Monkey Business

I was very disappointed today by some of the RNL boys’ comments on Dusty’s jokes. The fact of the matter is that they are just that: Jokes! I suppose I am strongly offended because I must live with censorship (Mr. Kells will have me reword certain things, and I find it extremely frustrating, debilitating, and unfair.)

One of Dusty’s jokes spoke on Obama being a monkey. This is a term I call my boys quite frequently, so I never connected it to a racist joke. Dusty’s other joke slams the Muslim religion. I’m sorry, but I hear so many jokes that slam race, religion, sex, politics, and blonds, that I’ve become comfortably numb……that or I accept the fact that it is our First Amendment right to do so!

Would you like to know why I call these silly boys monkeys? Would you like to know why I, um, interpret a joke in a different way? Because you’re all behaving like a bunch of monkeys, I shall show you:

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  1. The post is silly in nature Kells, but I see your point. I see some of theirs as well.

    The problem with internet communications is that it is ambiguous to emotions. Given that, plus the risk one takes with off colour humor puts a person out there for castigation from someone whom you’ve struck a nerve (in James’ case … an abscess on his buttock).

    Maybe the compromise is a preface warning that off colour humor is to follow ….

  2. So yelling FIRE in a crowded theater is “just a joke???” OK, we’ll be by to try it out net time you’re performing, and we expect you to defend us after the fun ends.

  3. A., I wish you would watch the video; it truly is why I refer to my boys as monkeys. (Thus my argument.)

    Yes, yes, the written word is so very different from speaking to one in person. I wrote a post at my other site on a meet-up I had in NY, and it was very telling….I am a good judge of character, but I did not realise the the intelligence, humour, and depth of these folks until actually meeting them in the flesh.

    If someone does not approve of Dusty’s humour, they may simply change the channel. At least that is the way I see it.

    PS – May I post your nudie pics now?

    • “If someone does not approve of Dusty’s humour, they may simply change the channel. At least that is the way I see it.”

      In there is where the problem lies. Just as he has the right to post a joke he likes, others have the right to post what they feel about it. It’s a 2-way street. It was posted to get a reaction and every reaction shouldn’t be assumed to be positive. I’m sure he expected to get some negatives ones, just as I’m sure he couldn’t care less. It’s fine here in a private setting, but maybe not in a professional one where offending others could result in losing clients, customers or one’s job.

      If you equate a person with an animal, then expect them to act as such, and don’t bitch about it when they do.

      • My lovely spouse has been a great “mirror” for as long as I have known her. She taught me a lifelong lesson I have never forgotten on our first date. I was impressed with her for not jumping to conclusions. She was impressed with me for being open to constructive criticism.

        She “showed” me when I voiced, non thoughtful, condescending or sarcastic thoughts: the “understanding” I intended was translated by others completely differently than my intent and the kind of person I am.

        Many times, NOT my intended message. And not accurate. That is how the world works.

        We should ALL understand, with the words we choose, that WHAT many others would or will, understand or see, may be EXACTLY the opposite of what one intended. And then USED against you to discredit “you” personally, and your ideas/ideals, no matter how accurate and valid.

        That IS how the world works in the warfare of ideas.

  4. “The fact of the matter is that they are just that: Jokes!”

    To you maybe, to others, not so much.

    “I suppose I am strongly offended because I must live with censorship (Mr. Kells will have me reword certain things, and I find it extremely frustrating, debilitating, and unfair.)”

    And just like calling your sons monkeys and other “pet” names, your choice to live with censorship is your own.

