The Tolerant Left

Now the Obama media will have us to believe that our President is not trying to divide the citizenry and is calling for civility and participating in an adult conversation as to how to solve America’s problem.  Well I just don’t think that some of his supporters are getting that message or maybe they are receiving other messages that the media won’t report.  

Liberal Tolerance on Display

Criminals Vandalize Newly Installed SarasotaGOP Campaign Billboard

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12 thoughts on “The Tolerant Left

  1. Providing these pictures depict the truth (and I have no reason to believe they do not), then this represents violence that, though it may not be on par with an attack against a person, does come from the same place within the individual as violence against a person.

    Good post.

  2. Everybody wants their “free shit” … especially when it comes to healthcare.

    Problem is … nothing is ever free, now is it?

  3. Ah yes. And shall we talk about the past defacement of Obama signs?

    Such as Kentucky- with “how do you spell nigger”

    Albuqurqe- swastikas:


    New Jersey: defaced with KKK:

    shall we talk about “violence” and hatred?

  4. So, James and Drugs, you do realize that you have just helped validate the hypothesis, don’t you?

    It never was that there wasn’t vandalization and hate on the fringe of the right – the point was that the same exists on the left but it never gets the same attention. The very fact that you were able to dig up all those reports on “right-wing” intransigence versus what has been presented for the left validates the point.

    There is intolerance on both sides but in this case instead of the media seeking to balance it, right wing issues get page one coverage, left wing gets page 12 in the “lifestyle” section next to the TV guide and the crosswords.

    Gay rights advocate shoots up Christian organization = no known political motive
    Gabby Giffords shot by a non-politically aligned nutbag = Sarah Palin and the Tea Party did it

    New Black Panthers intimidate voters on behalf of Obama = nothing to see here, move along
    Nutbag shoots up Colorado movie theater = Brian Ross of ABC immediately (and wrongly) reports a Tea Party connection

    Radical Muslims fly planes into the Twin Towers, Fort Hood Shooter yells “Allah Akbar!” as he shoots soldiers = we can’t rush to a motive
    McVeigh blows up the Murrah Building = Rush Limbaugh and right wing talk radio’s fault

    David Plouffe gets paid 100K by the government of Nigeria for essentially nothing and Jon Corzine disappears $1.6 billion of investor’s money and escapes even a single charge = chirps from the crickets
    Enron = go to prison and hang Ken Lay

  5. I’m getting the giggles now because I’m thinking on what my pastor did: He pulled up all the signs that were stuck on the church property and threw them in the church dumpster (neither party was spared.) :::still giggling:::

  6. Well, there just isn’t much more to be said to fly in the face of our local liberals that Utah hasn’t already pointed out.

    Utah —thanks for the morning laughs. 🙂

  7. MR Smith…. how DARE you point out to the hypocritical left leaners that two wrongs don’t make it right (no pun intended, but accepted). All their silence over the years has been deafening, but NOW when those who dare not think like them speak up against these tactics, it like, hey where did you learn to do that? And the answer is looking at them each and every time they look in the mirror. It’s like Antonio Banderas said…. “Lets play”. Righteous indignation my foot.

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