Learning From The Teacher – Pitchers and Cups

I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself… I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

A quote from Roger Nash Baldwin, one of the founders of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient in 1981 (awarded by Jimmy Carter).

Socialism, Marxism, Communism. Dictatorship of the proletariat. Total democracy, no countries, no government, total unity and freedom, nobody has more than anyone else, we all are equal. Saddle up the unicorns, right? Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

Except it is all a total crock of bullshit.

The political left is absolutely spot on when they say that Obama isn’t a socialist, that Democrats aren’t Marxists and that the political left in America isn’t communist. They are something far more dangerous – they are “progressives”.

I always place the word “progressive” in quotes when speaking of the political ideology and its purveyors because they are actually some of the most regressive people that I have ever met. At the blog progressingamerica, they have a very accurate description of “progressive” ideology:

What is progressivism then? I can sum it up in three words:

Progressivism is “Regulation, not socialism”. (Charles Richard Van Hise’s words)

In Hise’s 1912 book, Concentration and Control, wrote that there is a way to achieve the same ends of socialism (which entailed the government ownership of the means of production) if the government could just dictate methods of operation and prices through regulation. This is the same point that we explored here in a post titled Checkbook Socialism:

As with almost everything else, things change and as they do the definitions should change to match them. When this definition of socialism was coined, to own and central plan an economy actually meant that a government had to have ownership of the “means of production” which would have been the physical raw materials, manufacturing facilities and employ the people. Today, as we have shifted away from the need for many of these physical means of “production” and toward more of an electronic society, the “means of production” has come to be more related to capital and fungible currency than a smokestack. If you control the flow of money, it is not necessary to own the physical assets because you can control the asset through money flow. I call this “checkbook socialism”.

When I think about the differences in political ideology, I think of examples like this:

  • Think of America as a large pitcher of water and the citizens as cups. Since we all have different skills, abilities and desires, we all are cups of different sizes. In a free enterprise system, each cup can hold as much as it can take and has a chance to enlarge itself over time through education, hard work or any number of ways.
  • In communism, you have the same pitcher and cups but the pitcher takes all the larger cups and cuts them down to the same size so that no cup can hold more than any other until it can enlarge all the cups at the same time. It is forced equality but it is equal, every cup gets treated as badly as the next. It doesn’t matter how large you were, you will get trimmed down so that you won’t get any more than anyone else. At least in theory, the pitcher is supposed to enlarge all cups equally until all the water is gone and the pitcher is empty.
  • In “progressivism”, you also have the same pitcher and cups as the first example, it is just that none of the cups are allowed to be filled any more than the cup that holds the least and the pitcher (the government) keeps the rest of the water for itself…and if you are a large cup, you get a line drawn on you (government regulation) to make sure that you don’t get filled any more than the smallest cup – but if you are a large cup that plays along, the lines don’t matter. The pitcher will reward you for going along with a little more water. The pitcher keeps the excess water to use as bribes for other cups that do what it wants to the smaller cups. The pitcher can’t afford a cupsurrection.

Black3 is spot on with his essays. This “progressive” ideology is the death of America. It isn’t socialism, Marxism or communism. It is a mutated retrovirus of these three combined with corporatism, cronyism and fascism. It is not about equality or fairness; it is about the power of centralized control and serfdom, especially of people who disagree with it. So many otherwise good people are being corrupted by this destructive ideology though its deceptive and manipulative methods. Many of these people have succumbed to its power and they aren’t even aware of it.

Agree with him or not, read Black3Actual’s posts. You need to know about the tools that he provides to recognize this evil as it hides behind the concepts of equality, fairness, justice and even Christian teachings and charity.

Folks, this is serious stuff. It has to be stopped. I’m far from what you would consider a radical and I don’t normally take an alarmist position but I believe that the world, not just America,  is at a tipping point. There are mass demonstrations in the EU over austerity measures because the governments have created significant and widespread dependency. European society is ripe for the picking by statism because a man cares little for ideology when his family is starving. His allegiance is to whomever owns the bakery and the dairy…and the state means to own them because by owning them, they own the man.

The protests by the OWS crowd, the anarchists and communists in the US and across Europe are growing. We have an administration that believes that capitalism is the enemy. Russia and China are openly challenging America and is prosecuting a proxy war via their surrogates in the Middle East and Africa. Entire religions are being co-opted by totalitarian belief systems, little suspecting that these totalitarians will have no use for religion if (when) they succeed.

The dominoes are all lined up, just waiting for someone to tip one over and start the cascade. Europe is ready to fall. The Middle East is a tinderbox again, and Israel is at risk.