  5. Since I have stirred you all up, I will respond:
    First, when I originally posted the “big monkey” joke I hadn’t seen the racist element in it. I saw the “big monkey” to be the boss. When I read james critique of my post , I read the joke again and saw that the inference to OWEbozo being a monkey because he is black could very well be taken by someone with racial thoughts. I was never trying to toss racism into the mix here. At the same time that I posted the joke here originally, I also emailed it to about a hundred of my email pals. I sent them a follow-up and asked if they thought that I was insinuating OWEbozo was a monkey by sending the joke. So far only 5 have replied and 4 of them said they hadn’t seen a correlation of monkey to black man until they read the second email. One said he did think the joke was calling OWEbozo a monkey. If I remember correctly this same guy was the person that many months ago sent me the photo-shopped picture of M.O. with a monkey face.
    Second, if you were offended by this joke, you obviously live in a different world than nearly everyone I know. If anything the joke was a major slam against the idiocy of Bidden and was not intended by me to even degrade OWEbozo in the least. If there was any negativity in it against OWEbozo it was making fun of the stupidity he used to pick a VP.
    Third, the joke about the semi crushing the worthless Muslims was very definitely a slam against the sorry pieces of shit that they were.

    • Thanks Dusty,
      I think Kells was trying to explain this too.
      I didn’t assume you are a racist. However, I have learned, those who view the world through RACE eyeglasses, or are “out to discredit or “hurt” you, will take “your words” out of context . . . and presume “bad” things.

      Within the last year, one of my “friends” accused one of our mutual friends of being a racist. I responded I believed he misunderstood the events that led to his conclusion of “racist”. Later, he accused me of being a racist. I articulated to him that was not my intent, or my “person”, and if I ever said or did anything that could be interpreted that way, “a true friend” would explain and ask for clarification. A “true friend” helps his friends learn from their mistakes, ESPECIALLY UNINTENTIONAL uses of language and actions.

      We all come from different backgrounds. We all have survived different “hurdles”.

      As Americans, we should have OPEN conversations.

      • “I didn’t assume you are a racist. However, I have learned, those who view the world through RACE eyeglasses, or are “out to discredit or “hurt” you, will take “your words” out of context . . . and presume “bad” things.”

        Ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner right here.

        And now for a little medical study in racism. Medical schools are filled with all sorts of human anatomy. Skeletons are abound everywhere in labs. One day, our professor lined up 4 skeletons, and asked: “Can you tell which one is Black, which one is White, which one is Asian, and which one we aren’t sure of?”

        Of 50 students present, not one got it right.

  6. This is a time when being “colorblind” and failing the test is an A+. True Americans are colorblind.

    The division, or grouping, or separating, or Balkanization, of Americans, is not for Americans.

    It is “Divide and Conquer”.

  7. I was 8 for 20 myself. When I had a class do it, where they “voted” on where to put each and peer pressure and dominent personalities may have come into play, they got half that many.

    • As a group, my experience with “our” young people shows they do not care what “race” or “gender” or “religion” someone is.

      This “balkanization” is taught/indoctrinated in young people.

      Who planned “this” model of instruction, who follows this “model of indoctrination”?

      That is who is to blame …

      • I’ve noticed the same about young folks–it gives me hope for the future. But I don’t think that was always true, even of young people. The “balkanization” was easier when we were able to have less contact with people unlike us–for example, I grew up in Idaho and never had a conversation with a person of color until I played college football. And I never knew an openly gay person until I worked for one–who happened to be one of the best bosses I ever had.

        • I agree, James. I grew up in a very small town in rural northwest Florida. There were white people and black people. As far as I knew, everyone was some denomination of Protestant or Assembly of God member. There were still “Whites Only” signs on the water fountain and bathrooms at the local service station so you can imagine the general culture of the community. I was in the 12 grade before I found out there was actually a Jewish family living in town. No Catholic church, no Synagogue, no yankees, no asians, no latinos. I wasn’t really exposed to other cultures or races until I moved to Atlanta when I was 37 years old. On my street alone there was 2 Jewish families, 1 latino family, 1 German family, 3 or 4 yankee families, 2 black families, as well as several white families. There were Catholics, Jews, Protestants, atheists, and about every other religion you can imagine with a few Wiccans thrown in for good measure. This is the environment my children grew up in. Times have certainly changed, and it hasn’t been all for the worst (or better).

