American Left Lays Foundation for Outlawing Conservatism

Do you doubt my title?  You shouldn’t.  The leaders of the American Left teach their followers that the “extreme conservative” is hard wired to think the way they do and that they cannot be changed.  They also teach that “extreme conservatism” is a threat to our “democracy,” to the life of every American and to the survival of mankind.  Or didn’t you read my post that quoted all of this from celebrated Progressive leader, George Lackoff?  If not, you should, because here is proof that Progressives read what this man writes and then put it into practice:

Claire McCaskill Says Conservatives Are ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Outside of Mainstream’

Claire McCaskill’s campaign wasted no time in attacking Todd Akin after his senate primary win. This evening McCaskill sent an email to supporters claiming that Akin is a “dangerous” tea party extremist:

Akin’s Rap Sheet Makes It Clear: Tea Party Congressman’s Outside Of The Mainstream Views, Dangerous Policies Are Wrong for Missouri, From his record to his rhetoric, everything about Todd Akin’s Tea Party policies are outside of the mainstream and dangerous for Missouri families.

When Missouri Republicans nominated him last night,  they pinned their Senate hopes on a far right,  Tea Party Congressman whose candidacy diminishes the party’s prospects for November.

The language used by the Progressive operative, Claire McCaskill, follows Lackoff’s directives for how to use language to elicit certain emotional responses in the reader/listener that will then cause the reader/listener to act in the desired fashion.  This is why she doesn’t explain what the policies are, or why they are “dangerous.”  To do that would be to enter the world of reason, and — according to Lackoff — the real source of reason doesn’t lie with logic, facts and objective reality, it lies in the dream world of subconscious manipulation.  Once upon a time, psychiatrists called that brainwashing, but then, I’m sure Lackoff would object to that term as being “prejudicial” and, therefore, dangerous to our ‘democracy.’


Just remember, if you are a threat to the survival of mankind, and your brain is permanently wired to think the way you do, well, what do YOU think the Left’s solution to that will be?  If you get stuck or need a hint, look to the 1930’s, because we have historical precedents for this exact question.

6 thoughts on “American Left Lays Foundation for Outlawing Conservatism

  1. There is nobody so intolerant as a ‘tolerant’ liberal. Freedom of speech, not for thee. Modern Liberalism is the ideology of the terminally stupid.

  2. i am a conservative. i see nothing “extreme” in my political beliefs. i advocate limited government,ownership of private property,religious freedom,the right to keep and bear arms. seems to me that the left is extreme in their wacko agenda. my question is, HOW DID OUR COUNTRY GET TO THIS POINT??? was it the kooky liberal movement that arose in the 1960’s? how did we evolve from a nation of opportunity into a nation of complacency? i am interested in your opinion on such matters.

    • According to the Left, this nation was founded on the idea of the collective: where everyone was “in it” for the good of all. The Left will tell you our success came ONLY from the collective efforts of every individual, and that without the collective efforts, no one would have ever succeeded. The problem that you have to avoid is in the way they use words. When they say things like “collective” effort, they mean government. They truly believe this nation was established as and has always been a democracy, and that we succeeded because we acted collectively. We are dealing with people who have no understanding of history because they do not believe there is such thing as objective truth. To them, history is whatever you need it to be today. Honestly, they LOVE the world of 1984 — so long as THEY get to be “Big Brother,” that is.

      However, I will offer you one word of caution: the Left does believe you and I are a threat — a real threat — to all mankind. They do NOT believe in the things you mentioned: they see those as “dangerous values” that are at the heart of everything they perceive to be a “social ill.” They believe their beliefs are the result of “scientific research” (hint: this is the same argument the Left used to defend their racism in the 1930’s); AND they believe our positions are the cause of “neural networks” in our brains that cannot be changed or “re-educated.” I trust you know enough history to understand where this path has historically gone from this point…. 🙂

  3. Let’s not forget who has always championed eugenics. Ezekiel Emanuel and John Holder are good modern day examples of the low esteem the progressives have for human life.

  4. thank you for responding to my question. i never wanted to be an alarmist but since the Obama election i have had a small,ever-present fear in the pit of my stomach. sometimes i fear his administration. most times i fear the stupidity of the American citizens who bought into his BS and elected him!

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