaged people through the process.

        I am pretty certain that Florida is not unique in this, so careful the false barriers you erect James. Some things just aren’t so.

          • Charlie Crist? laudable … and frankly, at your level of education you know better than to even attempt to pass Crist around. Crist is jilted … and damaged goods. I am sure the Floridians would be happy to send him to your state. Maybe he would get elected there without having to flip flop across the political spectrum.

            However, to take our discussion to a higher level, I did some research on it. I was not surprised at all by what I found:

            I found this interesting in that it supports my remolding theory about Democrats…

            “Only self-identified Democrats changed their support when presented different arguments about voter ID laws; self-identified Republicans did not change their views of the ID laws based on question wording (See Figure 2).”


            It also shows how Democrats allow themselves to be manipulated based on verbage re-casting the ideology to present itself in a softer, more acceptable manner.

            The Republicans by contrast seem to see through the smoke screen of deception, and stay the course.

            And if the Huffington Post is not a reliable enough source of information for you, here is yet another supportive article from a left leaning news source that discusses the Rasmussen poll on the very same point.


            • Sorry James. You should know (and I’m sure you do) that Crist jumped ship and declared himself a Democrat. Then, after he posed all armed up with Oblamer, he was rumored to be on Oblamer’s short list for VP. Then, of course, he supported Obamacare 100%. Please use someone other than Crist in your references to Florida Republicans.

              • flcracker — Jams can’t help himself. He does not understand Florida history from first hand experience. He gets his information from second hand liberal opinions.

                Give him a bit of a pass on this one … god bless his precious soul … he’s trying … he’s trying. 🙂

                • Typically inane and irrelevant, Augger, since every word I said was true. By the way, many Florida election officials–both Democratic and Republican–have also criticized the move. But as someone who “understands Florida, “I’m sure you know that and are just playing games.

                  • By the way, many Florida election officials–both Democratic and Republican–have also criticized the move.

                    And as strange as this might be……………..many Florida election officials–both Democratic and Republican–have complimented the intent to repair the election system.

                • Hey, I don’t deny that your system is screwed up and needs fixed–it’s Florida, after all. 🙂 But this was a hasty, sloppy, clearly political effort. A number of those folks to be purged from the roles were actually found to be eligible, right? I hope you folks turn out to be among them. 😉

                  • A number of those folks to be purged from the roles were actually found to be eligible, right? I hope you folks turn out to be among them.

                    How so very….LEFT of him to say. And then to pretend this was meant to be a joke by adding a disingenuous smiley face after the comment.

                    180 degree rule in action: works every time 😉

                  • “Happy, sloppy, clearly political effort”

                    Oh, you mean like the following?

                    – Fast and Furious
                    – Voter ID full court press
                    – Gay marriage evolving
                    – New executive orders on unemployment

                    All of which could have been handled at the outset if the liberals really gave a sh*t about the subjects, but oh no, not you radicals … you just had to put a few in the back pocket for a rainy day, right?

                • “I hope you folks turn out to be among them.”

                  Typically inane and irrelevant, James, but this is what we’re coming to expect from you.

                • Augger, what do “you radicals” (by which I assume you mean me, with the second-person pronoun) have to do with any of tthe items on your list? After all, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly, I’m not even an Obama fan? Or is it just that anyone who disagrees with you on anything is therefore a “radical” and has the same views on everything? Oh, wait–it doesn’t have to make sense, right?

                  • “After all, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly, I’m not even an Obama fan?”

                    You have said this several times and immediately backed all the stupid crap that your “non-hero” has forced on the American people.
                    WE know that continually saying that is simplly your way make it seem like you are not a liberal OWEbozo worshipper, but WE can see thru your charade.
                    Also, I guess since you put a question mark after your statement, it means even you don’t believe it.

                • “You have said this several times and immediately backed all the stupid crap that your ‘non-hero’ has forced on the American people.”

                  This simply demonstrates that you’re either lazy or not very bright, Dusty. And, like someone else here, oh-so-eager to jump up and down to speak even if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                  I don’t like Obamacare. I’ve opposed Obama’s drone wars, his negative ads, his lying about Romney’s record, his secrecy, and his perpetuation of Bush policies. If you spent 10 minutes looking at my blog, you’d find lots of criticism of Obama (I could give you some examples, but this site won’t let me link to specific posts on mine, anymore).

                  Those comments must really confuse those of you for whom the world is completely black and white, of course. How does the 180-degree rule work when you have real people, who tend to agree with you on some things and disagree with you on most?

                  • Could never bring myself to truly go back to your blog site and read after that painful 600 liar tirade you deem a display of intellectual prowess, but I did manage to go read a few peer reviews on your book. Those were interesting, and good reads. 🙂

                • “Could never bring myself to truly go back to your blog site”

                  Of course not–it’s much easier to criticize something you know nothing about, right. Besides, I use big words over there assuming the audience is more educated.

                  “I did manage to go read a few peer reviews on your book. Those were interesting, and good reads.”

                  Thanks; glad you enjoyed them. The book (whichever one you’re referring to) is even better. You probably also came across this, then: http://news.whitworth.edu/2009_07_01_archive.html

                  • Liar is not a big word. And repeating it 20+ times does not constitute a good read.

                    Just saying.

                    Was there anything else in your response worth scrolling down to read? I didn’t bother. I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. 🙂

                • “Was there anything else in your response worth scrolling down to read?”

                  Who knows? With about 440 posts, of which you seem to have read part of just one, it’s tough to judge your taste.

                  • Nah, I meant in this little reply box thing. Your post was long enough that a scroll down bar appeared.