    • SBJ, that’s kinda cool that you did this as an assignment……
      Texas, I promise you would not be able to tell the sexual orientation of some of my transgender friends….now that would be an interesting test!

      • Kells,
        I truly do not care one way or the other what others do, as long as their actions do not affect me or others I care for.

        Ms. Universe pageant’s prohibition of the Canadian transgender contestant was interesting.

      • Thanks, Kells. And I agree with you about the transgendered folks. I manned a booth for my church during my town’s Pride Festival, right across from one “manned” by a group of transexuals and transgendered.

        By the way, I put up a new post over on my site last night, comparing some of the “evils” of Obama & Romney.

        • Like others have said, I honestly do not care what they do until …

          Transgender male enters ER with a broken nose, or lip screaming obscenities, and threatening to sue me if he ends up with a scar. His crime … allowing a straight drunken male in a bar to hit on him, and take him upstairs for some fun, but did not elect to warn said straight male that he was in fact … transgender.

          Folks, I point this out to add that there is a certain responsibility when you live outside of an expected natural “norm” if you will. You want to mislead folks, then that is a likely price you will pay.

          And it isn’t the damn ER doc’s fault you got 26 stitches.

          • I kinda have a question for you, but I don’t feel comfortable posting it here….. No worries, I’m not thinking of becoming a man, although I should be! I’ve got all the qualities.

  8. I had a little buddy, until he grew up to be bigger than me with tattoos and stuff so calling him that now seems wierd, anywho, when I first started mentoring (I.e. showing him how some white people live and, some don’t work at Jack-in-the-Box or Walmart andhow staying in school and not having a family before your 14th birthday was a good thing) we did a lot of fun things together. Before I had kids I got to be a kid again with him. I took him to arcades, we played on my nintendo, I took him to Karate lessons and to amusement parks, festivals, the parades (imagine living in louisiana and never having had your parents take you to a mardi gras parade) trick-or-treating (another thing he had never done, and he only wore a costume on years he went with me) and things like that. Not once did he ever say thank you, which i always found wierd, but that’s another post. One day I picked him up and his eyes were big and wide. He was about 8 at the time and he told me his parents had let him drink a whole cup of coffee. I was a little dismayed, buti did my best to tire him out. He was so hyper and a little scared of his hyperness i think. Eventually we ended up playing monkeyball on my nintendo at the end of the day, anh he started to calm down a bit. We joked about it after than and he would make the big round eyes and pretend to be high on coffee. Maybe a year later when his birthday was coming up. I found a nice card with a picture of a giant lemur on it with big googly eyes. It reminded me of his goofiness and it had a funny quote that seemed to appy to him and i think it mentioned monkeys. I thought Eric would love it. I showed it to my wife and she looked at me like i was crazy. “You’re not going to give Eric a birthday card with a big monkey on it are you?” she said. I said, what do you mean? “Well, monkeys, black peple, you know. . . It’s just not a good idea.” I was kinda hurt. I sorta saw what she was saying, and had never meant for the card to be taken racially, it never even crossed my mind that it could be taken that way! I decided I was going to just give it to him anyway and face down that incorrectly applied racism. I was pretty sure i wasn’t racists, and if other people had used that term to define black people in a derrogatory manner, that wasn’t my fault. It was my job to fix it, i thought. And Eric would really like that card. Then i put the card away and never showed it to him and gave him a football instead. He needed some exercise, he was spending too much time playing video games.

    So i guess what I’m saying is the KKK owes me $2.50 for a card they ruined.

    And I didn’t offend his parents or random people that might come over to his house and be offended by the card in a way that might disrupt my relationship with Eric and the example I was trying to set for him. (He’s finished first in his class in elementary and middle school and he has a part time job to help his parents out and gave up football to focus on his grades.)

    Kell. Sometimes it’s just better to put away the card.

