It Is Now Official: Mitt Is “It”

Mitt is officially “it” now.

This week the Convention will be over and the Romney/Ryan Recovery Express will have access to all the funds that they couldn’t use until after he was officially the nominee (they have out-raised Obama 4 months in a row). I had a brief chat last night with a friend of mine inside the Utah political establishment (and  is connected to the Romney campaign) and she tells me that Romney is about to unleash a series of devastating ads about the failures of the Age of Obama and he is taking Paul Ryan off the leash.

Nothing personal aimed at Obama, just a methodical (and brutal) dissection of the effects of Obama’s policies. She says that it mirrors Romney’s analytically inclined business style – to slice things into small pieces, assign a cause and then craft a cure.

I can understand Romney’s reticence to go after Obama on a level that could be seen as personal. Of course, MSNBC and the New York Times will see racism in any criticism, after all, Mitt is a rich white Mormon with a storybook family and Utah ties, how could he not be a racist?

I would like to point to an article by Andrew Ferguson and the Weekly Standard that explains a little of why Romney is the way he is:

Romney once famously called himself “severely” conservative. Other adverbs fit better: culturally, personally, instinctively. He seems to have missed out on The Sixties altogether, and wanted to. As a freshman at Stanford he protested the protesters, appearing in the quad carrying signs of his own: SPEAK OUT, DON’T SIT IN! In 1968 the May riots stranded him in Paris. “The disorder appalled him,” the authors write. He left Stanford for BYU, where long hair, rock bands, and peace symbols were banned. As a young go-getter he liked to give friends copies of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill—a Stephen Covey for the Coolidge era, sodden with moral uplift. (Even his anachronisms are anachronistic.) “There was nothing jaded about him,” a school friend tells the authors, “nothing skeptical, nothing ironic.”

At his wedding, he declined when the photographer asked him to kiss the bride: “Not for cameras,” he said. Since that day, Ann says, they haven’t had an argument; friends believe her. And their kids—we’ve all seen their kids. The authors tick off a typical week for the young family. Sunday: “church, reflection, volunteer work, family dinners.” Monday: “family night,” when the family gathered for Bible stories and skits about animals. Tuesday was for family basketball games and cookouts. Friday was date night for Mitt and Ann. Saturday was for doing chores, and so on, in a pinwheel of wholesomeness that a -post-60s ironist can only gape at, disbelieving. The Romneys present a picture of an American family that popular culture has been trying to undo since—well, since An American Family, the 1973 PBS documentary that exposed the typical household as a cauldron of resentment and infidelity.

And now, here, 40 years later, it’s as though it all never happened: a happy American family, led by a baby boomer with no sense of irony! Romney is the sophisticate’s nightmare.

Almost every personal detail about Romney I found endearing. But my slowly softening opinion went instantly to goo when The Real Romney unfolded an account of his endless kindnesses—unbidden, unsung, and utterly gratuitous. “It seems that everyone who has known him has a tale of his altruism,” the authors write. I was struck by the story of a Mormon family called (unfortunately) Nixon. In the 1990s a car wreck rendered two of their boys quadriplegics. Drained financially from extraordinary expenses, Mr. Nixon got a call from Romney, whom he barely knew, asking if he could stop by on Christmas Eve. When the day came, all the Romneys arrived bearing presents, including a VCR and a new sound system the Romney boys set up. Later Romney told Nixon that he could take care of the children’s college tuition, which in the end proved unnecessary. “I knew how busy he was,” Nixon told the authors. “He was actually teaching his boys, saying, ‘This is what we do. We do this as a family.’ ”

Romney’s oldest son Tagg once made the same point to the radio host Hugh Hewitt. “He was constantly doing things like that and never telling anyone about them,” Tagg said. “He doesn’t want to tell people about them, but he wanted us to see him. He would let the kids see it because he wanted it to rub off on us.”

To this touching kindness and fatherly wisdom, The Real Romney adds other traits that will continue to grate—he’s a know-it-all and likely to remain so, and his relationship to political principle has always been tenuous. Which makes him a, uh, politician. But now I suspect he’s also something else, a creature rarely found in the highest reaches of American politics: a good guy.

