Questionman Strikes Again Using The Famous Leftist “Civility”: We Are Not Patriots, We Are “Disgusting Slimeball Racist Fucks!”

I just love Questionman. He is a commenter who is worthy of main post notice, his comments just beg for greater attention. His erudite elocution should not to get buried in the comment threads as his words are simply too important to the advancement of a free society.

The Q-Man’s first effort to school us about our supposed racist proclivities a while back elicited this response from me:

Being called a racist by these folks doesn’t have the sting that it once did, they have misused it so much that it no longer has much potency. I’ve been thinking about it all day and I finally figured it out and it was this quote:

[N]Ever heard that retarded saying “SCOAMF” Can’t tell you what it means, look it up. I said people if they are tired of hearing this crap. Turns out they aren’t, because they never heard. One a certain group of people never head the disrespectful trope. Classy, Respectful, Intelligent People.

It wasn’t the misspelled words, the poor grammar, or the even worse syntax. It was the fact that Questionman, contrary to his screen name, doesn’t question at all. He just admitted that the reason that the Obama sycophants don’t recognize that he is a SCOAMF is that they just simply don’t read the bad news. They don’t know who he is, just that he is…very existentialist, isn’t it?

Yesterday, he responded to Black3’s post about Michelle Obama with this:

What exactly is a racist? Someone who singles out blacks for ridicule and humiliation because they don’t like black people, period. Even “black” people born of white mothers.

To complain about Harvard never having hired a black woman on its law faculty in its entire history hardly makes Michelle a racist.

Arguing for diversity is NOT RACIST, you racist.

We don’t have racists in thw White House. We have racist OUTSIDE the White House. People like you and the racist right!

When did Barack Obama embrace Marxism? I don’t mean an uninformed paranoid interpretation of his policies, I mean the actual teachings of Karl Marx.
No, he is center-left.

You Americans (some of you at least) seem to have a fixation about Marxism, seeing Marxists everywhere. That’s very funny.

You wanna know who’s REALLY racist? People who calls the First Lady of the United States an “ape woman,” Moochelle, “a tranny with a ball sack,” and a “snuff lipped Sasquatch.” Michelle Obama is compared to Chewbacca. She’s called a “mullie.” People make jokes about “Not wanting to know what she puts in her mouth.” She’s called a “commie bitch.”

That’s racist. And you scumbags have the galls to call yourselves Patriots? Please you aren;t Patriots, just disgusting hateful slimeball fucks!

To which I respond:

You lost me at “center-left”.

Your tactics are all too typical…and tiresome as well. You insist on an exacting definition of Obama wearing a Mao cap and holding a hammer and sickle while reading verbatim from Das Capital on the floor of the House in order to see Marxism in his policies, yet you use the most parenthetical, tangential and circumstantial evidence to ascribe racism to those who oppose the President. This site and many, many others have clearly shown the ties between the “progressive” movement (of which Obama is a member) to socialism, Marxism and communism – there is no “center” in Obama’s positions unless you mean “central planning”, “central control”, “central committee” or “centralization of power”.

Sure, some of the items you quote are likely racist (and I use the qualifier “likely” because simple words are not racist, the intent with which they are uttered make them so, not all harsh words are motivated by racism, many are simply in disgust) – but I doubt that you will find the specific words you mention any post from a regular contributor here – we tend to be direct in criticism of actions and policies, not race (unless it is to point out where true racism is).

There is satire – but the satire is no more offensive than were the photoshops of Bush as a chimp, Hitler or illustrations of him being assassinated – or even Reagan being called an “amiable dunce”. Here’s a newsflash, being black (or bi-racial as you point out) is not insulation against ridicule or an absolute and unimpeachable defense of being a failure any more than being white was for Bush. What is being said about this President and First Lady are no different than the rhetoric about other presidents in an election cycle, no different for ridiculing Nancy Reagan for allegedly consulting an astrologer, it is nothing different from the black racism that has been thrown at white Republicans (Bush hates black people and dynamited the levees in New Orleans to drown blacks) and what is being currently being directed at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan today.

