Serious Warning about Threat of Islam

OK, it’s time to set aside the fun and games with the resident Leftists on the RNL and get serious for a moment.  One of the problems most in the West have in understanding the threat Islam poses to our culture and way of life comes from our ignorance of Islamic doctrine.  One of the biggest splits among the Muslim communities deals with who and when global jihad can be declared.  Some Muslims believe anyone can declare it at any time, but the majority believe that the Caliphe is the only one who can do so (the Islamic equivalent of the Pope).  Well, there hasn’t been a Caliphe since shortly after WW I when the last Caliphate, or Islamic theocracy, was broken up as part of the peace process. 

The Muslim Brotherhood was formed — in large part — to resurrect the Caliphate.  The MB joined forces with the NAZI’s during WW II because they believed Hitler would help them achieve their goal.  It must be remembered that Iran means Aryan in Farsi.  Anyway, should the MB of today succeed in creating a new Caliphate and a Caliphe is seated, and should that new Caliphe declare global jihad — something Islamic doctrine commands Muslims to do and which is connected to Muslim end-times prophecy — then the majority of those Muslims that the West now thinks of as “peace-loving” will suddenly become just as bent on destroying the West through global jihad as the 15% or so who are currently waging the war of terror now.

So, why is all of this important?  Simple:

Former Brotherhood Member Speaks Out: Egypt Will Be ‘Seed’ of Islamic Caliphate That Will Eventually Encompass ‘World in Its Entirety’

Here is part of the transcript, via MEMRI:

Interviewer: You indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood are hijacking the country, not merely the top political posts. Is the Muslim Brotherhood indeed about to hijack the country?

Saadudin Ibrahim: …Their plan is to turn Egypt into an Islamic emirate, which would be the seed of an Islamic caliphate, which would first encompass the Muslim world, and later the world in its entirety.

Of course, in 2012, this sounds like sheer fantasy, but all the major enterprises in history began as an idea. Some of ideas died while still in the cradle, while others developed.

Therefore, we should not underestimate this idea, which is harbored by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt.

[Emphasis added]

Now, if you happen not to believe in the Bible or place much stock in Biblical prophecy, then you are probably ignorant of the direct, reciprocal correlation between Islamic and Biblical end-times prophecy.  I’ll boil it down for you: n a nut shell, the Biblical Anti-Christ is the Islamic messiah.  When you read the prophecies from each religion, they are the same figure. 

Now, I am aware that skeptics will dismiss Biblical prophecy as something that can be twisted to suit whatever we want to find, but this is not the case.  In fact, when it comes to the several battles that will be fought in and around Israel near the end of days, the Bible is actually amazingly clear about the details.  What’s more, the majority of them are in the Old Testament.  When you study what prophecy tells us to look for, you will find many peoples and nations listed as coming against Israel in the end, and — amazingly — though they use the ancient names, all of the nations and peoples listed are, today, Islamic (save the possibility of Russia as Gog, and even then we can see evidence of the precision of such a prediction). 

You will find many amazingly descriptive and accurate prophecies in the Bible, and they are coming true all around us.  If you are interested, I would suggest Joel Rosenberg’s “Epicenter” as a good place to start.  It is a non-fiction account that studies scripture against the backdrop of current events.  I suspect it will even impress those who thought they knew their Bible prophecy.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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