I agree. This is the man that they will try to paint as a racist, a bigot, a theocrat and evil, a man who has used his personal wealth to help others in need. In May, I wrote of the issues that the Democrats face in attacking a genuine and good man:

So the Democrats and their enablers may have something on their hands that they don’t have a playbook for: a honest, religious, dedicated family man who happens to be a BYU, Harvard Law and Harvard MBA grad and a very successful businessman and public servant  prior to being the chief executive of the State of Massachusetts.

Charen notes:

Really, doesn’t this agonized search for something — anything — with which to discredit Romney feel desperate and deeply silly? What an absolutely unblemished life the man must have lived if all they can come up with is that he pulled some unkind pranks in high school and HE’S RICH!!

Contrast and compare Romney with the last few Democrats running for president, Bill Clinton – a womanizing, intern diddling liar, Al Gore – a fanatic limousine liberal eco-nut, John Kerry – a dilettante gigolo Beacon Hill social climber, John Edwards – another serial philander and ambulance chasing trial lawyer, a baby daddy who was screwing Reille Hunter while his wife was dying of cancer, and  the current president, Barack Obama – a dope smoking, coke snorting tepid non-entity with a protected past, a community organizer with no private sector experience, a political opportunist who was trained at the feet of socialists, Marxists and radicals.

There couldn’t be two more different arcs to a life. Where Obama has sought the shadows and hid behind a curtain of anonymity, Romney has lived a life in the sunlight with nothing held back.

Romney’s clean background and successful (and publicly visible) career are so different from what the Democrats know that they can’t find their ass with both hands right now.

It appears to me that while many conservatives still think that Romney isn’t conservative enough, he is the perfect opposition candidate to Barack Obama and has an effective counter punch for anything that the sleazy Obama campaign has to throw at him.

It is time to close the ranks and send Obama back to his interrupted career as a community organizer.

44 thoughts on “It Is Now Official: Mitt Is “It”

  1. When Romney was here, he volunteered and asked that the folks not inform the media. The fella, however, did write a letter to the editor about the experience. Wish I could remember the name and date of that letter….

  2. I hear Gov. Christie gave a great speech. Interestingly enough, I heard that from Rez.

    You got it wrong about John Kerry, he is a tireless behind-the-scenes kinda guy, who, along with fellow senator John Brown, busted BCCI, an international bank that was involved in money laundering. His investigation caught democrats and republicans in its grip.
    If you don’t know the swift-boaters were liars yet, you should, they were liars, they denigrated a man’s military experience for political purposes, vile, small men they were.

    And you are too easy on John Edwards :), if anyone should walk the streets, flagellating themselves while wearing sack cloth and ashes, it’s this sleazebag.

    In the tradition of kells, I offer the Republicans among us this song…

    or, if the video doesn’t show up, go here

    • If you don’t know the swift-boaters were liars yet, you should, they were liars, they denigrated a man’s military experience for political purposes, vile, small men they were.

      Kerry denigrated himself, Greg, but nice of you to defend a living “Frank Burns.” I’m sure he appreciates it.

      BTW: did you hear? 9/11 was an inside job. The govt. did it 😉

        • Greg,

          They could lie bold faced and it wouldn’t matter. When Kerry pulled that little stunt with his medals, he damned himself.

          You wouldn’t understand because you’ve never been inside the military community, so I’ll try to explain: he flipped this nation the bird when he did that and now expects to make it all go away.

          It don’t work that way, Greg. Kerry deserves what he gets because his lack of character invites it — period.

              • Easy answer … diversion. 🙂

                “I cannot believe that you, B, a military man, aren’t mad as hell about those guys, especially when there is so much evidence that they are lying.” —- it’s Bush’s fault. Let’s be mad at him instead. 🙂

                There, case closed. lol

            • Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

              Tell me, Greg, why did you even bring this up? What does it have to do with Mitt Romney?

              Oh, and where are your pit bull-like attacks on Obama and his campaign for lying about Mitt?

