Why Be Shocked by the Acts of a Traitor?

We have already established that Obama has committed multiple acts of treason while in office (by the exact Constitutional definition, no less).  So while the outrage expressed in this story is understandable, it should not be a surprise that Obama leaks intel.  This is how he can warn his Islamic allies while making his base think he is against the “military industrial complex.”  It’s a two-fer for this trader.

New Scathing Video Shows Former Military & Members of the Intel Community Uniting to Stop Leaks

But then, this sort of stuff is nothing new from the Left.  When Reagan was in office, we had a Leftist-commie Congressman read the names of all the CIA’s operatives on the House floor, and it lead directly to the deaths of many informants.  The CIA never recovered from this and it is very likely the damage that traitor did allowed 9/11 to happen (for lack of informants).

But again, this should not surprise us as our govt. is riddled with communist and anti-American subversives.  McCarthy was correct as even Saul Alinksy admitted in his book, Rules for Radicals.  It’s just that we do not want to face these truths because then we’d have to do something about them and that would be hard and personally costly.  It’s easier to yell at those who try to force us to face the truth so we can shut them up and go pack to the life of gilded luxury our new masters have created for us.  We’re still caged animals though…

4 thoughts on “Why Be Shocked by the Acts of a Traitor?

  1. Then why the attack and just before the election? Just like the ‘swiftboaters’, of bush but those few coming out of the nixon era group, you disgrace yourselves and your service to country but more importantly all those who served with you as well as any sent into these theaters! Just as they did, as Navy brothers, slandering one of their own thus all of us, you seek slander of the Commander in Chief being served under now, without giving any details of their own service while in country, but also slandering all the personal of the military branches sent into Vietnam for duty back then.

    How is Obama a traitor? Just love phony conservatives toss all this crap out. Fact is republicans are the traitors as they actively worked to prevent a recovery from happening. Way to go traitors. I find it amazing that people would still call the two parties the same. They are not.

    He’s not a muslim. Just because his father’s name is “hassan”, it doesn’t mean he’s muslim. There’s no rule that states that the religion of the US president to be christian. How can he be racist if he’s black and he helped Iraq too? No, he’s definitely not a racist. Look in the mirror He’s not anti christ,there are just some christian priests that hate him because they think he supports gays and lesbians but he doesn’t.

    I doubt it, but isn’t anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus technically an “Anti-Christ”?

    Obama is NOT a fraud. Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is without doubt a racist!

    You and those slimeball AREN’T Americans. The biggest national threat in American History was 9/11, the absolute worst day for ALL Americans.
    Nearly 3000 people died in the attacks, and you descrate their memories buying comparing the deaths of Americans to the anger of Racists that Hate that a black man is President of the United States? Disgusting.

    Obama was their Commander-in-Chief when they followed his order. Had he not given the order, Bin Laden would still be planning attacks against the USA. So now the military likes ONLY Right Wing Wacko WHITE Presidents? Who knew?
    If Bush had given that order, they would be kissing his lily-white ass!

  2. Do some research on the RNL. You appear to be new, but this is not a “new” attack on my part. I have been on Obama for traitorous activity for over a year now. A search of my old posts will also reveal a very clear explanation of how Obama has met the legal definition of treason according to the Constitution — several times.

    As for me not being an American — I suppose I’m not, not in your view. But then, you do not hold to the view of what American really means: as defined by our founders and their original ideals and principles. You are standing in opposition to all they believed, so I would not expect you to see me as “American.”

    But then, that’s the 180 degree rule for you. 🙂

  3. Well questionman, YOU are quite the racist, aren’t you!
    Black3actual Put it on the line for both his and YOUR right to free speech! Something whining libs like yourself seem to never get around to doing.Don’t even troll back here and claim to have served, because if there’s one thing ex servicemen can spot, is a fraud!
    Now go on back to Frank marshall Davis’ little boy and tell him you did your best!

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