Americans STILL Answer God’s Call

You probably will not hear much about Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” rally in the news this weekend, and if you do, it is likely to be more Alinsite ridicule.  But you have to wonder why or how anyone could or would ridicule a group of people coming together to serve those in need and simply restore love for our fellow man to our society.

Anyway, I know this is from Beck’s “The Blaze,” but it has to be – because no one else is going to show you how many people have answered his call:

Ride Along With Glenn Beck as He Does a Pre-Dawn Flyover of Cowboy‘s Stadium and the ’Day of Service’

“I see all these blinking lights for blocks, and I can’t quite make out what it is,” Beck explained on radio Friday morning. Then the pilot exclaimed: “Oh my gosh, those are buses!”

The buses stretched for blocks.

Watch the video in this clip

After you watch that video, ask yourself: could any other private citizen get this sort of a response from the America people?

I don’t think so.  In fact, I don’t think they actually answered Beck’s call.  I submit to you that they are answering the call of God and that Beck is merely the messenger.

America, did you hear the Liberty Bell ring this morning?  It was a genuine copy of the original Liberty Bell, a copy made by the same people who made the Liberty Bell and t sounded sooo sweet — even on the radi.

(Yes, James, I wish I could have made it to this rally, but I would rather have paid to send you — so you can see you are attacking the very people you claim you want Americans to be.)

3 thoughts on “Americans STILL Answer God’s Call

  1. I understand the whole Beck reluctance thing, B3A. His name seems to elicit a response and/or a dismissal almost as fast as Sarah Palin, or even Breitbart. The Left has succeeded in making a percentage of the country see his name as a caricature, much the same as Joe McCarthy’s….which is just as wrong-headed, by the way.

    Keep reporting the truth, partner.
    “As a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.” ~ Thomas Aquinas

  2. I was at Glenn Becks Restoring Honor Rally in DC and you would not believe the actual Love that you could feel from everyone there. I could not attend this one, and I wish I were there. They are helping people that need help today, and the rally is going to be tomorrow. This is what America is and will be about again, once we get rid of the Socialists in office now.

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