And, LOVING IT! now more pics than ever before!!

Our office dithered, now the river is closed to marine traffic, and we are stuck in New Orleans, waiting out Isaac 12 miles upriver from Canal Street. We are in good shape; the tree line will block most of the wind, and we are lashed firmly to a spudded-down (essentially nailed to the bank) spar barge that is part of a fleet that sits empty save for us and another company boat.

The River is eerily quiet, the last tow headed north this afternoon. The weather is starting to deteriorate, gonna be one fun night. I blame it on Bush


Looking north, towards 12-mile point. Normally, there would be a dozen or more barges in this picture. Don’t worry, they’re safely upriver.


Looking south from our location; that is Avondale shipyard across the river, Huey long Bridge in the distance.


the Luling Bridge, two days earlier, as we passed under headed south to New Orleans



A very threatening sky…


See that cylinder on the deck of the red barge? Sticking out of that hole is a steel

spike, 50 foot long, that has been driven into the bed of the river.

The crew is holding up as well as can be expected.

10 thoughts on “And, LOVING IT! now more pics than ever before!!

  1. Thanks, guys. Dusty, their are already power outages in the lower parishes, the roads are closing due to flooding, and, according to my wife’s friend, even St. Andrews Bay is rising fast.

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