Rule 5: Femen Newsletter for August

Well, as their official newsletter editor and CSO (chief sexual objectifier), I must admit to some severe disappointment in this month’s misadventures of TRNL’s favorite breast bearing radicals, the Ukrainian feminist group, Femen. There was a very brief protest at the Tower of London this week and it was clear from the video why.

They sent in the “B” team…the second string, and that doesn’t include the Femen’s star player and the b-cup love of my life, the come hither looking Oksana Shachko.

Disappointing, girls. I expected so much more. These are the Olympics, for goodness sake. Faster, higher, stronger and nekkider and all that “spirit of the games” stuff. You ladies didn’t even last long enough for any photog to get enough hi-res shots to even download. Good job. Send in the top talent next time, will ya?

While I’m down with the whole “no sharia” thing, it just lacked the anger, the fury and yes, the nakedness, of the Euro2012 protest, the topless hockey protest and the Davos naked social unrest actions:

FOUR women stripped off and carried out a topless protest against the Olympics on London’s South Bank.

Two female protesters stripped to the waist outside Mayor Boris Johnson’s City Hall revealing “Olympic shame” and “No Sharia” scrawled on their semi-naked bodies.

Cops were called to City Hall to deal with the protesters, who had accused the Olympics’ governing body of having supported hardline Islamist regimes who they claim have discriminated against women athletes.

Police arrested four women who are all believed to be from Ukrainian campaign group Femen.

The organisation has become internationally known for organising topless protests against sex discrimination and corruption in the Ukraine.

To make up for the Femen failure and in the Olympic spirit, here’s Leryn Franco – Paraguayan model and Olympic athlete:

5 thoughts on “Rule 5: Femen Newsletter for August

  1. This is simply pathetic. Why the hello aren’t you doing your job? Get that Oksana chick outta the hoosegow and back to protesting! (C’mon! You’ve got connections!) I hear that G. speaks a little Russian, perhaps he can help?

    Note to self: Demote Utah as the Kell’s Newletter editor-in-chief…….unless of course, he can work his magic by having his liberal friends aid in his attempt to free our favourite FEMEN female…..I do not think that James will comply, so I fear that Utah may be back in the mailroom by next week. This hurts me as much as it will hurt him. Remember those spanking lectures?

  2. Nice update. You can move up from the mailroom. Off on a tangent now….we actually sponsored a little boy from Paraquay through Plan USA. I ended up learning a lot about the country. There is a great show called About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson. His character also sponsors a child through Plan USA. If you’ve not seen this show, rent it. It’s very poignant.

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