                    I’m saying the first line was all that was needed to know where you were heading. Predictability is something I do thank you for. Saves me time. 🙂

              • Sorry – I should have said Crist jumped ship and declared himself an INDEPENDENT to run agains Rubio. Recently his wife declared herself a Democrat and there is speculation he will run for governor again 2014 as a Democrat. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, whatever. He’s a thief and a liar.

                • Nope, he caucuses with the Democrats, and steals money from the Republicans. But I have said it before, and it is certainly true about Crist. These liberals are very diligently always trying to rework the unworkable and trying to recast their ideology into some new mold by calling it new names… modifying it, softening it, making it acceptable.

                  Crist is no exception.

              • Oh, so that’s how it works here, huh Joe? Coming from someone with your proven integrity, that means a lot. 🙂 Oh, damn–did it again. 🙂 And again. 🙂 And…

                But if you want a real application of the “rule” you love so much, let me say that I think you’re a very smart guy.

                • Oh James, what’s next … “your momma” jokes?

                  You are reaching. Don’t hurt your shoulders. 🙂

      • “I’ve never claimed to be smarter than all of those on the right (just most of the conservatives here).”
        “Stupidity has nothing to do with it (though apparently a lot to do with what goes on here).”

        Dammit, man! You must be really special! 😉

          • “Only in a “big-fish-in-a-small-pond” kinda way, when I hang out here. But thanks.”

            Everyone meet the real James – the narcissistic Obama wanna-be who benevolently blesses us each day to fill our otherwise downtrodden lives with his truly God-like intellectual prowess, looks, and benevolent wisdom designed to turn us from our wicked, heatheren ways..

            Everyone bow now, to the would-be king.

            • “his truly God-like intellectual prowess, looks, and benevolent wisdom”

              Again, only on a comparative basis. 😉 And bowing isn’t necessary, Augger. After all, even my students call me by my first name. 🙂

              And by the way, you couldn’t pay me enough to do Obama’s job.

              • Fantastic that we’ve now cleared that one up. You can toodle along now little James. The big kids wanna talk politics, and there is little room for fence post walk opportunists in grown up discussions. 🙂

                • Typically inane and insulting, Auggie. But I’m sure Joe and one or two other people enjoyed it–or at least cringed on your behalf. But please, feel free to “talk politics.”

                  • You ever noticed a trend here dear James? If not, allow me to knock you over the head with it.

                    I respond to your inane and insulting comments. So keep casting the first stones there, buddy. 🙂

                • “he would look cute”

                  It’s bad enough when Kells says things like this. Now you’re just creeping me out. I do believe in gay marriage, but I’ve been happily married to the same WOMAN for over 30 years.

                • “You ever noticed a trend here dear James?”

                  Yes, I have. I respond to a comment or post by someone else (rarely initiating contact with you). You then but in with an irrelevant insult. I answer that. You whine.

                  Yep, I noticed, “big boy.”

                  • Oh you flatter yourself too much James. Megan Fox could cause me to whine, but not quite as much as January Jones.

                    Now those two are worth whining over. You however, are not. 🙂

                    Cast them stones, it makes for a few laughs when I am in the mood to joust with you.

                • ““he would look cute”

                  “It’s bad enough when Kells says things like this.”

                  You have hurt my feelings, and I truly feel that I’ve been as pleasant as you please. When I say a person is cute, it is meant as a compliment. I’m now beginning to wonder how your wife has put up with you for 30 years. I do believe I would have to spank you…..

                  • Medications Kells. Medications. Us stupid doctors … we’ll we are capable of holding together dysfunctional marriages too! 🙂

                • Sorry, Kells–no harm intended. It was poorly worded, and I apologize. And I also wonder how my wife has put up with me for 30 years. 🙂

              • “you couldn’t pay me enough to do Obama’s job.”

                Even with your complete disconnect from the average American, you couldn’t do a worse job………………………

                • “you couldn’t do a worse job………………………”

                  Probably true. Unless I somehow became a Republican. 🙂

  6. copied from redroses on the pcnhrefugeesforoum:
    ( kinda sounds like voer fraud to me, James)

    Stealing Virginia and maybe the presidency

    Posted by Dan Spencer (Diary)

    Wednesday, July 25th at 7:38PM EDT
    The Romney campaign today has requested an investigation into potential election fraud in Virginia, a Key battle-ground state.
    The request was necessary because of the shenanigans of the DC-based Voter Participation Center which has mailed voter-registration forms to deceased relatives, children, and even pets.
    According to the Associated Press, the Voter Participation Center has touted the distribution of some five million registration forms in recent weeks, targeting Democratic-leaning voting blocs such as unmarried women, blacks, Latinos and young adults. The mailings appear official, arriving in privacy envelopes with the headline “VOTER REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED.” Some information is already completed on the voter registration papers, and recipients also get an envelope to send completed forms to local elections officials.
    PJ Media has already followed up with a great investigative piece – the return address on the VPC’s forms, which are allegedly supposed to be Virginia State Board of Elections, actually sends the forms to a rogue address:

    “The evident misdirection of the return address and the permit number registered in Pennsylvania all beg for an answer: Why? These returned registration forms contain real personal information including full legal names, date of birth, and even Social Security numbers. What is the Voter Participation Center really up to, in having forms returned to an address that it says is controlled by a state entity, when that is not the truth? Additionally, where are the completed forms really going”
    That is a great question. Virginians (and Americans, because Virginia is an important battleground state and could determine the next President) deserve answers.
    This is all too reminiscent of the voter fraud practiced by ACORN in the 2008 presidential campaign in Ohio, Indiana and other states. Hopefully, someday the lefties who say that voter ID laws and other anti-fraud measures are not necessary will be overcome by all the evidence of voter fraud and other instances of ineligible voting.

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