More Tyranny from Obama

I suspect that, by now, regular readers — those who are still reading my posts, anyway — have detected that I am growing a little short-tempered with the current Administration and our federal government.  Well, I believe I have every right to be a little hacked off.  I not only signed that open-ended check to support and defend this nation and our liberty, I fought for it in the first Gulf War and I’ll be damned if I am just going to sit by and watch as this MARXIST — yes, Lefties, Obama IS a MARXIST — destroys our freedom and makes himself dictator.  And make no mistake, that is exactly what stories like this one mean — and there are many of them now:

Obama Considering Executive-Branch Action on Cybersecurity

Now, the “butt-hurt” on the Left who whine and cry about me citing Glenn Beck (and even those on the right) may not like it, but when Beck was still on CNN, he mentioned that the Left is building something in this nation and are just waiting for the right moment to “flip the switch” and turn it on.  Well, I’m pretty sure I know what they have built: a system of regulatory “ministries” (you call them bureaucracies), complete with unelected and unaccountable Czars.  At the moment, Obama is just “testing” them by directing them to legislate through regulation, but, should he find the opportunity to do so, Obama could declare an emergency, assume “emergency powers” and declare Congress disbanded because of “deadlock” and a “broken system.”  This system of “Ministries” would then take over and run the govt.  it IS that simple, and what’s more, the recent announcement by Cass Sunstein that he is leaving govt. to go back to academia is strong indication that the system is now complete and waiting the “crisis that is too good to waste” that will give Obama the excuse to “do what he knows he must do.”  (If you did not recognize those quotes, they are from Democrat leaders who – I believe – are giving fair warning as to exactly what is coming and how it will happen — you just need to understand their language).

Now, I know there are those who will dismiss me, and — though this is strong language — they are fools for doing so.  Why do I say this with such certainty?  Because what I just described was detailed by the leading founder of the American Progressive movement, Woodrow Wilson.  Everything I just described was explained by Wilson a long time ago in an essay called “The Study of Administration.”  If you have not read it, I strongly urge you to do so because, once you do, I doubt you will ever doubt what I say about Progressives and Obama again — not if you are honest with yourself.  However, if that essay is not enough, finish your essential Wilson and read:

Constitutional Government Chapter III: The President of the United States

The State

Leaders of Men

What is Progress?

And remember that this is the leader of the movement, and these are the ideas that Hillary Clinton specifically said she identifies with and embraces as a Progressive.  And remember that Obama has also said he is a Progressive in of the same type.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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