Terms like “Moochelle”, while perhaps less than tasteful (although not quite as much as your “disgusting hateful slimeball fucks” comment – by the way, is that part of the “new civility” that you lefties like to lecture us about?), they are not racially motivated, they are a response to a Presidential couple who seem to really enjoy the niceties of the office while the rest of the country suffers. Examples of the genesis of the appellation can be found in the leftist political circles and media (but I repeat myself) criticism of Ann Romney having the temerity to wear a $900 blouse while heaping cloying praise on Michelle Obama as a style maven for wearing $500 sneakers, $6800 sweaters and $2000 dresses – likely paid for by the taxpayers. It comes from over 40+ months of over 8% unemployment when the First Lady vacations in Spain at the taxpayer’s expense, spending millions of dollars for Hawaiian vacations (when their home is in Chicago – but really, who can blame them for not wanting to take holidays in Chicago when you can go on a taxpayer paid junket to Hawaii?), the First Couple wasting millions of dollars for “date nights” in New York City and the President playing 104 rounds of golf while claiming to be working hard on the economy.

And just so we are clear, the term “commie bitch” is not racist, it is political/behavioral and a such is applicable across racial lines.

As far as “diversity”, her paper argues not for the diversity of thought but is based on the premise that only a black person can speak with authority on a given subject, thereby making skin color a sole basis for selection. If two candidates were presented with equal qualifications, one black and the other white, the one that is black would get hired based solely on skin color. That is, in fact, a racist practice – as all racially based “diversity” programs are. The day I believe it isn’t is when there are laws that require every team in the NBA to be 68% white and 78% Christian to mirror the population in the USA.

You and your ilk have overused the terms “racist” and “racism” so much to cover for every single failure of this president and excess of his wife that they are meaningless to anyone outside your little Obama fan club. Your descent into profanity is also evidence that you have little logical to say and choose to substitute anger for your frustration. I think perhaps that you know that what is being spoken and written about this incompetent administration is the truth – but your ideology simply won’t allow you to accept it.

Remember that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

21 thoughts on “Questionman Strikes Again Using The Famous Leftist “Civility”: We Are Not Patriots, We Are “Disgusting Slimeball Racist Fucks!”

  1. I would only add that the Obama’s (especially Moochelle’s) use of the taxpayer dollars for extravagant vacations during this national depression sickens me, especially when it is tauted as one of the children’s birthdays and they get take 15-20 “guests” to Denver (I think it was). It’s bad enough to pay the expenses for the First Family (transportation, 100 Secret Service employees) to go skiing, but to take “guests” to Denver, Spain, and other places on the taxpayer dime is, well – – it sickens me. Also causes me to wonder what kind of example they are setting for the “girls” and what feelings of entitlement the girls will have when they grow up.

  2. A good essay, Utah, and it has inspired some random neurons to fire insequentially…

    I’ve been denied jobs because of my skin color, and it caused some resentment. In 1979, I was hired into what was then a lily-white field of caucasian deckhands and old white captains. There were two black captains in 1982 of whose existence I was aware. The racism in my chosen field is systemic and endemic, although the changes for the better are on their way.
    Thee government has made it a requirement of towing companies doing business with the govt., that their company and crews be diversfied, or that 15% of allotted federal money go to minority-owned businesses. Last year, we crossed an industrial rubicon; I saw a boat with a black Captain and two white deckhands.

    I read an interesting analogy about affirmative action, which concerned a coach deciding on who to pick for the last position on a relay racing team. A is white, has a GPA of 4.0, an active student body member, runs the 200 in 25.5. A’ parents have had him tutored and take an interest in his work, as well as his physical development, for which they hired a trainer to work with him.

    Now B, who also has a 4.0 GPA, runs the 200 in 25.5 seconds. B is also active in student body affairs.

    The coach picked the black kid for the last position on the team. Why! Because they were equal now, but it took the white kid. tutors and training to get as far as the ‘B’ kid on raw talent. “I can do more with the kid who has not been brought to his full potential already. ”

    No anology is perfect, life isn’t always cut-and-dried in to easily digested pieces.

    There is another side of the tuppence; I know from experience that some blacks do not try their best at work, because it is apparently very hard to fire a minority without facing repercussions. I can sometimes feel the anger at having to serve me, a white guy. Service in some food joints suck loudly, resentful kids mumble thanks as they shove the long-awaited bag of burgers and fries. Management has a lot to do with that attitude. A good manager will spot a problem, and remove the employee from dealing directly with the public.

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  4. Look at the pathertic hypocrite playing holier than thou. I’ve noticed that’s what you losera are doing this entire election and it;s pathetic!

