So, yesterday, when I saw the story on Drudge about how much more Obama’s campaign is spending than it is bringing in, I had to resist the urge to post a comment about how it doesn’t matter because he’d just cover the differece with stimulus money.  I fought the urge because I thought that not even Obama would be THAT brazen with his corruption.  I WAS WRONG!

Labor Department spends stimulus funds for ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows

The Labor Department paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds to a public relations firm to run more than 100 commercials touting the Obama administration’s “green training” job efforts on two popular MSNBC cable shows, records show.

But it gets worse than this.  Not only did Obama’s people spend OUR tax money to elect him (nothing new for them, they treat their union members this way all the time), they spent it with networks and on specific shows in a way that amounts to a two-fer: they got the adds and paid off their buddies in the legacy media.

Will someone PLEASE impeach this man, charge him and his operatives with whatever laws can legally be applied (I KNOW there are many) and put him where he belongs — in jail?

And to my friends on the Left: please, before you reply with the usual knee-jerk defense of “your guy,” don’t.  For once, let’s all be honest with each other.  If Bush had been this bad AND this transparent, you know how much more vicious you’d have been in your attacks against him.  And, if you are being honest, you know that many of us on the right would have joined you because many of us joined you in attacking him for what he did do that we discovered.  But seriously, how much more of this are you willing to put up with?  Do you and your Party have NO shame anymore?


66 thoughts on “I WAS WRONG!

    • I’ve said them before: even apologized. Yet, somehow, you never remember that. I’ve also noticed that you always seem to give others a pass where you want to hold my feet to the fire — defend them, even. So it doesn’t surprise me that you seem to have missed the humor in the words you’re gloating over now 😉

      • And yet another Kells joke just completely flew right over your pretty lil head. And you wonder why you frustrate me so? Breathe in, breathe out…..I must behave…..I must be civil…..Right, then. I very much enjoyed your article, B., and I shall probably shamelessly steal some of your links whilst debating. Well, that was neither fun nor easy. Oh, and here’s this for good measure 😦

                    • I do not have much time to invest in CCF this morning, but I did take a look at his blog site (seems I learned of it from Kells), and let’s just say that CCF did not come here with an honest premise.

                      One thing that stood out particularly is his apparently absence of connection with reality. He has a post over there discussing his desire for “Star Trek socialism”.

                      Truly … not an impressive person.

                    • Then you, sir, are a far, FAR better man than I, because I couldn’t tolerate that irrational reasoning long enough to read to the point you’ve obviously reached. When a person is that disconnected from reality, TO ME, their arguments sound like white noise with the volume all the way up and the squelch all the way down. If you’ve ever had to listen to that, you know why I don’t voluntarily subject myself to it anymore 😉

                • Mark, don’t ever forget the liberal position: “Do as we say, not as we do.”

                  One cannot reason with the unreasonable. Just saying.

                  “Star Trek socialism” <— that's just creepy, like kindergarden creepy. A pedophile wrote that?

  1. Your link is broken (it shows: http://http//www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/aug/21/stimulus-funds-spent-obama-ads-olbermann-maddow/)

    It should be http//www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/aug/21/stimulus-funds-spent-obama-ads-olbermann-maddow/

    That being said, I remember the Democrats whining, bitching, and bellyaching during the Bush administration over the same thing, but now … now they are going to side-step it as “nothing new”, and no more. You watch and see.

  2. B, you are wrong now. The Bush White House was cited for violations of the Hatch Act, which is supposed to keep politics out of the executive branch….

    In a report (PDF) released January 24, 2011, the Office of Special Counsel said staffers in the Bush-era White House Office of Political Affairs violated the Hatch Act by using taxpayers’ money to run parts of the Republican campaign out of the White House in the mid-term elections of 2006.

    “As the 2006 elections drew nearer, OPA became a partisan political organization,” the report states, noting that “OPA was essentially an extension of the [Republican National Committee] in the White House.”

    Raw Story (http://s.tt/1ddIG)
    The report alleged that OPA staffers held campaign-oriented meetings during work hours, encouraged federal employees to participate in Republican events, and coordinated administration business trips with political events around the country — all apparent violations of a 1939 law that seeks to keep party politics out of the executive branch of government.
    Raw Story (http://s.tt/1ddIG)

    As for your recommendation of impeachment, the Office of Special Counsel doesn’t think so….
    The OSC report stopped short of recommending penalties for Bush staffers. While Politico reports that criminal charges are possible in Hatch Act violations, the OSC website recommends “removal” of employees who violate the law, or 30-day suspensions for lesser violations.
    Raw Story (http://s.tt/1ddIG)


    WASHINGTON — Democrats have scored one small, belated victory in the 2000 presidential recount.
    April 21, 2004
    President Bush’s 2000 campaign has agreed to pay a $90,000 civil fine for failing to disclose fundraising and spending to the Federal Election Commission for its effort to win the Florida recount, the FEC said Tuesday.

