9 thoughts on “Doesn’t America Deserve Better?

  1. Yes, America deserves better than Obama. Too bad Republicans couldn’t come up with someone who could beat him.

      • Indeed we shall. And while I don’t fully trust the polls, I’d note that even the Fox News poll and Rassmussen have Obama winning, particularly in the states where the election will be decided. I haven’t seen any favoring Romney (though if I’ve missed one, let me know).

        The fact that it looks like Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP choice also indicates to me that Romney knows he’s in trouble, or he’d go with a “safer” pick. Ryan on the ticket should make things more interesting, at least.

        • Again, even the Fox polls oversampled Democrats as compared to the actual mix in 2008 and 2010. The latest CNN poll that showed Obama up 7 points, did not disclose the internals so I can’t really comment other than to say that every Democrat favorability rating is substantially higher than other polls, for example the recent Gallup poll showed him at a 51% DISAPPROVAL/43% approval, yet this poll shows him with a 52% positive edge?

          I also base my comments on the fact that Obama is spending like mad and can’t move the polls.

          There is no doubt that Romney isn’t running a strong campaign right now but I think that will change soon now that a VP choice has been made.

          The only poll that matters is at the close of the voting on November 6th, all else is just speculation.

          We will see.

          • “The only poll that matters is at the close of the voting on November 6th, all else is just speculation.”

            Of course, and much could change between now and November–but that hasn’t kept either of us from speculating. I like Romney’s choice–I think he’ll still go down in flames (bye-bye, Florida), but perhaps some important ideas will be discussed in the meantime.

            • I’m not so sure that Ryan automatically means a loss of Florida. In viewing various Florida forums, seems the conservatives aren’t so hurt over the choice of Ryan.

              I am getting the feeling that Florida is going to come down either way to voter laziness, and right now, it appears as Florida conservatives appear more polarized.

              • Maybe, though it seems that conservatives were motivated by/against Obama, anyway, and that older folks will like Ryan less, the more they get to “know” Ryan. I put it in quotes, because what they know will come largely through political ads, presenting more simplistic versions of this: http://www.iwatchnews.org/2012/08/11/10665/opinion-rep-ryans-budget-plan-path-poorhouse?utm_source=huffingtonpost&utm_medium=widgets&utm_campaign=huffpo-widget

                • James, you want to know why this angle of attack is not going to work? The answer is two-fold, and I will address the weaker of the two counter-punches (if you will) first.

                  1. While the Obama campaign will castigate Ryan’s budget plan, the defense is quite simple, and grows by 1 each day that the Obama administration and Democrats do not propose, or pass a budget of their own. It’s to easy to retort that Obama cannot even get one single vote for any proposal he has in the Senate which is own party controls. (that resonates with average folks)

                  2. Each month that has passed since the passing of Obamacare, we have seen the paradigm in healthcare change. Nearly 1 in 3 physicians are no longer accepting Medicaid patients, and in Florida specifically 54% of all physicians are either dropping Medicare patients all together, or limiting their practice to restrict the amount of Medicare patient’s they accept. Some are even charging the patient’s the exact amount of co-pay equal to the loss in reimbursements. And then there is this new paradigm unfolding …

                  Mid June, I received a text message from someone who used to work for me when I was in Panama City (where most of these folks are from), asking me for an opinion for a primary care physician in that city. I gave her the name Dr. Jones (name changed). This person did contact Dr. Jones’ office, and a few days later I received this message as to what she found:

                  “So Dr. Jones is charging $130 a month for the privilege to be able to use her services. Obamacare at it’s finest.”

                  (Note to the PC locals: If you are this physician’s patient, you already know this. However, if you are considering a physician change, and want to avoid this physician, you can message me and I will give you the name in a non public setting.)

                  James, I should not have to tell you this, but I feel I must …

                  Media does not really have a finger on the pulse of your ordinary American citizen. You should remove your finger from the pulse of the media, and focus your efforts on those local to yourself. Where I am these days, the feeling of the community against Obama is not one that would leave any liberal or Obama supporter to sleep easy at night.

                  The left cannot afford to have Obama run on his record or his “accomplishments”. They are all failing, and some such as Obamacare have only begun to flounder. Every day people can see it. More are beginning to feel it, and it only gets worse from there.

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