I Warned You About the Ripple Effects of Universal Healthcare, Now Here it Comes …

Cook Medical is a major player in the healthcare realm.  If you have had a heart catheterization, or a stent placement, you likely have used catheters, stents, and technology researched, developed, and manufactured by Cook Medical.  If you had a stent that could cross a tortuous bifurcation, or radical bend in an artery which saved you from a CABG, you can thank the efforts of Cook Medical.

Oh, but that’s right … Cook Medical didn’t build that technology.  Someone else did, right?

Well, President Obama certainly hopes to capitalize on Cook Medical, but he never figured on this, now did he ….

“Unfortunately, we have had to shelve these expansion plans and look overseas for that,” Allison Giles, vice president for federal affairs with the company

Company’s decision to nix expansion over ObamaCare tax renews pressure on Congress
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/30/company-decision-to-nix-expansion-over-obamacare-tax-renews-pressure-on/#ixzz22AB0WV9j

60 thoughts on “I Warned You About the Ripple Effects of Universal Healthcare, Now Here it Comes …

  1. Saw this on Cavuto today. There will be more of this, but then, this doesn’t really bother the OSI branch of the Progressive movement because they see it as a leveling of the ledger. To them, the nations that will get these businesses “deserve them” because we “oppressed” them. In a very real sense, this is part of the plan.

    [NOTE: this is not conspiracy theory: it is OSI doctrine. You’ll also find it is connected to the notion of “sustainable development,’ a code word for population reduction. Try reading it before you attack me as promoting more disinformation because the truth IS out there, you just have to look for it, read it, and then find the courage to accept it. Only then can you really start to do something about it.]

    • Sorry Kells, the Progressive Supremes just blessed this healthcare bill.

      The only way to undo this bill is for an outright repeal by congress, either with the agreement of a president, or with a supermajority over the veto of a president.

    • Kells,

      This bill will eventually give govt. TOTAL control over ALL aspects of your life. It also gives the Dems a “we are fighting for more” campaign and the Repubs a “we are fighting to repeal” campaign for the next 100 years. Why would either side want to repeal it?

      Think, pal, tootsie.

      • Texas, they ruled it a tax. Therefore, I would think that because they bypassed the House, that it could be dismantled on a legal technicality.

        B., I seriously doubt Romney would break his campaign promise.

        • Kells, a tax? Still doesn’t matter.

          The awful truth is, the supreme court has now cut its anchor line to the Constitution completely. The supremes have become a political oligarchy.

          If it was a tax, it was illegal for the supremes to hear the tax issue b4 the taxes went into effect.

          The progressives wrote “all new law” (violating the constitution) when the healthcare opinion was handed down.

          There is so much in the bill that is ILLEGAL, but who would have standing for redress, and the supremes are not going to grant “Cert” to anyone so the truth can come out.

        • “B., I seriously doubt Romney would break his campaign promise.”

          Kells – what makes you think that Romney would not break a campaign promise? If you followed his career, he platformed his Governor race with an anti-tax pledge, but once in office, he increased gasoline taxes via a “special fee” the state had effectively increasing that tax to about 24% percent. He went on to add taxes for items purchased from the internet, and increased commercial property taxes as well as passed a capital gains tax increase. Now while highly effective at erasing the debt, and in fact ending with a surplus … this isn’t the point that I am arguing.

          The point is that this man has a history of breaking campaign promises, and it is genuinely naive to believe he is not capable of doing the same here.

          • Well, he is an unrepentant Progressive, so – by definition – that means he is “:truth challenged.” So – keeping to Progressive reasoning — I suppose Kells has a point: he is not really telling the truth, so he can’t really break a promise.

            See how easy this sort of reasoning is if you try? Only, it’s not so useful if you’re trying to BUILD AND MAINTAIN a society — only if you seek to destroy it. Hey! Looks like it’s working 😀

          • Augger, what you, B. and Wills don’t take into consideration is that he is using the repealing of Obamacare for his main platform; in other words, he knows it is what the people want. He is also a smart businessman and knows very well that the bill is detrimental to this nation’s economy. I do not think he will break his promise.

