Move Mountains over a FALSE Bush National Guard paper, Crickets over this

Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators. Accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. And I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records. Call it “gut instinct” but my gut is almost always right. Obama has a secret hidden at Columbia- and it’s a bad one that threatens to bring down his presidency. Gut instinct is how I’ve made my living for 29 years since graduating Columbia.

It’s a good read, but I know the Left will dismiss it and defend Obama.  They always do.  Even when their guys get caught in the act, they defend them because they have no moral compass.  Nor will Pravda West look into this, but they sure ran with a story they knew to be false when they thought it would hurt Bush.  Now here we have enough reason to tear into these allegations, yet the only thing we have from Pravda West is defense of el Dulci, Obama.

Personally, I don’t know what it is — exactly — but I know there is something here…because slick Willie told us there is (or have you forgotten?)

78 thoughts on “Move Mountains over a FALSE Bush National Guard paper, Crickets over this

  1. So a misleading opinion piece on the Blaze (naturally), written by a “a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee” who admits that he’s going on nothing other than “gut instinct” should “move mountains”? I’d bet even the Blaze won’t do further digging on this one, Joe.


      You see, YOU ignore this, then you turn and expect people to accept soemthing about the TEA Party that starts out calling them “teabaggers.” BTW: since you cited that page, how is it you are not a racist, bigot, homophobe hater? I mean, teabagger is a slur against gays, and you endorsed its use, so….

      See, if you understood reason, you’d be ashamed to show your face on this page anymore.


        Yeah, that’s credible–especially considering his admitted biases. Too bad you don’t understand reason. 😉

      • From the WSJ article referenced in the story

        What can be said with some certainty is that Mr. Obama lived off campus while at Columbia in 1981-83 and made few friends.

        He was an unremarkable young man, B. No mystery here., Maybe we are lucky that he didn’t do a Jared Loughner or Jim Holmes.

  2. There seems to be attacks from both sides, imho. Quite frankly, I find it classic that Mitt is withholding info….what’s good for the goose is…, wait a second. Who are we kidding? They’re both nancy boys! What’s good for the gander is….

  3. So James, since your going to bash the conservative side of doing this, why don’t you prove your neutral and go on ahead opine on the same tactics used by Reid, and Pelosi?

    My guess …. you’re just nothing more than a Wasserman-Dolt follower.

    • I assume you mean “you’re going to…” And since there are plenty of people here to bash the libs (which I’ve done, including criticizing Reid yesterday), do you really need me to do that for you, too? After all, unlike you, I was addressing the actual topic of the post. I know that you have trouble forming original thoughts on your own, but go ahead… give it a try. You’re among friends here. 🙂

      • Spin it James, spin it. I’ll take up your question and ignore the rest of your anaemic ad hominem personal attack(s), and focus on this: “do you really need me to do that for you, too?”

        The answer is: No, I don’t need you too, I want you too. There is a difference ya Wasserman-Dolt sycophant. 🙂

        • Sorry, if you’re too lazy to look for yourself and can’t remember back to what I wrote in a comment just yesterday, I’m not interested in helping you–whatever inane insults you may come up with, Auggie.

            • No need to “defend” anything with the likes of you–the moderately intelligent folks can see it for themselves.

                • And there comes dolt number two. All I have to say to you Greg about this subject is …. back in the NH days, I first noticed “kindergarten-quality name-calling” by yourself, and that of buggerthat.

                  You trying to say it is ok for you to do it, and the rest of us cant? You have some higher privilege of rights or something? 🙂

                • Well Greg, now that you have sorted the you, your, yours, and you’re ….

                  Care to answer the question? 🙂

                • Yep, I’ve noticed. Still, if in their position–entering a battle of wits while totally unarmed–what else can they do? 🙂

                • “Remember that I am a healthcare provider”

                  Which might explain a lot about the sad state of healthcare in this country, I suppose.

              • Yeah, If I were you, I would take a Mulligan on this one too.

                In your case, I strongly recommend an enema as well. 🙂

  4. You’re all silly geese. So just put on your Birkenstocks, grab a tree and hug it (I mean reeeally hug it, ) munch on a granola bar, and spread the love and peace that resides in your green-energy hearts!

    Yours truly,

    P.S. I miss you, Augger. (Anola + Augger 4ever) See? A.A. is a good thing.

    (Gah! I miss the N.H.!)