              Like I said: your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

                • Greg, I haven’t had to the time (have some cases this morning) to dig in to the story too deeply (will finish later), but I do want to ask at the outset ..

                  As a formal Naval sailor, I am curious why this person needs to give us his resume inside the story? Maybe it’s just me, but that is ringing a bell of trepidation at the outset.

                  However, I will complete the story later. Promise. 🙂

                  • You are a fair man, Augger. And btw, congrats to Mitt Romney and his shoulda-been-the-front-runner partner. I think that the country would not suffer greatly under their guidance, should that scenario come to pass.

                • Ok, so I read the article, and used it to follow some paper trails (which ultimately lead to even more opinions, and less evidence as begrudgingly released by Kerry), and what I see here is a tremendous amount of obfuscation by both sides /humor (one that Kerry surely had the chance to clear up, if he would have just released 23 years worth of tax returns like his father did … 10 minutes tops). 🙂 /endhumor

                  In all seriousness, the whole event reads like a “he said, she said”, and it’s fashioned in such a way that both sides have points, and both sides appear to at least be telling some of the truth (so much of it is hidden by the fact that Kerry won’t cooperate with releasing it to the public at large).

                  But researching this, put my mind to the current military drama unfolding about the White House press releases of Operation Neptune Spear, and how they differ from first hand accounts by the author of “No Easy Day”. Shameful to have to think that the White House would distort or outright lie about the event.

                  My .02 cents.

                • @Augger,

                  So, in other words, exactly what I got from this:

                  “Proof” = “our side shouted you down.”

                  What I find literally hilarious is that Greg will accept the OPINIONS of people he “likes,” yet he will reject a quote from an original source as being a “lie.”

                  I’m not sure how this nation can survive with a population from “Idiocracy”

                  • Try this on for size

                    this is from the Times, but I dare you to find any factual errors

                    George Elliott, one of the Vietnam veterans in the group, flew from his home in Delaware to Boston in 1996 to stand up for Mr. Kerry during a tough re-election fight, declaring at a news conference that the action that won Mr. Kerry a Silver Star was “an act of courage.” At that same event, Adrian L. Lonsdale, another Vietnam veteran now speaking out against Mr. Kerry, supported him with a statement about the “bravado and courage of the young officers that ran the Swift boats.”

                    “Senator Kerry was no exception,” Mr. Lonsdale told the reporters and cameras assembled at the Charlestown Navy Yard. “He was among the finest of those Swift boat drivers.”

                    When were they lying , B? 1996 or 2004?

                    • As usual, you are missing the point.

                      You claim this is proof. IT IS NOT! It is proof of an opinion.

                      Greg, you have dismissed things I have posted that are based on far more substantial evidence than this, but now, when it deals with something you want to believe, you accept a person’s assertion without any factual evidence.

                      At best, we have conflicting testimony — not “proof.”

                    • LOL,

                      Show me where I said I believe them. Show me where I said I even care.

                      You make some of the most asinine assumptions, then turn and accuse me of conspiracy theories??? Well, at least I have something more than thin air to back my positions with…

                  • Try this on for size

                    this is from the Times, but I dare you to find any factual errors

                    George Elliott, one of the Vietnam veterans in the group, flew from his home in Delaware to Boston in 1996 to stand up for Mr. Kerry during a tough re-election fight, declaring at a news conference that the action that won Mr. Kerry a Silver Star was “an act of courage.” At that same event, Adrian L. Lonsdale, another Vietnam veteran now speaking out against Mr. Kerry, supported him with a statement about the “bravado and courage of the young officers that ran the Swift boats.”

                    “Senator Kerry was no exception,” Mr. Lonsdale told the reporters and cameras assembled at the Charlestown Navy Yard. “He was among the finest of those Swift boat drivers.”

                    When were they lying , B? 1996 or 2004?

                    try this one out

                    The group also offers the account of William L. Schachte Jr., a retired rear admiral who says in the book that he had been on the small skimmer on which Mr. Kerry was injured that night in December 1968. He contends that Mr. Kerry wounded himself while firing a grenade.