    • C., are you a Big Brother participant, then? I loved your story, and I must say that this child would’ve probably had a hoot and a holler with the card. Do you know I still have cards from years ago? (Yes, I’m a sentimental hoarder.) I think it is because it is far more intimate than a football….your spoken word in the card that you chose was a special memory shared between you both, and I feel it would’ve been saved as well as treasured by this child. It frustrates me that things become politically incorrect….it just seems to erase emotions and memories…

      I think you may have inspied a post….I have my own experience like you….but unlike you and FL, I’m far less politically correct. In other words, I don’t give a fat rat’s tiddely-boomp and I would not have put away the card. Sheesh! Am I now Cruella Deville?

      • “but unlike you and FL, I’m far less politically correct.

        Kells, Don’t mistake sensitivity to political correctness. They’re not the same thing. It’s not always all about you.

        CCF, you should have definitely given the card. The most deciding factor of racism is the intent behind it. If it was given with no malice intended, none should be taken. Especially with a kid that age, you want him to understand that every reference to a money doesn’t infer something sinister. By you serving as his mentor shows your intent and motives and they’re not to degrade him. Teaching is very much part of mentoring and if people aren’t taught what racism is, and what it isn’t, then we’ll continue as we are today with screams of it when there is none. We have to reverse that trend in America.

        I would have given him the card and if he laughed when he saw it we would have laughed together. If he though it was insulting, which at age 8 I doubt, I would have explained to him my reasoning.

        • Sweet angel baby, you contradict yourself. You agree with me, yet you disagree with me. I’m so going to spank your tail now! (I can do amazing things when I come through the computer screen.)

          • I agreed with you for giving the card, but for different reasons. You made it about you while I made it about the kid.

            • A card is like a kiss; it is equally enjoyed by the giver as well as the receiver. How you feel that somehow centers around me escapes me, Wills. (And to be honest with you, it kinda pisses me off!) Kids seem to like me; I suppose it is because I am goofy. The most fantastical thing is that I dig them, as well.. I tell you, the knowledge you can gain from a 1st or 2nd grader would blow your mind! I should copy/paste their artwork; it’s quite telling…..

              • Sweetheart, when you say, “I don’t give a fat rat’s tiddely-boomp and I would not have put away the card,” that makes it about what you feel not about what someone else feels.

                If you value a relationship, then you are considerate of the other person’s feelings. I understand there is no malice intended, but you never know how some may react. I was called “boy” the other night by a drunk guy. Normally, how would I react? Just blow it off as a ignorant guy having too much to drink—-had I not known that when I walked away earlier the guy said, “I’ll slice that nigger’s throat. So of course my reaction was a little different. Told his friends to not hold back that coward let him go and let see if I could infringe on his 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech by breaking his jaw. Yup, just as you thought, He ran in his condo like the bitch that he is. Bad thing is, I’ve know him for over 2 years and considered him a good friend. Just think, this is a place is advertised as luxury living in a gated community. Not Massalina projects.

                I’m generally a quiet laid back guy but at that point I was ready to mop the whole clubhouse area with his ass. Figured he wasn’t worth you having to come bail me out of jail. So, now a perfectly good friendship is ruined just because an ass wanted to have a few shots of jagermeister and try and impress his other friends and because another guy told him to calm his language because women and children were around. Now he and his GF, that was defending him because he was “drunk and not know what he’s doing”, have lost the respect of many people in our community that they’ve actually sat down in eaten dinner with on many different occasions. Was this a case of true feelings coming out induced by alcohol? He called the other guy a “fat f*ck” and he’s a big guy, so did he call me what he sees just by the color of my skin? I’m soliciting as many responses as possible on that one. Utah, Augger, James and Dusty, please respond. You too Tex and Black. I already know how FC feels.

                When the madness quieted and we went to the other guy’s place, that was the focus of this drunk’s tirade, he said he would have never believed that would happen. He was absolutely shocked since he considered the guy one of his best friends. When I said I wasn’t shocked, people looked at me surprisingly like, “Why not? Hopefully, Kells, you’ll answer that for me in your response to this post.