    “It wasn’t the misspelled words, the poor grammar, or the even worse syntax. It was the fact that Questionman, contrary to his screen name, doesn’t question at all. He just admitted that the reason that the Obama sycophants don’t recognize that he is a SCOAMF is that they just simply don’t read the bad news. They don’t know who he is, just that he is…very existentialist, isn’t it?”

    it’s no coincidence that such derogatory and meaningless epithets are used by racists.

    This President saved this country from another great depression! Saved Wall Street, GM,Detroit,& Chrysler! Got Osama & Omar’ & passed the Affordable health care act! What has a republican done for you in the last 15 years?

    I remember…Republican legislators threw up road blocks. It seemed as if the only purpose they had was to keep Obama from being a two term president.

    It’s extremely disheartening to me that any Dem would say this. Toure spoke the truth, why not call the racists out? I’m tired and I feel disrespected by the GOP. I’ve felt like this since POTUS started running for office.

    Watermelons on the WH lawn, Moochelle, FLOTUS’ rear end a regular subject of conversation, the 1st family described as monkeys, the birth certificate, school records, Obama as Hitler, Obama as a witch doctor. I could go on.

  5. You, sir, are hopeless. I addressed your charges factually and as far as hypocrite, I suggest you secure a dictionary as soon as possible and look up the meaning of the word.

    Here’s another you might want to scan – sycophant. This one is an apt description for your support of Obama. It doesn’t matter what the facts are, you have decided that racism explains all of Obama’s failures, completely and in total. His economic policies failed because someone compared Michelle to Sasquatch.

    Saved us from a depression? There are economists that think we are in a depression. GM is on the verge of bankruptcy and taxpayers are still 25 billion in the hole. Housing prices continue to fall. The economy is moribund after nearly 4 years of Obama’s economic “successes”, no federal budgets passed in over 3 years, national debt at record levels under Obama, record number of people on food stamps, 40+ months of unemployment of over 8% ( when under Bush, 5% was considered a disaster), unemployment now rising in 44 of 50 states with the lowest labor participation rates in 40 years, black unemployment over 16% – if this is your definition of “success”, I would hate to see what failure is.

    Obama’s true role in the Osama raid is a matter of debate – although he apparently did go against the most powerful force in the White House to get it done – Valarie Jarrett. He really should thank Bush for setting up all the intel systems that allowed him to sit in the situation room and push the button (because as a Senate back-bencher, he opposed them). There also seems to be some debate over how the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize can order the most drone strikes in history and create so much collateral damage, killing people other than the target, some American citizens.

    Toure is a fool, a provocateur and an idiot – just like you, when he can’t address the failures of the President, he opts for the “look, squirrel!” defense. “Niggerization”, my ass.

    I’ve never denied that racism exists or that there is racially motivated opposition to Obama – but to ignore what the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and other in the supposed black “leadership” and media say about white politicians (it’s no coincidence that such derogatory and meaningless epithets are used by racists) and to also ignore that Bush was savaged for 8 years with terms like Hitler and Chimpy just so that you can propose that somehow this type of criticism of Obama is unique is quite frankly, a display of pure, unmitigated ignorance.

    So birth certificates and school records are now racist? Does this mean that when Democrats tried to disqualify John McCain because he was born in the Panama Canal zone, that was “racist”, too? How does asking for validation of an academic history become racist when for years we are told that this man is the most intelligent president ever? What has Obama spent 4 million dollars to hide? Perhaps he applied to university as a foreign exchange student, as he was identified in author’s bio as being Kenyan? I don’t think it is likely that he was born in Kenya but I do think it is possible that he lied about it – similar to Liz Warren lying about being Cherokee to gain advantage.

    What have Republicans done for me in the last 15 years? They have kept people like you at bay and allowed me to determine my own retirement, health care and level of success. As far as being a roadblock – you assume that the answer to Obama’s failures are to fail some more. Since you have the memory span of a goldfish – about 3 seconds – I will remind you that Democrats held control of Congress from 2006 to 2010 and Obama has total control of the government for fully half of his only term. He still has the Senate. Obama isn’t mandated to have a second term. A majority of Americans simply don’t think he deserves one – many of whom voted for him the first time.

    But then I’m a slimeball racist fuck to point it out.

  6. “This President saved this country from another great depression! Saved Wall Street, GM,Detroit,& Chrysler! Got Osama & Omar’ & passed the Affordable health care act! What has a republican done for you in the last 15 years?”

    That eerie feeling again . . . This statement (and others in questionman’s posts) sure sound like rezzyboy to me.

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