Liar, Damned Liar

I guess Obama thinks everybody will just believe anything and everything that falls out of his piehole:

Via Real Clear Politics:

Nancy Cordes, CBS: Are you comfortable with the tone being set with your campaign? Have you asked them to change their tone when it comes to defining Mr. Romney.

President Obama: Well, first of all I am not sure that all of those characterizations that you laid out there were accurate. For example, nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon. And, I think that what is absolutely true is if you watch me on the campaign trail, here’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how to put Americans back to work.

He’s really bought into this post-modern bullshit, hook, line and sinker.

Just to refresh the “O”‘s memory from Obama friendly Politico:

Mitt Romney either lied in federal filings that show he worked at Bain Capital through 2002 and could be guilty of a felony, or has lied to the American people in saying he left the company in 1999, the Obama campaign is arguing in light of news reports on the firm’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“This is serious business,” said Bob Bauer, the Obama campaign’s counsel, in a conference call for reporters coming after the Boston Globe published a story Thursday that calls into question the timeline of Romney’s involvement of the firm that the Republican candidate has been promulgating for years.

Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter laid out the issue as the Obama team sees it: “Either Mitt Romney, through his own words and his own signature, was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the SEC, which is a felony.”

Remember when his campaign said that he wasn’t lying, he was “over suggesting”? I said:

Of course, I can’t speak for all but I do think that most Americans are tired of the “are too, am not” political argument. What we have now isn’t debate, it is a food fight. With any given issue, there are as many politicians spinning faster than a child’s top as there are those doing imitations of Chicken Little. In a basic bit of common decency, isn’t it incumbent on our leadership to be honest with us and stop the lying? When we get to the point that an outright lie told by a president is defined as “over suggesting”, we have simply gone too far.

Sorry, William – cover your ears – because this man is a lying son-of-a-bitch.

7 thoughts on “Liar, Damned Liar

  1. I’m very sorry, but I’ve sent Wills over and he will be there shortly to bring you in. You’ve been given three warnings, Mr. Smith. Unfortunately, we’ve reached our threshold of tolerance for the likes of you. G. has has agreed to place you in his brig. You will see that this is all for the best (except maybe G…….)

      • It appears that Wills will be joining you; you seem to be a very bad influence, Mr. Smith. I truly hope that you have a very good lawyer (Texas won’t be available as he has now been tasked with bringing you and Wills in.) You do realise that this hurts me as much as it hurts you, right?

  2. I am pretty certain that a good number of folks do believe the lies. Take for instance this genius, and what she had to say:

    “Liz Ewing · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Panama City, Florida
    OBAMA will win. He could have kept us out of so much debt but that would have meant 30 million people without jobs and we would be in a depression. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Take a look at the greek people, germany had to bail them out. We have to understand we have a great nation, but in the world today we are just another player in the big picture of things. We don’t control the world. We did at one time and so did Rome pretty much at one time but everything changes. If we do not adapt, we will not survive. War will not overtake us but they can buy us outright if we don’t do everything in our power to keep business here. Forget military it’s the production of “something” to sustain us outside of oil. Remember we don’t have THAT much. It’s got to come down to people doing more with less and finding a way to not be dependent on the oil from “over there”. We live here in the US like things will never run out. They will and sooner than we want to think about. Just a thought on saving ourselves.
    Reply · Like · Saturday at 10:02pm”

    There is so much wrong with that, I do not even know where to begin.

    • Sometimes, it’s easier to send them to their utopias (Cuba, Russia, China) and start all over with a fresh batch. However, if we decide to go that way, I strongly recommend we go back to teaching the three R’s and other solid classes such as civics, world geography, history, etc as separate classes and keep that Dewey-based poinson as far away from our kids as possible.

    • Ok, so I went over there and read that. This Liz person …. well, let’s just say that she is a dolt.

      Let’s just say that she supports my theory of one brained celled families. They all have to share one brain cell. Someone should think about passing it along to her before she posts.

      Additionally, people like Liz (I saw her comment on another thread about supporting population control) should not procreate, and thankfully, she had the braincell that day she chose not too.

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