            • Sweetheart, you’re short term memory loss is kicking in again. He doesn’t want to repeal it. He only wants to change it. Or in his words “fix it”. Or is repealing it what he’s saying this week?

            • Kells,

              Sometimes I wish there were such thing as a cyber-hammer…so I could hit you with it. What part of “Repeal AND REPLACE” did you not understand when it came out of Romney’s mouth???

              So, you see, he NEVER promised to repeal and keep it repealed, so, when he does what he ACTUALLY said he wants to do, YOU will think he broke a promise. The rest of us (those who are actually listening and accepting him at his word) will understand he just kept his word — which is why I expect he will NOT “repeal” Obamacare if he wins, he’ll “tweak” it and tell us he “fixed” it.

              Besides, why would you think he would NOT replace it when he has so much personal investment in the idea of socialized medicine as evidenced by his defense of the mess he left in Mass?

            • Kells, what you are not taking into consideration is that Romney used his “anti-tax pledge” as his main platform during his gubernatorial race; in other words, he knew what the people wanted. He was and remains a smart businessman, and knows very well that his anti-tax pledge was not going to bring his state back to solvency, but in the end … he broke the promise.

              if he can do it once, he can do it twice. All I am saying. 🙂

  2. Please watch the first 18 seconds of this, you silly boys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIJ38FhEJFA

    Let’s look at the odds, shall we? What are the odds of Santorum repealing Obamacare? 0% – he will not be elected. What are the odds of Gary Johnson repealing Obamacare? 0% – He will not be eleceted. What are the odds of Obama repealing Obamacare? 0%- He could be reelected. What are the odds of Romney repealing Obamacare? 50% – He could be elected.

    I’m betting on the odds with this election.

  3. Actually he has….then he flopped on it. As he should.

    If you believe in states’ rights, you shouldn’t want federal control over the state’s court system. That’s where the tort reform should lie. Within the state. One of our core principles is to keep judicial matters local. As the founders intended. With a jury of our peers. Holla at Rick Scott and Jimmy Patronis on this.

    So, If you were truly a conservative, you’d oppose Obamacare sponsored by Obama and Federal tort reform spoke on by Romney.

    • Tort reform is a red herring.
      Why should those who wrong others be protected by a legal shield of “tort reform”?
      Capitalism and liberty cannot survive without a civil courts system to hold those who wrong others accountable.

      • So says the lawyer.

        Actually, tort reform IS a valid part of the greater issue as NO company should be forced to pay billions in excess of ACTUAL DAMAGES — especially since most of those awards are generated by legal maneuvering (before you open your mouth, Texas, I remind you: I was an insurance adjuster, and we learned how the lawyers play with the system to generate bad faith where it often didn’t exist).

        Yes, damages should be paid, but the lawyers need to be separated from contingency cases where there is no penalty for frivolous cases. Maybe a “looser pays” would help — especially if the cost was born by BOTH the claimant and his/her attorney(s). 🙂

        • HEY There! You are the one who points out Corporatism is bad for the shielding of the employees who act in bad faith and cause damages to others…..

          Those who injure others, or are responsible for hurting others, should be required to make the injured whole….

            • We have not seriously addressed tort reform, which other than the crazy insurance companies, is another top cause of overpricing…defensive medicine. The politicians never will though, they’re all attorneys.

              Pre-existing clauses need to go, but as part of a different overhaul. The program appears to offer a model like the UK, but will likely trend closer to the Canadian system once large employers dump the more costly private plans.

              There will need to be rationing and then we’ll begin to see the domino effect from that.

              I do not think the USPS runs anywhere as well as UPS or FedEx and IMHO, I believe the same will be said of government-run healthcare.