                    But the two other men who acknowledged that they had been with Mr. Kerry, Bill Zaladonis and Mr. Runyon, say they cannot recall a third crew member. “Me and Bill aren’t the smartest, but we can count to three,” Mr. Runyon said in an interview. And even Dr. Letson said he had not recalled Mr. Schachte until he had a conversation with another veteran earlier this year and received a subsequent phone call from Mr. Schachte himself.

                    Mr. Schachte did not return a telephone call, and a spokesman for the group said he would not comment.

            • That’s a cop out, G. I have led Marines as we stood ground where we had been placed in dangerous positions against our will and without being allowed to defend ourselves simply to help some politician make points.

              I was blessed to have gone to war with a unit where 70% of the senior NCO’s were Viet Nam veterans. I’ve heard the stories.

              I AM old enough to remember the early 70’s, and I was (am) one of those who paid attention tot he news at that young age. I can remember watching the violence on my family’s old b&w console TV while we ate dinner together.

              I am an historian. Though few here will grant me the prestige, I am actually a globally recognized historian. For 10 years, history was a major part of my profession. My peers have been on shows that have aired on the History Channel, the Military Channel and other PBS shows.

              I hold a sociology degree. If you think my 60’s hold-over professors ignored their youth in teaching their classes, you are sorely mistaken.

              I hold a philosophy degree. If you think those professors ignored this time period, again, you are sorely mistaken. What’s more, I have done my homework here and I know better than most what was actually — really happening in this period of our history. That’s why and how I understand that it continues today. Those revolutionary radicals have cleaned themselves up and are now in top level positions within our govt. — including the White House.

              No, Greg, I understand, I understand too well.

            • It was only a troubled time because the communists were feeding lies, drugs, discontent, the lie of free love, and attacking G-d and liberty… “America”.
              Our “young people weren’t didn’t have the the knowledge & tools to understand they were being indoctrinated in the Marxist ways….
              Our adults were busy working to provide a financial future and asleep “at the wheel” of guidance for our young.
              All the while the only media promulgating the lies and hate.

          • I was looking into the medal thing you were talking about, B, and I discovered that 1) Kerry threw away his ribbons, but kept his medals. The medals he did throw away in a public ceremony alongside other VVAW members were the medals of a disabled vet who could not attend. Kerry kept his medals.
            Now, I bet you think I am using that as a defense, but I know better. In fact, I think less of Kerry for this; he used another guy’s medals to make him look rad to all the rad chicks, what a political move, no, what a phony thing to do. That does nothing to excuse the swift-boaters, but to let you know, B, when I find something truthful, I don’t run from it, I’m not afraid of it.

            • OK, then here’s your next homework assignment. Find out what ribbons he threw over that fence because, what many civilians do not know is, most medals have a ribbon associated with them. So, toss the ribbon — toss the medal. They are the same, just different forms of presentation.

              Don’t trust me, ask Augger — or look it up.

              Either way, the disrespect he showed to the nation — the source of the award(s) — is what I take issue with.

              • Ribbons and medals are considered the same by the military, I am aware of that. I am also aware that the soldiers who actually tossed their own medals did not come to that choice easily.

                • Hey, if it was honestly principled, I might find a way to at least respect it. But I have no doubt in my mind that, where Kerry is concerned, it was all for show — as is most everything else in his life (tax the rich, but tie your yacht at the cheapest dock you can find and all…)

            • “In fact, I think less of Kerry for this;” – you god (*&@#$ right!

              Lemme tell ya, I earned every single medal, ribbon or what have you. I am very proud of the service I provided to this nation, and it’s people. Frankly, it utterly pisses me off that Kerry with either toss his, or borrow someone else’s for whatever damn reason. It sucks, and I will never respect the man after learning that bit of information.

  3. Funny how the main topic for discussion has nothing to do with the post, and can’t even stay focused on the original objection that took us off topic.

    I mean, every time you find a liberals range, he “poofs” on you. Augger, let’s just walk their friggin’ grid with firecrackers. What do ya say? 🙂

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