The Haves vs. The Have Nots

That’s what this election is going to be about – but not in a 1% vs 99%, OWS kind of way.

I read yesterday a quote from one person who was attending the Romney/Ryan rally in Manassas, Virginia that framed this for me. I think I read it at either Legal Insurrection or The Other McCain, I can’t remember which but it went something like this:

There are people who work for a living and there are people who vote for a living.

Doesn’t that pretty much sum this election season up?

It is a class war that Obama wanted but not the one he got. He wanted one where the OWS could be seen as the moral superiors to the Wall Street bankers and got one where the is the productive versus the hogs at the federal trough. In all fairness, the people clamoring for government dole are legitimate in their claims – the government promised it to them. The political class made a bargain with them. Keep me in power and I’ll slide you a little sweetener for your retirement, health care, bike paths, whatever. As we are seeing in cases where cities are going bankrupt due to outrageous and unfunded pension liabilities, the political class can’t pay up.

To the former, “fairness” means to let them achieve what ever they can and they don’t mind kicking back some for the support of others as long as you don’t pour it down a hole. To the latter “fairness” means, you have it, I want it, hand it over.

This election is going to be between people who derive their value and sustenance from government and those who work to pay for it. It is going to be about the adults (and seniors) who want their largess now and those who they are demanding that they pay for it – and the people who will have to pay can’t vote because most of them are all under the age of 18.

Professor Jacobson at LI gets it right when he says that the ad showing Ryan shoving granny off a cliff would be more accurate if granny was pushing a stroller with a baby in it off the cliff. The undisputed King of All Internet Snark, Dave Burge (IowaHawk) deadpans:

You know what will end Medicare as we know it? Medicare as we know it.

So do you think it is more selfish to want to hold on to what you have earned or to claim title to something that your children will have to pay for?

I am convinced, like many of my peers, that I will never see a dime of the Social Security that I should get but you know what – I won’t need it. I’ve planned for not having it. I believe that there are many out there that feel the same way and would jump at the chance to opt out of Social Security and plan their own retirements…but as we have discussed, that will not happen because the Social Security Ponzi scheme has reached the point where current beneficiaries are being paid out of current tax inflows…and for many things that have nothing to do with retirement.

I get that people are angry that they paid in a ton of dough over a lifetime of work but it isn’t the people who want to fix it that they should be mad at – it is the politicians who have been making empty promises and rolling the dice for the past 50 years.

2 thoughts on “The Haves vs. The Have Nots

  1. You know, as I read this my mind drifted to the 50% of all American’s who do not pay taxes each year, but instead get paid tax return money. What exactly do they care? They are still going to get their returns on taxes they did not pay in the end.

    Until there is no more tax money left of course, then they will care a whole bunch. 🙂

  2. Just as an aside, I have to mention the implied assumption in that little picture. Notice the “give” language? Everything belongs to the government by default, and they just GIVE you things.

    Complete garbage, of course. “The rich” weren’t GIVEN anything. The money was THEIRS… THEY earned it. A tax cut simply means the government takes a little less.

    But to assume that everything a person makes is the government’s by default, and they just “give” you what they think you should keep?

    Pernicious, totalitarian, collectivist nonsense.

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