                But to further answer you post, and this is a hint, by blacks being referred to as Apes, porch moneys, etc by ignorant people throught history, sometimes people find the term offensive. You don’t know if the kid’s parents find it that or not. CCF was concerned about how they would react, and then how they would translate it to the kid. CCF wasn’t taking the chance of it being misunderstood, so he decided to not give it. I would have given it, and since I’m black, it more than likely wouldn’t have been taken as something that it’s not. That’s life. That’s people. That’s history. That’s why you can’t just make it all about you “not giving an..”and being “PC”.

                The flip side to this—I have a very good friend of mine that I call a “Silverback”. He’s big, darkskinned, and always trying to be in control. He, in return, always says, “Naw, I’m not a Silverback, I’m lowlands”. I’ve known him for over 20 years. I’m also glad he wasn’t there Saturday night when this all went down.

                Looking forward to reading responses.

                • I’m soliciting as many responses as possible on that one. Utah, Augger, James and Dusty, please respond. You too Tex and Black. I already know how FC feels.
                  I am offering this Unsolicited opinion, take it or leave it 🙂

                  Calling you ‘boy’ , had that been all there was to the incident, would have been a way to make you angry, to get under your skin, break your balls; that was meant for your ears. But coupled with his other utterance, I have to say that this guy was never your friend. Maybe he wanted to be, maybe you are a curiosity to him,, maybe he is fighting a similar milieu of hatred out of which I had to extricate myself. He might be curious about you, or it might irritate him that you don’t fit his accepted stereotype for ‘Black’ behavior.

                  I am assuming that he does’t act stupid every time he drinks, or you would never have mistaken for a friend.

                • Yes he acts stupid when he drinks. No he doesn’t or he hadn’t taken it to this level up to this point. I gave you guys the edited version, there are more details but nothing to change the dynamics of the situation.

                  One friend said jealousy. Another that it was about the white woman that accompanied me that his friend was trying to hit on.
                  They had been obnoxious for a while, and that I’ve seen before, but his friend seemed to fuel his rage. When his drinking buddy asked my friend if she was married, she simply said no. I was walking back from getting a chair to join the group when another female friend of ours, that obviously was tired of their behavior said, “no she’s not, but this is her boyfriend and if you keep it up he’ll kick your ass.” We we left to go back to freshen our drinks is when the other guy, the one he called fat f*&k, told them to calm their language and that what probably the reason we left (even though it wasn’t). That’s when the guy we both thought was our friend said what he said about cutting my throat.

                  Sorry for leaving you off the list greg, but I felt pretty sure I knew how you felt. I think I know how Tex will respond also. Always glad to read a response from you whether I agree or not.

                • Because I don’t actually know you or him, it’s hard to say what caused the episode you described. However, my guess would be that the alcohol he had drunk allowed his feelings to overpowered his ability to hide them. Therefore, again my guess would be that either he was someone that had adverse feelings about you because you are black and he’s a racist, or you have done something to him or someone he knows in the past and your race didn’t matter. There are people of ALL races that could never accept any person of another race. I know of people, both black and white, that won’t accept anyone of a different race dating someone of their race.
                  Hell, I know white people that hate my guts because I have worked my ass off, saved as much as I could, invested well, and have much more than they have and according to them much more than I deserve.

                • He attacked me and one other guy, out of the blue. One thing I know to be true is when a person wants to hurt some one, I mean really hurt them, they’ll said what they feel will hurt you the most. Those are the things he chose.

                  Another thing that I think was a factor was that he had an audience. A different one. A guy that’s from where he’s from. I think when he lived where he did, that was probably acceptable. Once he got here, he saw things are a bit different and conformed accordingly. Until that jager decided to bring out his old ways.

                  Thanks for your opinion, Dusty.