          • You shan’t scare me off, you silly boy! But perhaps I should deprive you of my presence for a while. Would you like to wager, my sweet little angel baby? I will bet you this house isn’t as fun with Kells in it. I could be wrong. Shall I disappear and have M. draw the numbers for us? This could be fun. I’ve got my bet with James and I’m damn sure not afraid to wager with you, pal Joey. Call the stakes. Bring it, B.

            • Kells, when it comes to betting–as with many other things–Joe is afraid (notice he admitted yesterday that I scare him). As you know, I’ve repeatedly offered a simple wager, after he claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about in predicting an Obama win (or a slim Romney one).

              I gave Joe a chance to be rid of me for good, but he has never responded (depite responding inanely to several other comments), so he must fear having to admit that he’s wrong. Or he’s just praying that things will turn in his favor before committing.

              • B. is being a nancy boy. I, on the other hand, will concede if I lose my bet to you, (which I won’t because I rock and I’ve got boobs,) and will agree to the terms we set. Can you remind me what the terms were again? I forgot…. Don’t get old…. I do remember that you weren’t into writing a sonnet for me. Dang! I’ll have to scroll now for that post! Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one. The story of my life. And there you have it.

                • The terms: If Romney wins, I write a post on my blog admitting that I was wrong and you were right, and to do the same in a comment on a post of your choice here. If Obama wins, you write a post here admitting that I was right and you were wrong, and do the same in a comment on my blog.

                  In Joe’s case, I also offered to leave the RNL so that he wouldn’t have me pointing out his mistakes, anymore. But you said you’d miss me, and didn’t want that as part of our deal. 🙂

        • Apparently Joe doesn’t realize he could just comment directly in the comments section of the Blaze–no need to regurgitate it here. 🙂

            • Well, if you take them at the clear implication of their words, they would either force me to agree with them (and ask their permission to have the opinion they give me), or yes, they would like to censor me — otherwise they would have left this blog page by now (sort of like why we do not frequent their fav on-line hangouts).

                  • You just remember that you are supposed to wipe from front to back … anything else is just gross, and if you show up in my ER with an infection down there, you are likely to be shamed right out of the rolling doors. 🙂

                • Your obvious confusion about anatomy is just one of the many reasons I pray I never end up in a Tennessee ER. Or at least I would, if I believed you were a doctor.

              • Wrong again, Joe. We’re here to point out your errors for those who might wander in unaware of the truth. Well, that and for the entertainment value of seeing you twist when you’re caught in a lie, of course.

                • But you never do that, James. All you do is bloviate; throw out unsupported assertions, opinions stated as though they were fact and cite sources that amount to nothing more than the same from other liberals such as yourself. I’ve tried to help you; I’ve even sent you to a peer reviewed site that can teach you logic and formal argument to help you understand how to actually refute someone. You just don’t learn, so you have yet to refute anything. It’s gotten sad — so sad that I have even predicted how you would respond to my posts…AND YOU DID IT ANYWAY! DUde, that falls smack in the middle of needing Augger’s help as you are beyond the aid of reason.

                • Gee, Joe, do I have to start linking to your obvious lies, again. Say, when was it that the commies wrote their goals in the Congressional Record?

                  • You never proved that was a lie. You just claimed people can put lies in the Congressional record…which means there are a lot of things from you Lefties we could call lies. Besides, what I posted is in line with the 1912 Communist Party goals, and with the Soviet Constitution, so I am happy to accept them as being true. You’re problem is you are so eager to “prove” I’m wrong that you will insist the people reading your comments believe that sweet is now bitter and bitter is sweet.

                • “You never proved that was a lie.”

                  OK, Joe, you’re a slower student than most, and though I’m confident that I’ve “proved that was a lie” to anyone with average reading comprehension skills, I’ll try again. Let’s go back to that post, shall we?

                  Your very first line states, “the Communist Party USA DID publish this list in 1963”–which you now know to be a lie.

                  The “goals” were produced by one anti-communist “Bircher” and “end times prophet’s” misrepresentation of another writer’s work in the 1950s. The 1950s–as a “historian” like yourself should be aware–came BEFORE 1963. Those “goals” generated by a conservative writer were then inserted into the Congressional Record by a conservative Florida Congressman at the request of one of his conservative constituents. The fact that they were “in line with the 1912 Communist Party goals, and with the Soviet Constitution” is irrelevant to what you actually stated.

                  I might also refer to your claims about what has been “accomplished” as lies–for example, “Gain control of all student newspapers.” But I’ll just assume that’s ignorance rather than mendacity on your part. And perhaps if we’re finally done with your goofy obstinance about admitting you were wrong here, we can move on to some of your other lies. 😉

            • “You’d really like to censor him, wouldn’t you?”

