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First, in the likely event that I’m dating myself with the thread title.  I’d like to point out the notable plot deviation in our modern story by Nurse Ratched (MSM) and McMurphy (Obama)… Obama seeks the insulation provided by the nest of MSM protection.  He just doesn’t think it’s enough and he doesn’t want to escape.

Walter Mead illustrates the complete insulation from reality of the Obama administration in regards to media coverage:  Obama thinks the media treats him unfairly.

You can’t make up this stuff.

200 proof clueless part:

But overall, this president still benefits far more than most of his predecessors from a press that generally likes him, agrees with his policies on most key issues, and deeply hopes that he will be re-elected in November. Few incumbents have ever had this kind of support from the Fourth Estate; few challengers have ever had such a…

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  1. I especially like the lines, “Like the Massachusetts Puritans from whom, culturally and intellectually, much of modern American liberalism descends, they believe in freedom for God’s Elect — and force to make the heathen and the unenlightened Do Right.”

    Finally, someone who recognizes that we liberals are the ones with the true Christian background. 🙂

    • Now James. We’ve had this discussion about how liberalism has remade itself over time. Surely you understood how far your regressive movement has drifted from the Puritans, and your comment is more of an attempt at humor rather then your usual mendacious postings.

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