  9. While you both have valid points, and ones I considered, I chose not to risk offending his friends or guardians or by extension, Eric. I partook of the tree of knowledge, damn women and their apples. 🙂 If i had not known it could have been construed as racist i would not have kicked myself if it ended up getting taken that way. After being told it could be taken that way, even though the chance was remote, i would have felt bad, especially if somehow that had impacted my relationship and the parents stopped wanting me to associated with their son. That would have impacted my friendship and my longer term goals of helping Eric, and showing him that their are white people that do judge people by their skin color but by their actions. I live in a very racist state, I try to deny it or look past it at times, and then there are times when I’m at a poker game or bar or campout with a bunch of people i thought i knew tossing the “N” word around like a tennis ball and complaining about how “those” people are monkeys or savages or “porch monkeys” (that was a term I heard in school a lot when i first moved down here.) Almost as bad as the words were they hate they were wrapped in. I had forgotten about that since i cut off those associates when they showed their true colors, but my wife’s words brought back that horror and shame I felt, when those words and were used by “friends” or people I’d respected.

    Kells, we have a program here sponsored by United Way called Big Buddy which is for children, mostly poor black children. I participated in a mentor program for children with one or both parents in jail. Sadly, that didn’t exclude many children in my city. While funding for programs is important to reverse the impacts of poverty, lack of education and hate, there isn’t enough funding that can fix everything. It requires engagement and commitment.

    I had a choice between the moral high ground and risking a child i’d come to know and care for. On a different day i can’t say i wouldn’t have chosen different.

    • You’re a far more beautiful person than I……My own experience is a child of an habitual welfare mother (she’s on child number six now……and I’m not quite certain as to how many fathers.) This child stays with us for months at a time. I have no problem with that because we have taught him a work ethic and he gladly participates (hey, I don’t skimp out on my workers…yes, he is paid well!)

      I will say that Mr. Kells and I have not had kind words to say to his mother. We’re both pretty dang honest (um, unless I ask if I look fat in a bathing suit to which he will obligingly lie.)

      Although it is not my route, I very much understand your reply, C., even though I feel it should not be so.

      It truly confounds me that you are a progressive…….. Or are you?

  10. I’m not sure what that means, Progressive, really. . . I generally despise labels since its much easier to hate a label than a real person. We’ve become overly label conscience as a society where we have to brand and define everything and everyone, probably the FDA’s fault – those calorie counting communist bastards.

    I don’t have prominent authors and Milton and Rand that I’ve built my life around. I was raised in the Church of Christ (not the latter day Saints kind) and I do believe people have an obligation to be good to each other and that the strong should look after the weak, even if the weak don’t always appreciate it or say thank you right away. Due to some rather unsettling church related incidents I consider myself more a follower of the Jeffersonian Bible and not one that feels i need to attend a church to be religious. I had some impovershed times growing up myself. . . I was probably poorer than my “little buddy.” My father was a professional boy scout who drank too much and earned too little. He was away a lot and my mom was a stay at home mom and occasional secretary. Parents went bankrupt and divorced and banks literally took everything we had, down to our battered minivan (my mom drove it into a street sign when she was crying one day because i was telling her about the kids at school bullying me because i had to wear the same clothes to school every day… ) My sneakers usually flopped when i walked because the soles were always worn out. I think i always made mt mom mad on the rare occasions i got new shoes and not odd ones from somwhere. I always scuffed any new shoes on purpose because I hated my friends making such a big deal about me getting new shoes. As far as i know we never took welfare or food stamps but we probably should have. . . we were hungry from time to time. My mom used to tell us hotdog casserole (hotdogs and potatos) and chicken gizzards were treats so we would eat them because often that was all we could afford and we couldn’t waste any food. (She still tells me she feels bad about that, but I like them now and ask for them and the other nasty chicken bits like hearts, livers and necks – much to the chagrin of my wife and mother.) There were gangs that always stole my bikes when i was growing up in the burbs of philly so i never really got to ride one till i was in my teens when we moved away. When i got a little money i wanted to give a little back so maybe other kids lives would be at least marginally better – but i won’t say there weren’t time i resented Eric for not seeming to appreciate what i was doing for him, or when i would take him to places to buy him shoes for school. He was amazed there were places where people came and put them on your feet, you didn’t just rummage through piles on the floor and shelves yourself. But i was doing as much for myself as for him i realized later.