            • I know ALL the solutions, make me King for a day.
              But you’ll have to make me King before I’ll tell you my solutions…
              Don’t worry, you can trust me, if it appears best, I won’t give power back,
              IF everyone does as I say. you will be equally poor with everyone else, UNLESS you are my chosen friend….

              hee hee hee
              (for those that can’t figure out I’m joking here? Get a life…)

              • No, I get the humor. The problem with the Feds getting their hands in stuff, is that they generally make it worse rather than better.

                This will be no different.

              • yeah-yeah, but all I am advocating is that we faithfully and consistently apply the philosophical principles upon which our system of govt. was founded. Our system is broken because we got away from them, and we will not be able to make it work again until we return to them – and all this “I have an idea for a ‘patch'” mess is only making things worse.

    • And that’s the same logic as to why Obamacare should be repealed. Healthcare mandates (herpi-derp …excuse me what was I thinking … taxes) should be handled on the state level, and not the federal level.

      That’s the foundation where I would say Romneycare has the moral high ground over Obamacare.

  4. “That’s the foundation where I would say Romneycare has the moral high ground over Obamacare”.

    I could go with that too…..But since Romney wants to fix and replace Obamacare with his own plan then it’s a moot point.

    • Wills, you contradict yourself. Because Mitt passed Romneycare in his own state, it was what those libs wanted. He has stated that decisions like that should be made at a state level. Whether or not he fip-fops on that, I have no idea……

      • Who are “those libs”? Just because a certain group wants something does it mean that they should just automatically get it? As governor, do you represent just a certain group of people? 39% of the people want Obamacare. Why should you be complaining about it then? These “libs” want it, so it should be forced on you too, correct, even though you don’t want it?

        Why would he approve a plan that does exactly what he’s saying is bad today. His plan had an individual mandate, too.

        It also:

        Fined employers of small businesses ( I think 10 or 15 employees) $300/yr for not offering “affordable insurance”. Well guess what Kells? if I’m an employer, I’m just going to pay that fine (which companies today are considering) because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than my portion of the insurance premiums will be. Since I’m being “forced” to pay $3K a year in fines, just because, I won’t hire another person. Now, who’s killing jobs?

        The point that you’re missing, sweet kells, is NO conservative politician would put their name on a plan like this, no matter what group of people asks for it, no matter what level, IMO. If they do, then maybe they’re not as conservative as you think they are. It is classic taking from one and distributing to another for something they should be providing for themselves. If I’m independently wealthy, why the hell should I be FORCED to pay for insurance when I can pay for my medical procedures myself? My bad, the government needs me to pay for YOURS also.

        • WM,

          This law is very deceptive. The fines are cheaper now, but look 7 years down the road and you will find you are going to be FORCED to pay for that expensive healthcare. This bill is probably the WORST socialized medicine law of any major nation because it was specifically designed to control everything we do in our daily lives. In essence, this law declared your body to be the property of the U.S. govt. AND directs business to fund this self-imposed serfdom.

          Romney saying he would repeal and REPLACE it should scare the buggers out of anyone who is not drinking cool-aid (like you, WM: you’re not drinking what they’re pushing 😉 )

          • Oh, believe me I know. My point in that case was a lot of people could be dropped from their present coverages, now.

            I read all about it in his book. That’s the thing that I try to explain about Obama is that he tells you exactly what he plans to do. Just take him at his word. This issue, is the single most important issue to him that he talked about. Not national security, not immigration control or foreign policy. Healthcare. Looks like they both (he and Romney) want to control it. Both has already shown that. I don’t know how Kells can agree with it, on any level—as a conservative.

            It’s already bad enough. My insurance company was in my doctor’s ass about my triglycerides being high on my last blood work. She was telling me how she had to explain to them that I didn’t fast prior to the test and I was going to take it again. They were screaming to her to put me on meds. I had the blood work done again, after I had fasted, and it came back normal.

            If they are already doing that now, about a year ago I would say, can you imagine what it will be like a year from now? Government issued diets and meal plans? They’re already moving to that in school cafeterias. I mean, damn, I like broccoli and all, but I sure as hell don’t want to eat it every day. Are they going to ration my beer yet like when I was stationed in Korea? Will we have to do BMIs and BP checks and send them to the government monthly? How about exercise schedules and bedtimes?

