Operational Security: OPSECTeam

Pakistani Doctor who helped American Forces, leaked, arrested, and sentenced to 33 years.

Identity of organization and members leaked.

Stuxnet leaked.

Presidential “kill list”.

  • If we tell a ***** terrorist we are coming to get him,
  • how we find him,
  • who is coming,
  • how we are going to do it,
  • me or some of my friends are going to die.

Anonymous SOF Operator

Black posted this a few days ago, but I thought it so important.  I am posting this video by its maker’s name so others can find easily.

I urge you to get your favorite beverage and take 20 minutes to watch, listen, and consider seriously.



4 thoughts on “Operational Security: OPSECTeam

  1. I watched the video and it just leaves me wondering; wondering why these fools in Washington can’t keep their big yaps shut, wondering why they think trading political points for human lives is acceptable. It also points out very well the damage done by going public with Obama’s killing immediately after it happend.

  2. Wars are won with Intelligence. We ARE in a War.

    During World War II, the British put captured German Generals in a chateau/palace. The General were treated like generals. Allowed to leisurely walk around and talk. All of their conversations were recorded, the INTELLIGENCE GATHERED was used to defeat Germany.

    ONE doesn’t kill the most valuable asset. ONE doesn’t throw away ALL of the intelligence that uncovers the spiderweb of connections. One doesn’t make a MARTYR out of the enemy.

    Are these Harvard educated Geniuses really this dumb? I don’t believe so.

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