    I used to call people “gay” to insult them and hate and fear gay people till I grew up, recognized I couldn’t be turned gay, and met a few of them. (Not too be too stereotypical, but they can be great fun at parties if they aren’t being bitchy or on the prowl.) I have a gay brother-in-law and nephew but I was chill with the gays before that fortunately or Christmases past could have been awkward.

    I’ve been threatened in person by some NRA guys that found out who i was on a forum back in the old BBS days when i ran a political Sig or forum (before the internets) and showed up at my friend’s house with their AK-47s to intimidate me into changing my views on gun control. Strangely that had the opposite effect. That is also one of the reasons I prefer to opperate by a handle, especially with kids and a wife to consider.

    I learned to hate and how much easier life can be when you forgive and move on from my first wife who cheated on me repeatedly and thought she was a lesbian for a time – too many drugs and she did go crazy after watching her mother and father die from cancer during most of our marriage and her brother die after an Acid trip inspired accident.

    I suppose i could go on about how I was recently at a poker party (maybe a year ago now actually) where they’d had a bit to drink with some devout Christians (Catholics like their drink) republicans (I had many iinteresting political arguments with them where a few often refered to Obama as our first Monkey president) “friends” in their 40s and 50s and how they started telling racist jokes, pulled out their guns to pass around to each other and pretended to shoot each other in the head while calling each other “stupid nigger” this, or this is how “niggers talk to each other”, etc. Suffice it to say i no longer attend their poker parties which is kinda sad because they weren’t very good and they really knew how to cook.

    Anywho, when i grow up I hope to be John Stewart, or maybe it’s ok if i never grow up all the way? My kids seem to like it when I jump on the bed with them – when mom’s not looking. 🙂

    • You know, I read your story, and I felt bad for you. But two things …

      1. Being raised “hard” on the streets of Philly (yep been there, done that, have a t-shirt), then you should certainly know the merits of hard work, and austerity … and frankly, you should spend your energy helping others to learn not to live by the leave of another.

      2. You want to take a the moral high ground on pleasantries? Fine with me. Clean your closet before hypocritically opining on mine. 🙂

      • Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Augger? (picture a crustacean themed gary coleman if you will. . .)

        2 things. . .

        1) I don’t need your pity, but maybe some respect or empathy or even a shading of understanding would be nice. I’m a big boy now and I take care of myself and quite a few others – thank you very much.
        a) I said “burbs” not streets, we had streets and i actually did walk uphill both ways to school and home in the snow (several miles in fact – starting at first grade.) It was fun actually.
        b) I don’t appreciate you telling me how i should spend my time, what i should dedicate my life to doing or not doing, or what i should make of my own life experiences – but how very arrogant and condescending of you to feel you can both “pity” me and tell me what i should “think” and “do.” Are you sure you’re not the communist? Or is that fascist? Sometimes i forget my -ists.
        2) No idea what your second point is all about.
        a) Really, no earthly idea about your closet. Are you gay or something? That’s cool with me as long as you don’t want o get with me or nothin’
        b) Re-read the posts again, still got nada. You may now expound or appologize.
        c) No really. WTF dude?

        Progressively confused.

        • “Progressively confused.” — yep, that sounds around right.

          Let me clear it up for you with a couple of little sentences: I don’t either love or hate you, and I absolutely do not care what you do. To you, I am totally indifferent.

          Not sure what the gay comment is all about, but if you have closet issues up there buddy, just know I wear my boxers the way they were intended. 🙂

          Alright, that’s enough of my time wasted on your font. Toodle along now …

          • Farewell augger, you and B3A will now be ignored by yours truly. When next we meet it may well be on the field of battle for this is the impasse you have sought and wrought. And I thought you had such promise. You both sound so angry. It is I who pity you.

