We Won The Olympics

In case there was ever any doubt:

One of the greatest pennant races in the history of the Olympics is a done deal, with two days left on the schedule. It turns out the women’s water polo team, or maybe boxer Claressa Shields, was America’s Bucky Dent.

Either way, by the time the U.S. women set a world record in the 4×100 relay on Friday night, the U.S. had its 41st gold medal and an insurmountable lead. China choked again, one last time, blowing the synchronized swimming team title to Russia. Too much sink, not enough sync.

The U.S. will win the London Olympics, topping the medals table here no matter how the standings are manipulated. We swam like marlins, vaulted like antelopes, ran nearly as fast as ostriches who are actually quicker than Usain Bolt.

You can get an updated medal count here.

But you have to love the AFP for trying to cut us down to size, twice referring to our basketball team as “millionaires”, first here:

Kevin Durant scored 19 points while Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James added 18 each to lead the US multi-millionaires into a rematch of the 2008 Beijing Olympic final they won 118-107 over a similar Spanish squad full of NBA talent.

And again later:

The US NBA multi-millionaires had defeated Argentina 126-97 in a preliminary group match four days earlier, a physical contest in which Anthony was hit in the groin while shooting by Argentina’s Facundo Campazzo.

To which I would reply, if I were to stoop to that level,

“Suck it, AFP. USA! USA! USA!”

But if I did, that would be jingoistic, emblematic of American exceptionalism and likely a display of imperialist triumphalism.

You bet your ass it is.


What should be noted as remarkable is not that we are the best, it is that America has a free enterprise system where grown men can take advantage of their hard work and God given athletic talent to make millions of dollars playing a game.

6 thoughts on “We Won The Olympics

  1. This is actually mentioned by Lackoff in his book. (I know, get off the book already, right? WRONG!)

    Lackoff attacks “extreme conservatives” for their pride in America and our belief that this is an exceptional nation. He says that this pride is the reason America has not fully embraced and given itself over tot he UN. So the Left — at least its leaders — believe that posts such as this one are a sign of an irreparably damaged “neural network” that represents a threat to all mankind.

    Congrats. Utah, you are trying to kill humanity by being proud of America and her athletes.

    [NOTE TO JAMES: if you do not agree with what I just said about the way the Left views stories such as this one – then you are a trader to your ideology. But of course you agree, you just don’t like the way it would make you look to say so, therefore, you’ll spin this somehow. But TOUGH! This is the official doctrine of your Leftist ideology and you are stuck with it. If you don;t like it, then stop spouting the BS you’ve been fed, shut the pie hole and start listening so we can help you extricate yourself from the Progressive mire. Otherwise, start accepting the ugliness that is the American Left.]

  2. Gee, I felt no inspiration to comment on this at all, until Blackie piped up to tell me he knows my motives better than I do, and that if I disagree with his wisdom I should “shut the pie hole.” Hilarious. 🙂 Really. 🙂 You are truly a fantastice ongoing joke, Joe. 🙂

    So though I have no comment on the main post (like most Americans, I’ve been cheering for the USA and Bolt; unlike many, I’ve watched almost none of the Olympics because summers in the Pacific Northwest are way too nice for spending indoors), I did have to thank you, Joe, for stepping beyond your own inane posts to look ignorant on someone else’s.

    But how does someone become a “trader” to his ideology? 🙂

    • “But how does someone become a “trader” to his ideology? :-)”

      You do this quite often. I suppose you think you are cute. The rest of us think your poking in this manner is way beneath you.

      Just saying.

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