Rule 5: Classic Veteran Hotness – Liz Hurley

I’m sick of politics, ergo – time for a Rule 5…a Liz Hurley Rule 5.

Even at 47, the woman can still rock the cleavage:


15 thoughts on “Rule 5: Classic Veteran Hotness – Liz Hurley

  1. Okay Kells; after I fix dinner. Boneless Chicken breast grilled with a balsamic vinegar reduction sauce with blue cheese crumbles. Maybe some lemongrass sauteed with a touch of ginger as a side.

    • Grilled grouper, and steak over here this evening. Oh, and a fantastic bottle of Scotch. (because life is good in the 1 percent …. LOL)

      And Liz …. well um … (faints)

  2. Oh, my! I literally started salivating and broke out in a cold sweat…….or a hot sweat? You boys got it all over the MILF! Then again, she’s got boobs….

    I say, Ross, I’ve only played with lemongrass in Thai dishes, but I suppose I should branch out and be more creative like you.
    Augger, I’ll be over for the grouper; you can give Mr. Kells the scotch….yuck!

  3. All this talk of seafood and boobs makes me think that a day on the water motor-boating is in order. 🙂

  4. there is something magic about boats, water, and good drink; creating the perfect environment for things to uncover themselves and breath deeply …

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