Bitter Clingers Clinging Bitterly…in Spain? Wait, What?

The “progressives” in both major American political parties love the supposed sophistication of the European countries. They take a masochistic delight in having Old Europe look down on the savages in America – and why wouldn’t the Euro-sophisticates stare along their refined aquiline nostrils at us – what with all of our fixation on muzzle velocities and bitter clinginess and all. Our president is chief among them, I’m sure readers remember this Obama quote:

And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Looks like we can add Spain to the list of people who have antipathy to people who aren’t like them and have anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations:

Cameron urged to follow Spain’s new EU edict: ‘You can’t move here without enough money in the bank’

  • Madrid hopes to save more than €1 billion euros a year
  • EU citizens living in Spain will have to produce job contract
  • Plan to help Britons if the Euro fails in Greece

Ministers were last night under pressure to tighten border controls for EU citizens after Spain demanded ‘proof of income’ from expats hoping to live in the country.

The move – taken in response to the country’s economic crisis – was said by one Tory MP to have ‘driven a coach and horses’ through the EU’s cherished principle of the free movement of peoples, and immediately triggered calls for David Cameron to adopt tougher measures.

Madrid hopes to save more than €1 billion euros (£780 million) a year by clamping down on ‘economic migrants’ from other EU countries, including the UK.

A new ministerial order, slipped out by the Spanish government on July 9, states that any EU citizen living in Spain for more than three months must prove they will not become a financial burden on the State by producing a job contract or documents confirming they have enough money to support themselves.

If they are jobless, they must also show they are covered by health insurance. The decree, which potentially affects thousands of Britons seeking a new life in the country, declares that Spain will now adopt a stricter interpretation of the ‘free movement’ principle.

This is actually a rare act of stunning common sense on the part of the Spanish government. There is a whole industry here in the UK and the EU called “benefit tourism” where looters migrate around the Continent and the British Isles looking for the best dole programs and up until Spain broke ranks, the EU bureaucrats in Brussels have demanded that member states paid benefits no matter what:

BRITAIN faces paying pensions to all migrants under an EU plot to seize control of the benefits system.

It would allow people who have never worked in this country to claim welfare and retirement cash.

But critics last night warned Brussels to expect a battle against any such attempt to “bypass our rights”.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling said: “The Government takes the very firm view there should be no opening up of our welfare system to people coming from abroad who do not intend to work and contribute to British society.

“Our arrangements are for Britain to decide, not Brussels. I’m not happy with the way that the EU is behaving.

“Europe should not be negotiating social security deals on our behalf. That’s why we’re going through the courts to stop them.”

The “worrying” move emerged as Eurocrats prepare to sign a deal with Turkey, which wants to join the EU, and which could give its 75 million ­citizens full access to European nations’ social security payments.

More evidence that as Obama and the Democrats try to move America in the direction of European social democracy, countries in Europe are waking up to the fact that socialism is old and busted and not the new hotness.

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