Brokeback Obamountain With Chris Hayes [MSNBC=ObamaTV]

Damn, Obama – I just can’t quit you. – Chris Hayes, MSNBC

Not that this is a surprise, but Chris Hayes, the moron who was “uncomfortable” using the term “heroes” for our returning soldiers…

I feel… uncomfortable, about the word because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war.

…is back at it with a outright lie about Paul Ryan, stating:

Long before he became one of the right’s most vocal critics of the idea that government spending could help boost the flagging economy, Rep. Paul Ryan offered a forceful, full-throated defense of stimulus spending — when then-President George W. Bush wanted it in 2002.

Ryan has denounced the 2009 Recovery Act signed by President Obama as “a wasteful spending spree” and “failed neo-Keynesian experiment,” and – as The Huffington Post pointed out this morning — dismissed as “sugar-high economics” the idea that government spending, through measures like payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits, can help shore up a faltering economy.

But let’s look at what Ryan actually supported – in Hayes’ own words:

But in 2002, when then-President Bush was seeking a roughly $120 billion package of tax cuts, tax incentives for business and unemployment benefits to jump-start the economy, Ryan offered a vigorous defense of the plan. “What we’re trying to accomplish today with the passage of this third stimulus package is to create jobs and help the unemployed,” Ryan said in video that aired today on Up w/ Chris Hayes. The remarks came during a House debate on the measure on Feb. 14, 2002.

Tax cuts, tax incentives and unemployment benefits, not trillions in wasted government spending from borrowed funds. There is absolutely no comparison between Bush and Obama on this. I realize that liberals see the act of cutting taxes as “spending” (i.e. the government can’t “afford” to pay for tax cuts) but any honest person with any degree of education in economic theory knows that while tax cuts are stimulative – they are not a “stimulus” in the Keynesian sense and trying to equivocate them is pure intellectual dishonesty.

But damn the honesty, anything they say or can do to re-elect Obama is Kosher, right?

Paul Ryan has the left totally and completely freaked out.

Hayes’ scantly watched show is called “Up With Chris Hayes”, he should probably go with something more accurate like “Barebacking Obama With Chris Hayes”.

Heh. I liked Dusty’s suggestion in the comments so much, I modified the title…Brokeback Obamountain!

9 thoughts on “Brokeback Obamountain With Chris Hayes [MSNBC=ObamaTV]

  1. I think you would be a bit surprised by the nonsense that has been spewed online. I throw information out there…people read it or they buy in to whatever the last commercail tells them. Eh, whatayahgonnado?

    PS- Your title is risque and gay. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to call Wills. I know it is your site, but he has agreed to be the RNL Morality Police Officer. I truly hope this is just your first infraction….

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