    Obama is just carrying on an old tradition.

    • So Melfamy says I am still wrong and promptly launches into a litany of Bush offense — yet he is silent as to the same or worse actions by Obama.

      No, I’d say Greg just proved I am correct. The point of this post was to illustrate that the Left is blind to their own offenses, but have a list of their opponents’ wrong-doings on the tips of their tongues.

      Thanks, Greg, you actually proved me right by trying to prove me wrong. I knew I could count on you (or James, or CCF).

      • B, Bush was running a campaign out of the White House, which is a far more egregious crime than the stuff. you wrote about. It’s all distasteful, no matter who does it.
        You seem to be attempting to make my corrections of your BS the issue, trying to make the fact that I am correct to be a weakness on my part. It ain’t working, you just need to do more research before you post, that’s all.

        • Really? 🙂 I guess you’ve missed the adds Obama has filmed in the WH — or the fact that he is using his office to campaign and not even bothering to hide the fact by pretending to be on Presidential business.

          Like I said, keep proving my point for me, G.

          • Fox News films in the White house B, not a valid argument.
            All presidents are always campaigning, B, and now that we’ve crossed the billion-dollar mark in the selling of the Presidency, Katie bar the door
            See? I don’t disagree with you on the main point, B, only when you act shocked that Obama is doing the same-old, same-old. I’ve gotten over being disappointed by the man.
            It gets worse every four years; I’ve been watching since the ’72 campaign, trust me.

            • LOL, no, it is a perfect example. 1 — he has filmed actual campaign adds from the WH — a “no-no.” 2 — I don’t care if FOX News does it, that doesn’t make it right. You have made the mistake of assuming I commit the fallacies of “appealing to authority” or “appealing to popularity.” I don’t.

              Next, whether you agree with me or not is NOT the point: the point is we have NEVER heard you screaming about it when your “side” does it — but we HAVE heard you crying and screaming about it when the other side does it. THAT is the point — and you’ve illustrated it very well by showing us just how “alive” the issues over Bush still are in your mind.

              • One day, when you’ve mastered reading comprehension, you will realize that I never said what Obama did was ‘alright’.
                And my side is the Truth, speak the truth, and we are on the same side.

                • Greg, Not me who has to master it. I am NOT saying you have not admitted it when forced, I am saying you are VERY quick to bring it up/point it out when REPUBLICANS do it — V–e–r–y s–l–o–w to do so when it is on the other foot.

                  THAT is the point of this post — you know, the original topic. And THAT is what you have so perfectly illustrated for us.

                  So, once again, thank you.

                  • B, this is what I was responding to…

                    If Bush had been this bad AND this transparent, you know how much more vicious you’d have been in your attacks against him. And, if you are being honest, you know that many of us on the right would have joined you because many of us joined you in attacking him for what he did do that we discovered.

                    Bush WAS as bad, and you did Not join us fighting His coorruption.

                    In fact, the 180-rule comes into play here, as you excuse the behavior of republicans by deflection, instead harping on what some democrat did.

    • “Obama is just carrying on an old tradition.”

      And that makes everything ok in your liberal eyes Greg, right?

      Truth of the matter is, it was the Liberals who were screaming foul back then, and even more demonstratively so than the conservatives are this go around. But this go around, you are offended by the conservative claims. See the despairity in the liberal logic? Of course you don’t.

      I guess your right, “old traditions” and all.

      • I guess the problem is that I don’t act shocked at what I have seen going on since Watergate.
        It’s a dirty business W, and all players get it on their hands.

            • No, I read your whole Bush bashing one sided snide remark. I also noticed you danced right around the whole point that this liberal president is doing the exact same thing save only to say “Obama is just carrying on an old tradition.”

              Sort of a huge disparity in the point you were making … dont’cha think?

                • Well, I see your point, but I am with William up there. Especially when G, writes something such as this:

                  “And, if you are being honest, you know that many of us on the right would have joined you because many of us joined you in attacking him for what he did do that we discovered.”

                  Now I am not defending Bush (I think he is just another brand of progressive), but if G is now going to be one of “us on the right” …. well …. um ….. yeah. Honesty on the forums does not count for much. 🙂

  3. Nothing has changed with our friends on the Left: it’s OK for their guys to do it because the Republicans did it first. That’s why they never hold their side to the same standards, either. They never see their reflections in the morality mirror.

  4. “It’s all distasteful, no matter who does it.”

    Melfamy admitted both sides does it. He has not condoned either side doing it. I agree with him. Both sides have been doing it and it is wrong.

    • Respectfully, FC, that is NOT the point I was making, and as long as I can defend my own argument, no Progressive is going to change it and then tell me I am wrong.

