Instruccione Cinco … SHAKIRA!

I was a fan of Shakira’s before I knew what a smokin’ hottie she was. She’s a brainy as she is beautiful, she put her career on hold while she went to college and earned a degree in political science. She writes songs in Spanish and English, which she speaks with a delightful accent, and in many styles.

One other thing she does well, befitting her half-Lebanese background is belly dance. So, sans ongoing ado…

14 thoughts on “Instruccione Cinco … SHAKIRA!

  1. I must say that when my girlfriend encouraged me to take bellydance lessons in order to drop weight, I thought her to be quite the fool. Then I took the dang bellydanicin class. The concentration and physical effort that goes into the isolation of the body in bellydancing is indeed a workout! I love it, and I find it very beautiful. I’ve not heard Shakira sing or dance, but I find her to be extremely talented at both. Oh……and she’s hawt!

  2. Personally, I don’t know her politics. I know she started a charity in her home country of Colombia that provides shoes for the poor kids.
    Walking barefoot in the tropics invites parasites and diseases, so it is not simply a cosmetic, feel-good operation on her part.

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