Rowdy Yates Rides [Not Bareback] Into Gay Paree

Remember when we reported that Greece had started the Illegal alien rodeo?

Well, not to be outdone and according to the Daily Mail, France is saddling up and strapping on the spurs:

French police were yesterday breaking up gipsy camps and deporting illegal immigrants found in them.

Dozens of officers in riot gear descended on a settlement near Lille shortly after dawn to oversee the evacuation of some 200 Roma living in mobile homes.

One hundred people were evicted from a site in Lyon, with similar round-ups happening in other major cities including Marseille. Caravans and huts were destroyed in the Belleville area of central Paris on Wednesday, making another 100 people homeless.

‘Many of those evicted will be flown home to Romania,’ said an interior ministry source, who insisted the deportations were aimed at ridding France of ‘illegal’ communities.

Greece has also begun a crackdown on immigrants, with Athens claiming the country faced an ‘invasion’.

The policy being pursued by France’s socialist government was formulated by former conservative president Nicolas Sarkozy, who was frequently accused of pandering to the far right.

His government linked Roma camps with crime, suggesting that many of the thieves and muggers operating in big cities were homeless Romanians.

I’m thinking that there aren’t too many illegals in France or Greece applying to take the bar exam.

Funny how Europe has shown nothing but condescension toward America for decades on situations like this and now, to quote our President’s favorite preacher. “the chickens have come home…to roost!”

Here’s a sample of that condescension from a recent article in the Guardian, coincidentally it is regarding the illegal law school grad I wrote about above (you should read the comments, there are a lot of people who still have common sense – more so than the author of the article):

You would think (hope, even) that though it’s an election year, the untenable position in which talented young people such as Vargas, Garcia and Godínez-Samperio find themselves might spur a grown-up conversation about what to do concerning the 10-11 million undocumented people already in the US working and paying taxes, and the children they carried with them – children who grow up as American as everyone else.

Alas, you would be disappointed. The right continues to raise the Spanish-speaking spectre of “an invasion force from Mexico that’ll take over the country”, as one radio demagogue put it, never mind that illegal immigration has been in decline for the last couple of years, and deportations in the Obama administration have increased. Trumped-up fears of brown hordes taking our jobs and indoctrinating our children in the revolutionary ways of Emiliano Zapata, Hugo Chávez and Che Guevara are bread and butter to the Republican party, especially its Tea Party tendency.

Arizona shut down its multicultural education program on the grounds that it was insufficiently celebratory of white Anglophone greatness; Arizona, Georgia and Alabama passed despotic new immigration laws. In Georgia, vegetables rot in the fields for want of farmworkers to pick them. And in Alabama, the police have bravely contributed to the crackdown on an undesirable alien when visiting the Mercedes-Benz plant outside Tuscaloosa.

I should note that the author who is trashing the US in a British newspaper is Diane Roberts, an American and a professor of literature and writing at Florida State University, which would make her an expert in immigration policy.

And people wonder why Europe thinks of Americans as bigoted savages…

Now the socialist governments in both France and Greece are  dealing with it the same way that we should. I guess that “open borders” thing ain’t working out so well.

Maybe we aren’t such bigoted savages after all.

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