            • CCF,

              You want to meet Augger on the field of battle? OMG(osh), you are such a daisy. DUDE! Do you have ANY idea who you just challenged? You’d be a daisy without ever seeing or hearing him, and he’d be drinking coffee before you hit the ground.

              As for challenging me, you have a better chance. My best was a head shot at 800 yards, with open sights, at high noon, in the desert, across a gorge — twice! So you’ll at least be able to get close enough to see me.

              Good luck, you’re gonna need it if you want to meet on THAT field. 😉

                • Back peddle all you want, it won’t change the fact that YOU were the one who said you were done dealing with us on the field of ideas and would move to the field of conflict. In civil society, that makes you the aggressor, which then makes your attempt to blame us for being the wanton killers just more typical Progressive revisionism.

                  BTW: it is also considered an admission of defeat to cede the field of battle to your opponents. So I suppose it is safe for Augger and I to assume we defeated you on the field of ideas. I’ve no worry about our ability to do equally as well on the field of conflict — should you follow through with your threat.

            • “Farewell augger, you and B3A will now be ignored by yours truly”

              No sleep was lost over this. Thanks for the favor. 🙂

                • “It was figurative of course. I know how your kind likes to kill and brag about their killing prowess. Its in your natures.”

                  Interesting assertion. I save lives for a living.

                  Side note: You kind of remind me of Jane Fonda.

                • Augger,

                  My area of expertise saves lives as well: by removing the repeated need to assault the same target over and over again. It applies to the battlefield of ideas as well as the field CCF said he wants to meet us on 😉

  11. Pingback: For Wills: To Speak…..or not to speak? | The Rio Norte Line

  12. Technically B3A this is the second time you threatened or implied you would use a scoped rifle on me. So that would make you the aggressor. I think i recall someone recently saying on this site that “a lot of truth is said in jest.” Would you please hold a mirror up to him next time?

    FYI, its getting a little creepy how you keep posting all these revealing articles about your psyche and then change the heading from what B3A thinks to what liberals and or progressives think.

    • CCF – actually your assertion is widely incorrect. It’s not black with the large weapons collection, it’s me. He wrote:

      “You’d be a daisy without ever seeing or hearing him, and he’d be drinking coffee before you hit the ground.”

      I am almost certain his reference is directed at one of my guns in particular …, an Accuracy International AX50.

      side note: The gun is really a charm to shoot. If you are in to long range targets 1000+ yards, this is the platform for you. 🙂

        • If the $11,000 price tag is a bit much, the 338 goes for around $6k, and I believe the 308 is in the $4500 range.

          All are quality rifles for the long range target shooter.

          • Yep, and if we remember back far enough, we’ll find that CCF is suffering from that typical Progressive syndrome of “he did it first” again. The record shows HE was the first one to talk about meeting us on the field of combat. He’s just scared poopless because he ran into a couple guys who happen to be trained, equipped and possess the mental attitude to meet him as requested.

            Come to think of it, that’s another Progressive trait: bravado — until you’re met by someone who isn’t intimidated: then run like hell screaming foul the whole way back to your mommy.


          • BTW, Augger, those are SWEET toys, but I’m kind of like Quiggley when it comes to those sort of weapons: not much use for them, but it don’t mean I don’t know how to use them to their full potential. It’s just that, when you have taken peoples’ money proving you can shoot skeet with your M16/AR15, you tend to prefer the lady you know best, you know? 😉

            • I have a few AR platforms. Highly customizable, and certainly much easier on the wallet to play with.

              To the point of bravado … it’s right back to the bully syndrome that I obviously failed to describe to CCF succinctly.

              It’s either a condition above his intellectual prowess, or one that he has great difficulty looking inward upon.

              Either way, I know the measure of the man. It’s predictable …. “Victims, aren’t we all.”

              His value to me is only in the wrestling we do here.

            • Oh, and I almost forgot. If you want to truly play with a “spartan” style rifle, you should check out a Henry
              .45-70 Lever Action Rifle.

              Much fun to be had. 🙂

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