Ah … The Spoils of Olympic Gold – Gabby Gets the “First Lady” Smackdown on Jay Leno

So two-time Olympic medalist Gabby Douglas gets on television with Jay Leno and ::: cough ::: First Lady Michelle Obama …. only to get the Obama beatdown for admitting to eating a Egg McMuffin after the Olympics.

Given the situation, unless “The First Lady” can actually perform on that level with Gabby, maybe she should do something about that “J-Lo” rear end “she be totten'”, and challenge Gabby to an event?

Else-wise, she should probably just kept her big elistist mouth shut.

Michelle Obama Scolds Olympics Hero Gabby Douglas for Eating an Egg McMuffin


6 thoughts on “Ah … The Spoils of Olympic Gold – Gabby Gets the “First Lady” Smackdown on Jay Leno

  1. Egg McMuffin®
    English Muffin
    Pasteurized Process American Cheese
    Canadian Style Bacon
    Liquid Margarine


    Calories from Fat 110 Dietary Fiber 2g (8%) Calcium 290mg (30%)
    Saturated Fat 5g (24%) Sugars 3g Iron 3mg (20%)
    Trans Fat 0g Vitamin A 590IU (10%) Vitamin C 0mg (0%)
    Cholesterol 260mg (87%) Serving Size 4.9 oz (139 g)

    Not that bad for you; I have several a week. And I am a svelte 200 lbs.

  2. I can’t believe that fat ass Michelle had the audacity to chide Gabby Douglas on eating one friggin’ Egg McMuffin. And I can’t believe Jay Leno is so ignorant to have someone like Michelle on his show. Reckon that’s why I don’t watch his show.

    • Yeah, could you imagine having to wake up to her? I’d toss her in the hallway with a note for the bellhop and $20 bucks to cover the dumping fee. 🙂

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