Andrea Mitchell (Mrs. Alan Greenspan) Is Not Pleased

Real Clear Politics has Andrea Mitchell’s reaction to Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan:

“This is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women.”

To which I have to ask:

Why, Andrea? Do suburban moms and women not like a strong economy?

The idiocy over on YouTube at Obama’s new ad is pitiful and angering at the same time. I won’t link to it but here are some samples:

I look forward to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, men who inherited millions from their parents, lecturing the rest of us on the merits of “hard work.” #frauds

filmacher 31 minutes ago

ain’t it always the way of the likes of ryan, romney type Republicans to cut from the elderly the poor the working class and the students who already pay way to much for education who are this country’s future, but never attack the rich corporate defense welfare that has sucked billions and trillions from the tax payers for years and get to keep doing it, on his worse day OBAMA would still be a better choice.

musclegenii 2 hours ago

Social darwinism here we come. Romney-Ryan are determined to take us back to the Gilded Age. And we all know… that worked out for the rest of us with The Great Depression. I can’t believe folks have such short memories and don’t see that these same economic policies have led us into hard economic times more than once. Who in their right mind wants to go back to the failed Bush policies?

HGW31853 2 hours ago

I have a disabled and unemployed mother who has a daily food budget is $3 a day I am HORRIFIED with the idea that anyone could look at her situation and think that taking what little help she has will solve the debt crisis.

GoldHelicoprion 2 hours ago 8 

They want to cut Pell Grants because they want to keep control over the lower class. Absolutely disgusting. They try to convince people of faith to vote for them when in reality, they are NOT EVEN FOLLOWING THE GOLDEN RULE! I will lose all faith in Americans if Romney steps foot into the oval office.

maryyellen 2 hours ago

You don’t need to be a big fan of Obama (I’m a registered Independent my entire life and can cut either way) to realize that these two guys CAN NOT ever be handed the keys to the White House. Holy scary. Also, all of our taxes need to go UP or defense needs to be CUT.

livingminimal 2 hours ago

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