Obama Says Romney will Make America Great Again!

After all, in the 1950’s, this nation lead the world.  Now, I’m sure Obama was trying to play the race card, but no one can make a serious case that Romney wants to or even can turn back civil rights in this nation — especially since it was Democrats fighting them in the 50’s.  So the only thing this story can possibly mean is that Obama wants us to vote for Romney if we want our jobs and national prestige back along with a a decent and civil society with a lower instance of all the negative socio-economic indicese — or for him if we want to go all-out commie:

Desperate Obama Scaring Woman Voters: Romney Will Take Us Back to The 1950’s

[Note: in light of the RNL’s new policy on truth, this post certified 100% true and accurate.  Thanks, James, now that the RNL has accepted Leftist values and reasoning, it is much easier to make our points.  Before, we actually had to make real arguments and look for hard support to back them up.  I see now why you like unsupported assertions and opinions stated as fact.  SO much easier this way… ;-)}

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