More Politicizing of Sikh Shooting to Protect Muslims and go after Guns

Earlier today, when I first posted about the people trying to tie Bachmann, the TEA Party and every other America-as-it-was-founded group to the Sikh shootings, we had some RNL readers question who was doing this because — they claimed — they couldn’t find anything more than a few tweets.  Well, the disingenuousness of these readers aside, America had best start standing up to this blatant politicizing of every tragic shooting that happens for the purpose of going after gun rights.  We also need to stand up to all the calls for shutting down the very needed and legitimate criticism of Islam and what it is up to in this nation.  Alinsky is running wild in this nation and we are allowing political correctness to heard us toward the path of national suicide — and that aint “hate,” it’s the truth:

(Exclusive) Muslim Public Affairs Director on Sikh Shooting & Bachmann: ‘There Is Consequence & Responsibility‘ With ’What We Say’

Tarin was cautious in noting that we cannot make a direct link right now between the shooter and the Bachmann inquiry, which his organization is labeling as a ‘witch hunt‘, but did note that Americans should be more “reflective” on what they say:

“What we can say is that as a nation is that we have to be more reflective on how we speak on issues. […] We have to be responsible. We have this great first amendment and we have the right to say what we want and whenever we want and that’s what makes America great.  But at the same time we have to understand that there is consequence and responsibility that comes with what we say.”

That is nothing more than an admission that he is making an unfounded, and thus, unwarranted attack against those who question the activities of Islam in America, and a veiled call for censorship of those same voices.  This is a pattern that has already been established in Europe and is now being put in place here: the marginalizing of any sane voice that questions the activities of known Islamic terrorist groups inside this nation — especially those that are inside the White House and meeting regularly with this President.

22 thoughts on “More Politicizing of Sikh Shooting to Protect Muslims and go after Guns

  1. Talk about disingenuous, Joe, you once again take the cake. In your earlier post, you wrote, “As bad as it is when private citizens make this mistake, I consider it nearly criminal when the supposed news media does it because — as the “news media” — they are supposed to be above such elementary mistakes.”

    When people questioned your sources, you then wrote in a comment on the post: “Pay attention to the rest of the media. They immediately went after Bachmann for this, and that is a direct reference to Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    Uh, Joe, in case you hadn’t noticed: the director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council is hardly “the media.” let alone “the rest of the media.” Is that the best you can do? The only place I’ve seen this video is on your favorite news site, the Blaze. So are you criticizing the Blaze for putting it out there?

  2. Not so fast James. You are forgetting Deepak Chopra. 🙂

    And let’s not remember that Haris Tarin has been gunning for Bachmann (and others) for quite some time himself, right James?

    And if you follow liberals on Twitter, you would find a wealth of benevolence, and understanding from the liberal left. These are an example of what’s the left is spreading in their media circles:

    KarlRoves Brain @KarlRovesBrain – Blood is on the hands of NRA-funded Wis GOP Gov Scott Walker. BLOOD. ON. HIS. HANDS. #wiunion #sikh

    Rush’s Drug Dealer @RushPopsPills – The Koch / Scott Walker vision for America played out today in their home state. Somewhere, the Tea Party is saluting.

    But don’t just take my word for it on good faith, oh no. Head on over to twitchy, and follow the links to these benevolent liberal’s media pages. You will find there original statements there without having to re-tweet them. 🙂

    So James. The Blaze aside, are you willing to follow liberal media tweets, or are you just happy enough to blast B and the blaze for the sake of rhetoric?

    • I see James only has ad hominem to attack the Blaze with — not factual refutation (ah, sorry, factual refutation that doesn’t rest on admittedly biased haters bloviating their unsupported opinions as fact)

      • Joe, not that I am going out of my way to help you in this (do not think you particularly need me too), but rather I am merely stating the obvious that Jame’s strategy here is anaemic at best. I know he prides himself on his intellectual prowess, and at the same time castigate us as a intellectual paupers, but he is unwilling to dig a little deeper in defense of his own opine. So in the end, he falls back on a knee-jerk reaction that reveals him as nothing more than just … well … average, and predictable.

        I just have fun still (not sure why anymore as it’s so repetitive), pointing out his generalized malaise, and decrepitude.

        • James an intellectual? In his own imagination, maybe, but I’ve been around real intellectuals, and he isn’t even on the same continent. But then, this is one of the primary problems with a majority (not all) of those on the Left: they want to be seen as wiser than they are. This is not to say that they lack intelligence, they just lack any sense of understanding that would allow them to apply what intelligence they may have in a useful and productive manner. Instead, they wield whatever intelligence they have without discipline or direction which, too often than not, results in destruction rather than construction. But we shouldn’t dismiss the fact that the majority on the Left are also lazy when it comes to being constructive: they will work themselves to death to get someone else do do for them what they could have accomplished themselves with a fraction of the same energy. Yet, somehow, they never seem to figure out any of this.

          Anyway, I digress. Yes, i understand you are entertaining yourself. James won’t understand it: he thinks he is in some serious debate in which he is showing the world that you are beneath him. But the world sees who the real lost soul is in this, and your needn’t worry: you’re not on the receiving end of the scorn and ridicule. 🙂

    • So you and Joe are now counting tweats from twits as “the media” who are attacking poor clueless Michele? Pitiful, if that’s the best you two can offer.

        • So you’re now claiming that when you said, “Pay attention to the rest of the media,” you were calling random twitter comments “the rest of the media”? That’s not Alinsky–it’s just pitiful.

              • Sorry, I didn’t mention those in connection to you because I was trying to be kind, but yes, they recognize those in you as well. Thanks for admitting to it.


                • Speaking of your cowardice, Joe, are you ready to back up your talk with that little wager I offered?

                • With James in his hypercritical mode, you have to make sure you spell out every single detail. You cannot assume any sort of assumed knowledge as James will opportunistically use it against you.

                  @ James … good one on the virginity comment. That one made me smile. 🙂

      • James, you better catch up with the times buddy. Denial will not work here. The rest of your sick perversion of liberty political sycophants use twitter as a form of media. You of all people should embrace “change”, right?

        • By that argument, if one self-proclaimed conservative twitter idiot suggests assassination of the president, then all of the media (or all of the conservative media) are suggesting killing Obama. Yeah, that makes sense. But I am glad my previous comment made you smile.

          • I guess I have to take your Obama assassination at face value, just as I see all the various death threats coming from your camp (but I suppose that is ok with you … as long as they are not pointing at your boi), but aside from the deflection … Twitter has become media James. Maybe you need to go do some CEUs and catch up before you misguide another semester’s worth of our youth.

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