The Friars Versus The Liars


Via Legal Insurrection.

A Mormon and a Catholic walk into the Oval Office…and it is not a joke. It is the best hope for America and what will be an accurate description of what will happen on January 21, 2013.

I’m pretty excited about Romney’s choice. These are two serious men who understand what needs to be done to correct our downward trajectory. Compare the moral conviction, the strength and intellect, the competence of these two, their devotion to their religions, their devotion to their families, their connection to reality and their honesty to the two on the other side.

Not much of a contest is it?

We have the friars versus the liars.

Ryan will be attacked from the left (remember this?), not because he is wrong but because he asks the right questions and demands answers to the “feel good” politics of the “progressives”. It is a classic battle of intentionalism vs. textualism.

I welcome Obama’s attacks on Ryan and his economic plans – it will give him the opportunity to shred Obama’s policies and programs into little pieces.

See if you think Ryan has the chops to run a government.

Paul Ryan on crony capitalism:

Ryan on measuring success of government programs:

Ryan bitch slaps Duncie Wasserman “Sergeant” Shultz on Medicare:

Ryan’s budget proposal from the House majority, The Path to Prosperity, is here.

Stacy McCain says that Ryan is the guy.

Thank you all for the links – and thanks to Professor Reynolds for the Holy Grail of conservative punditry – the Instalanche (our first)…and as always, the OtherMcCainalanche!

16 thoughts on “The Friars Versus The Liars

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    • I can tell you I’M QUITE JEALOUS! I can’t imagine how many distilleries there are in Scotland that do not export, therefore I’ll never get to sample them!

  7. Speaking of liars, you might appreciate this quote: “I cannot recall a single presidential campaign ad in the history of American politics that lied more blatantly than this one.”

    It does seem a bit ironic that if the Christian Right gets its way in November, for the first time ever there won’t be a single Protestant among the president, vice president, and entire Supreme Court.

      • The quote is in Mother Jones, not from Mother Jones. And it’s easy enough to watch the ad and check elsewhere on its veracity, if you actually cared.

  8. Paul Ryan is an excellent choice for more than one reason. What the Romney campaign better get FAST is that they are dealing with the Chicago thug mentality. The gloves MUST COME OFF NOW! He did it with Gingrich, and the rest of the Republican field. It is frustrating to see Romney then turn around and call Obama a “nice guy”. REALLY? The “nice fellow” versus the “attack bull dog” will not work as the attack bull dog is doling out our tax dollars to pay for votes.

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