              Not at all. That’s why in my offer of a bet, I said I would stop writing here, but didn’t ask him to stop writing anywhere. Aside from the occasional entertainment value of his comments, it’s good for folks to be able to see where he’s coming from.

              For example, some like to pretend that no gun-loving right-wingers really think we should all have fully automatic weapons, rocket launchers and hand grenades. Joe demonstrates that some folks who are actually capable of putting a sentence together really are that far out.

              • Come to Tenn James. I will gladly let you have fun with my collection. I think you would have a blast with my M1919A4. 🙂

              • Please allow me to fix this for you:

                “Rush Limbaugh is lying (yeah, big surprise). Sarah Palin is lying (OK, that’s expected, too). Mike Huckabee is lying (especially disgraceful for a former pastor who claims he can teach history) Sean Hannity is lying. James Pinkerton, also of Fox News, is lying. Conservative author Edward Klein is lying. The Washington Times is lying. The Daily Caller is lying. My cardboard cutout Congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, is lying. House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority leader Eric Cantor and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell all lied. Alaska Tea Party loser Joe Miller is lying. Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummus is lying. California Congresswoman Mary Bono is lying. Louisiana Congressman Jeff Landry is lying. Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is lying. Tennessee Congressman Scott DesJarlais is lying. Georgia’s Republican governor is lying. Congressional candidate Ben Quayle, son of a former vice president, is lying. Forbes apparently wants to lie, but can’t decide. New York Congressional candidate Dan Hollaran is lying. The Taxpayers Protection Alliance is lying. Naturally, conservative bloggers are lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying. Black3actual is a liar. Augger is a liar. Utah is a liar. And pretty much anyone else who disagrees with me is a LIAR”

                Yep, just need about 4 more “liars”. I didn’t leave anyone out did I?

                • You forgot the links that provided a specific example of the lying for each person, lying about a specific issue, and of course the quote on my blog ended before naming anyone else here (and as far as I know, none of you had repeated that particular lie). But I notice you ignore the evidence of the lies, preferring to whine about the fact that I pointed them out.

                  By the way, you said earlier today that I’d have to pay you to read my blog, and here you are quoting it (though out of context). Hmm … were you lying? 😉

                  • I still do not go to your site. I just saved that to a notepad file to use from time to time. Hence the absence of your hyperlinks. 🙂

                • “Hence the absence of your hyperlinks.”

                  And therefore the lack of context. Not that it matters–I suspect no one is reading this thread any longer except those of us who contributed to it. And despite that, I’ll bet Joe still won’t admit that he lied. 😉

                  • No no James. I can make the same claim you did. The rampart use of the word here is to make a point, and that point is … it’s all you have. 🙂

                  • Yep, it’s ok for him to defend it using the excuse that use of the word repetitively was crucial to his point, and now he’s all up in arms that I did the very same … using his own words. 🙂

                  • ROFLMAO — yeah, like being a copy-cat wasn’t predictable on YOUR part. See, the Left has to wait for others to invent something, then they swoop in and try to claim it for themselves.

                    J, when are you going to realize we’ve been having fun at your expense? 😀

                • I’m glad you’re having a good time, Joe–I suspect you’re easily amused. So when are you going to admit that you’re a liar?

                • “When I am actually caught telling a lie.”

                  Huh? Your own words, as I pointed out above, demonstrate you to be an obvious liar. And the fact that you can’t admit that makes you look like a pitiful fool, as well. Just what I like to see on a conservative site, by the way.

                  • Speaking of lies ….. there is a LOL moment evolving on the news now. Apparently there is an audio tape of the man claiming Romney murdered his wife (7 years after he left Bain) coordinating with the Obama administration …. which the administration previously denied.

                    Good work Libs … good work. 🙂

                • “it’s all you have”

                  Only if you ignore context and the support offered by the links, of course. Oh, yeah–look where I am; of course you’d ignore context and supporting evidence.

                  Perhaps you could take Joe aside and explain to him how foolish he looks in his inability to admit a lie that he has printed (repeatedly now, with more to come, I’m sure) in black and white for the world to see. Or not–I don’t mind continuing to make him look foolish. Not that either of you need my help in that regard.

                  • It’s quite possible that Joe is attempting to play by your progressive liberal rules ….

                    Now if that is possible, and he is in fact playing by those rules, I would then castigate him for engaging in a futile course, as it is a course that changes on the whim of any given liberal at any given moment.

                    In short, you people are hypocrites. 🙂

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