            Where does it stop, Kells? What you have heard about is only the tip of the iceberg.

            • They always tell you what they are going to do — IF we will just listen and then believe them.

              As for where this ends? It doesn’t: this is ALL about controlling us in everything we do. We have become such cowards that we will sell ourselves into slavery so they can control us even more than ever before – and all for the promise of making someone else take care of us. HA! Cowards AND fools (well, not all of us. Those of us who see what’s coming are the “crazies” who will be committed first 😉 )

        • Those libs are the majority of people living in the liberal, er, blue states.

          The people got their wish, sweet Wills; a governor does not a dictator make. Perhaps a better analogy of what I am trying to say can be found in 1 Samuel 8:1-22.

          By the by, I love your pet name for me. I am a bit of a Dreamsicle (especially after getting a spray tan that makes me all orangey and sticky.)

          • Hmmm…..so majority rules then, huh? Are you sure you want to use that as your argument?

            You had to be 150% below poverty level to qualify. So that’s the majority in Mass?

            That act aimed to insure a portion of the population that is smaller than the city of Boston (approx 600,000) by taxing over 6 million people to do so and that’s the majority you’re talking about that wanted that?

            Are you saying Romney was a liberal?

            “a governor does not a dictator make”

            True enough, but if we are to govern based on majority rule, you’re setting yourself up for tyranny by majority. I prefer individual rights myself. So did our founders.

            Sweet Kells, the fruit from the tree of knowledge was said to be sweet also. : )

            • “Majority rules” has been one of the central goals of the Progressive movement since its inception (hence the popular vote election of the President AND Senators and destruction of two of the most important checks & balances in the Constitution).

              Our founders emphatically rejected this failed idea for a reason: democracies always murder themselves — violently.

              Way to stay on her, WM.

              • She has the hook in her mouth, the leader is steel so she can’t bite through it to return back to the open waters, free. She is fine being in an aquarium where her life is dictated by those that claim to know what’s best for her. You know, the environmental temperature she needs, specific foods bought just for her by someone that knows what she needs and when she needs to be fed. She’ll also be provided regular check-ups where a chip will be placed in her ear and she’ll be registered by an authority where her every move can be tracked by you know who.

              • So then, are you silly boys saying that the majority did not vote for this? What say you on the majority voting on Proposition 8 in CA? What say you on the majority not in favour of Obamacare? What say you of a Judicial Branch of nine overriding the will of the people? A government is for the people by the people…..unfortunately, it seems more for the sheeple as quite a few have their blinders on….

                Silly, B., Wills doesn’t stay on me! I prefer the top.

                • “So then, are you silly boys saying that the majority did not vote for this?”

                  That is correct. The general public never voted on this. It was a bill passed by the Mass congress then signed into law by the governor. It was not a referendum put up for public vote.

                  “What say you on the majority voting on Proposition 8 in CA?”

                  I’d say it was a waste. Marriage is already defined. Anything else can only redefine it which makes it wrong just to benefit a certain group.

                  “What say you of a Judicial Branch of nine overriding the will of the people?”

                  I’d say which judicial branch and when did they get that authority since they can only interpret laws and ensure the constitutionality of them. They are not there to do the “will of the people”.

                  I used to hear purrs from you. All I hear now is baaaa.

                • B., Sweet Baby James and I have different ideologies (even though I do find him attractive, intelligent, and humorous.)

                  Wills, you still make me purr….it’s just that right now you’ve got me hissing! I will concede to you on the first two points. On the third, however, I still believe that the SCOTUS as well as the Executive Branch have overreached their powers. I honestly don’t understand where you and B. are coming from. We vote for people and they represent us. How hard is that?

        • “Just because a certain group wants something does it mean that they should just automatically get it?” — excellent question for Obama. 🙂

    • William – I just skimmed Romney’s website. I cannot find any support for your claims as to what “fix” and “replace” means. Have you seen some documentation that explains this?

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