America is the only hope. The world needs leadership and America is the only country that can bring us back from the edge of the abyss. America is truly exceptional – in our historically consistent respect and protection of freedom and liberty. If you believe nothing else about America, believe that. It is up to us. Please, I beg you, help us turn this country around. Help us turn back to the ideals of the Founders and the strength that a commitment to God brings.

It can start in less than 100 days.

10 thoughts on “Learning From The Teacher – Pitchers and Cups

  1. Agree with him or not, read Black3Actual’s posts. You need to know about the tools that he provides to recognize this evil as it hides behind the concepts of equality, fairness, justice and even Christian teachings and charity.

    Thanks, Mike. I actually needed that. I really want to keep hammering on the series I have started, but, and I am serious about this, if you are a Christin in the sense Christ taught us to be, and if you love liberty in the sense that our founders defined it, then reading what these Progressives write about what they believe and what they want is a trying thing to do. I literally feel the darkness creeping into my soul — especially when I started reading about George Lakoff’s thoughts on “Progressive Christianity.” This is an oxymoron, but this guy needs to be taken deadly serious.

    For those who do not know who Lakoff is but listen to Rush Limbaugh, you have heard Limbaugh reference him many times. It usually goes something like this:

    “George Lakoff – rhymes with:…”

    Now, I do not necessarily approve of the way Rush announces a topic dealing with this man, but – IF you listen to Limbaugh with any regularity – this should jog your memory. The man is evil, and he is to be taken seriously as he is one of the driving forces behind the Progressive movement in this nation today.

    • Stop cryin like a baby, B.! You’re a good writer for Pete’s sake (albeit a long-winded and oftentimes annoying one!) Then again, I reckon you could say the same on me. (Naturally, I’d have to kill you if you did.)

      • Kells,

        I do the best I can, but this is NOT 30-second-sound-bite stuff — and that is part of their method: to make things so complicated people like you won’t bother trying to understand it.

        The best I can tell you is to either get a cup of coffee and work your way through the posts in this series or just don’t read them because they are already broken down. If I shorter them any more, it will just give more ammunition to people like your friend, James, because I will have to leave more holes than I am already accepting.

  2. “if you love liberty in the sense that our founders defined it, then reading what these Progressives write about what they believe and what they want is a trying thing to do. I literally feel the darkness creeping into my soul — ”

    Realizing what the self proclaimed progressives believe in, and are doing, …..

    Somedays I feel like I’m being suffocated.

    I completely understand why so many good Americans put their head “back in the sand”.

    Good Americans don’t want to believe so many of their neighbors wish to enslave them so.

    On top of all the bad news, it is hard work to research, articulate and write these essays.

    Utah and B3A, both deserve many thanks for all their hard Work.

    • Well, only if you want to be factual. If you do not care about integrity of the work, you can just spam “liar” about 4,000 times in paragraph ….no problem. 🙂

  3. From the “Liberal to English Dictionary”: http://www.areddy.net/mscott/liberal.html

    Liberal Dictionary
    LiberalSpeak -> English
    Tax cut -> Tax increase
    No tax increase -> Big tax increase
    Tax increase -> Look out!
    Taxes are last resort -> Tax increase will be first item on the agenda
    Read my lips -> Tax increase
    Spending cut -> Spending increase
    Deficit reduction -> Tax increase
    Balanced budget -> Tax and spend increase
    Tax the rich -> Tax anyone with a job
    Deserving poor -> People who vote for liberals
    Undeserving poor -> People who work
    Monopoly -> Corporation with market cap over $500 million
    Profit -> Gross revenue
    Corporate welfare -> Gross revenue minus taxes
    Corporate subsidy -> See ‘corporate welfare’
    Welfare for the rich -> What people have left after taxes
    Greed -> Profit motive
    Profiteering -> Not losing money
    Managed competition -> Government takeover
    Socially responsible investments -> invest in money-losing ventures that liberals failed to get
    Taxpayer funding for Social responsibility -> Force someone else to pay for it
    Compassion -> Generosity with other peoples’ money
    Open-minded -> Agrees with liberal agenda
    Closed-minded -> Does not agree with liberal agenda
    Right wing extremist -> See ‘closed-minded’
    Diversity -> Lock step conformity with liberal agenda
    Gridlock -> System of checks and balances deliberately designed into the Constitution
    Compromise -> Agree with liberal agenda
    Overheated economy -> Prosperity
    Trust fund -> Ponzi investment scam
    Special interest groups -> Non-liberal groups
    Exploit -> Employ
    Victim -> Someone who doesn’t work because of sloth
    Fully fund -> Blank check
    Liar -> Anyone who does not agree with James McPherson

    Hope this helps with your work. 🙂

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