Real World Illustration of Why Collectivism DOES NOT WORK!

Here’s the story:

Famous Conjoined Twins Getting Their Own Reality Show

Now, before anyone goes and tells me this story actually proves the collective works, let me point something out for you.  If the “body” in question is all of our society (as collectivists like to explain society: as a single organism), then there are 300+ million of us sharing it.  OK, now, go ahead and tell me how this story would work if there were 300+ million sharing this one body.  Then explain how it works when all 300+ million people control their own little part and none of the others can feel or control it without their consent.  See what I mean?  Things become unmanageable real quick — unless you have an “uber lord.” 

But not to worry, this is where you friendly neighborhood Leftist jumps in and volunteers to do the thinking and deciding for the other 300+ million individuals in society.  In other words, the Leftists decides they get to control the body, but because that requires the cooperation of everyone that shares it, they have to control them, too.  Now, if you are the Leftist, this is a great gig.  However, what are the odds of you getting to be that Leftist?  So where does that most likely leave you?  Are you getting my drift yet?  😉

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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