Why Does Reality Never Match the Progressive Narrative?

The narrative is that the Republicans are racist, and that the RNC is a platform for ‘dog whistle’ demonstrations of that racism.  But the reality has a decidedly different look:


Utah Mayor Looking to Become First Black GOP Congresswoman Gives Impassioned Breakout Speech at RNC

Watch her speech by clicking on this link:

Now, personally, I’m tired of the partisan fighting, so I’m not going to opine in an overtly partisan way.  All I know is that what I see in the Republican Party are intelligent, well spoken, seemingly well respected men and women of color rising to prominent positions in the Party.  What’s more, were I to judge by the way the rank-and-file Republican seems to respond to these men and women, they are not only well respected, they are loved.

Now, I suppose it is possible that this is actually racism, but it isn’t the racism by any definition I ever learned.  I have never seen racism defined this way in a dictionary, and encyclopedia or even in any of my sociology texts. So, if it is racism as the Progressives would have us believe, then racism must have some definition other than that which most Americans would understand.  What’s more, it must be a definition known only to them, because, try as I may, I can’t find their definition anywhere but in their words.

And that brings me to my last observation.  The Progressives keep accusing the RNC of using ‘dog whistle’ or ‘code’ language to exhibit their racial tendencies.  Since reality seems to be the opposite of these assertions, I am reminded of something that is in the dictionary, encyclopedia and sociology and psychiatry text books:

Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies their own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, such as to the weather, or to other people. Thus, it involves imagining or projecting that others have those feelings.[1]

Draw your own conclusions.  I’m done typing.


‘Lesson Learned’: Ex-Dem Davis Electrifies RNC

20 thoughts on “Why Does Reality Never Match the Progressive Narrative?

      • I didn’t reply to him, but I do wish he would explain to me how an accurate accounting of what has and is happening is now “partisan.”

        I tell you, Augger, I’m just not getting it. When you use the correct word(s) and you apply them accurately, they are still deemed “insults.” If you make an accurate observation of something that has and/or is happening, and it is in any way connected to politics, it is called “partisan.”

        Whatever happened to just stating and accepting the truth? (==shakes head==) 😦

        • There is nothing to get … you just happened to have struck a nerve, and while he felt the need to slip in leaving only the crumb “fail”, he does not have anything concrete to refute with …

          Don’t spend too much time trying to understand the dolts. They are just that … dolts.

        • Aw, poor daniel. Don’t go away all butt-hurt just like that. You felt the need to drop your 2 cents in, and that is great. Just drop a couple more cents in, and maybe you will feel a little better about yourself by “stickin’ it to the man!”

            • Daniel, do you honestly consider that intelligent discourse? Hell man, that is even piss-poor rhetoric.

              If you want to call the two examples in the article “Uncle Toms”, just man up and do so. Sheesh.

              • Well, if he does that, he actually affirms the conclusion that any rational person should draw from this post: that the Left actually does suffer from projection bias, as well as historical blindness.

                So, no, I would caution him against admitting such a thing. He should just stick to what they do best: throwing insults. 🙂

              • If I was after intelligent discourse I would not have commented on this blog at all, nor would I have responded to you. There are plenty of intelligent Republicans and conservatives out there; they do not engage in pointless double-talk like this.

                Have fun guys. You betray everything you pretend to stand for. Everything.

                • Augger,

                  He believes that. My friend, I can only speak for myself, but I am starting to lose hope of ever understanding where people like Daniel come from.

                  Have our schools failed this utterly and entirely that so many Americans no longer understand basic concepts? Because, if this is the case, then we are toast — we’ve just not crumbled yet is all.

        • You see, I never said it was “non-partisan,” I said I did not want to be overtly (i.e. gratuitously) partisan in the delivery of my information.

          I see a difference. I have to assume you do not: or did not notice or grant that I made this distinction in my post.

  1. “You betray everything you pretend to stand for. Everything.”

    This is interesting. If we really were the racists you were hoping we’d be Daniel, then we (as a party) would have not put them on stage to begin with.

    However, we does not apply to me. I am not a Republican, so your preconceived notion is right out the window to begin with.

    That had to hurt, didn’t it? Toodle along now … I am off to play Texas Holdem anyway. It happens to be more entertaining than you are.

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