      I do NOT tolerate straw man! 🙂

      • What was the point you were trying to make (seriously)? Both sides campaign from the WH. As greg said, a president (any president) is always posturing and campaigning, even he is a lame duck. In that case he campaigning for the party nominee. It is an old tradition. I didn’t read that as a snide remark, simply a statement of fact. Neither Obama or Bush are/were the first one to do it. If the argument is about which side is complaining the loudest, or first, or not as much as the other, so be it. But the fact is both sides are guilty.

        • And THAT is why the Left does this: because they know it bogs things down so badly, otherwise decent people credit them for being “decent” when what they have really done is changed the point, muddled the discussion and defended their side against the very thing they cry about others doing while making you think it is the other sides fault.

          Alinsky in action. Sad, but effective. 😦

          • You’re really somethin, you know? G. did not take up for Obama; he pointed out that Obama is doing the same that many Reps. let slide under Bush. G’s first comment was preceded by William referring to the Dems, so it is only natural that he point out that this crap happens on both sides of the aisle. G: “It’s all distasteful, no matter who does it.” There is the crux. and then this from G: “See? I don’t disagree with you on the main point, B, only when you act shocked that Obama is doing the same-old, same-old.”

            But you don’t see.

            • Kells, the whole thing is just another distraction from the obvious …..

              Write up this long winded attack on Bush in an effort to deflect attention from the “Chosen One”, and hope it sticks. These type of attacks are intended for feeble minded folks as they will read right in to it. It’s dishonest, and does not put forth “discourse” as your other pet project CCF would love to have here.

              The socialist agenda is an utter failure. It’s failures get exposed and gouged on almost a daily basis now … and they are all butt-hurt over it. Their level of anxiety over this will just increase over time. You watch and see.

              Just be careful of the dog poo in the yard. It stinks when you get it on your shoes.

              • His argument was pointing out the deceit that exists on both sides. It seemed pretty obvious to me….I think to FL, as well.

                There is nothing wrong with civil discourse. Guy and I have debated CCF at his site. Also, I think it lets people have a better understanding of our viewpoints. The odd thing is, it seems to be the boy with the same ideology as I is the very one who drives me to insanity.

                • No, Kells, he wasn’t doing that. He wants YOU to think he was – HE may even think he was — but given that I DID attack Bush while Bush was still in office and given that he KNOWS that, this is EXACTLY what Augger said it is — deceitful and designed to make him look good, Bush look bad and Obama disappear all together.

                  What’s more, you’ve swallowed it: hook, line and sinker. Worse yet, since it’s a steel lead, there’s little chance you’ll manage to chew your way free of the trap.

                • No Kells. Greg is a socialist … plain and simple. Greg by his own admission was angry with Reagan for ending his “free healthcare” in the 1980s, and he has had an agenda ever since.

                  It’s no different than all of these other butt-hurt, I want my free shit socialists. They are very diligently always trying to rework the unworkable and trying to recast their ideology into some new mold by calling it new names… modifying it, softening it, making it acceptable.

                  The sooner you accept that fact, the better off you are going to be.

                • WTF? Let me see if I’m understanding you. So G. is akin to Dr. Mesmer or Svengali, and he is wanting me to think a certain way, or he thinks he wants me to think a certain way? I don’t really know what I bought hook, line and sinker because I’ve no idea what the hello you’ve just said. If it’s any consolation to you, I’m voting for Romney in November; I guess G.’s evil hypnotic tricks didn’t work on me.

                  @_@ <—<< Fwang! For good measure: 🙂

                • Well Kells, if your mind is that weak, then I suppose that Franz or Svengali could hypnotize you.

                  Now I do not always agree with Black (you should see the battles we have in emails sometime), but there is one area he is for sure correct about …. these socialists do have their own spin on language and it’s meanings.

                • Augger,
                  See what happens when you dispense “free” advice? I get the same “treatment” every time I give “free” advice too.

                • Never heard of her.

                  When I post a vlog at my other site, you will be more than welcome to rate me. Of course your musical knowledge is probably the equivalent to my medical knowledge.

                  I checked out the site where you’ll be dining. Cooking is a passion of mine. I’ve done a bunch of these recipes, and I’ve come to the the conclusion that the best flavours can be acheived by getting basic ingredients married perfectly; the KISS rule. Yeah, I’d probably lose on Top Chef, but it would taste good. Did Indian tonight. Yummy…. Hoping to do Latin later….yummier….

                • I am actually a fairly accomplished cook. I am also a novice guitarist back from the 80s. My favorite axe of choice is an Ibanez Jem. I am hooked on those guitars. I have 10 of them.

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  6. Will anyone TIRE of Democrat’s THIEVING? The Dems STEAL, point the finger at Republicans, and the Democrats ARE RARELY held accountable. They will be voted back in to office. Their constituents DO NOT care that Democrats are THIEVES, philanderers, etc.

    Obama’s “Department of Justice” is spending its time on whether Republicans went “skinny dipping” in the ocean?


    For goodness, sakes, you haven’t lived until you have been skinny dipping in the ocean. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless it’s with children…

    Give me a Freakin’ break.

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