Our Dictator is Dictating Again

Did you see this?

President Obama Issues Major ‘Green Energy’ Executive Order

The great one pretty much summed this up with this comment, reported in the story:

“The man is legislating by presidential fiat!” conservative author and radio show host Mark Levin said Friday. “This is unconstitutional.”

The simple truth of the matter is this:

Congress rejected this green energy crap.

The Supreme Court upheld it.

Obama is doing exactly what he has repeatedly said he will do when Congress and/or the Courts do not do what he demands: go around them.

In any sane, rational world, this is called a dictator — pure and simple.

For those who think you can reject the truth because you do not like the source, read it here:

Obama order targets industrial efficiency, emissions

Just understand that this source will not explain to you that what the President has done is UNCONSTITUTIONAL — because it is part of his propaganda wing in the so-called “Main Stream Media.”  But, if it makes it easier for you to ignore the fact that we have a dictator in the White House, there’s the link for you.  Ignore away.

24 thoughts on “Our Dictator is Dictating Again

  1. Read the Constitution !
    This Reuters article minimizes this action….
    This is why it is SO important to vote this criminal out of office….

    • Really?

      So, just because Congress passed the buck, this absolves the President for taking advantage of Congressional actions to violate the Constitution?

      You see, this is one of the major issues with those who have an “unconstrained” view of humanity: they always find a way to rationalize their own immoral actions.

        • So Congress SPECIFICALLY acted to subvert the Constitution IN THIS CASE??? Sorry, Congress may be an “enabler” in this case, but it is NOT an “accomplice.” You simply cannot make that case — especially when Obama is doing it to go AROUND Congress on this issue.

          You will do ANYTHING to excuse the people you like — no matter what their wrong. Then ignore the principle YOU JUST SET to condemn someone for doing essentially the same thing.

          Greg, if you can live with yourself by telling yourself Obama should be excused because Congress is “complicit,” then you prove my accusation against you correct: you do not see your own reflection in the morality mirror.

          • Where in the hell do you get that I am excusing Obama?

            One, no one is going to impeach Obama for this, because Romney wants the same power.
            Two, I was pointing the way to a solution,namely, defund the agencies, or hold up their funding; is that possible?

            • If you are not looking to excuse him, why even drag Congress into the issue?

              If you are not looking to excuse him, why try to make Congress “complicit” when Obama is doing this BECAUSE Congress refuses to do so?

              And why suggest defunding when Democrats will A — REFUSE to pass a budget (why should they, they have found they no longer have to obey the Constitution) and B — Obama would veto it anyway?

              Add all this together and how can I get the impression that you are doing anything BUT defending/excusing Obama?

              • there are 242 republicans in Congress, and 193 democrats, B.
                Cannot the Congress threaten to defund the agencies unless Obama agrees to withdraw the order? Can they not refuse to fund the enforcement of said regulations? Or, hold up some other lfunds that Obama wants?

                • The House and the Senate have to agree in order to act. The Senate can “veto” the House. The House can “veto” the Senate. It takes BOTH the House and the Senate to “overrule”, or over-ride a presidential veto or presidential action/inaction, ie. executive order.

                    • Not anymore. Obama converted the TARP repayments to an executive slush fund. It was illegal and unconstitutional, as well, and no one paid any attention to that, either. So now he has a revolving account of at least some $700+ billion he can use without Congress having any say in the matter.

                    • I do not doubt you, B, but if you have a link detailing how he managed this, I’d appreciate a send.

                      Isn’t it great? We belong to the same government! How cool is that? 🙂

  2. If the majority of the Congress, and then the American people, had any idea where the EPA and all these other agencies were going, decades in the future, the revolution would have occurred decades ago…

    Lets see:

    Congress says NO, we aren’t going to allow these agencies to do these things.

    The President took an oath to carry out Congressional law and Constitutional duties.

    Now, the President writes new regulations in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF CONGRESSIONAL action.
    Constitutionally Illegal.

    Lets hope America wakes up and says NO MORE executive orders (DICTATORSHIP) by Obama and the Democrats come November.

    • you actually have your answer. congress is doing nothing .

      NOTHING …it has dozens of impeachable charges (and they are not trivial) yet they do nothing. THAT IS YOUR ANSWER.

  3. Can anything truly be termed unconstitutional at this point? I just finished reading a book called ‘1913’ by Oliver DeMille, and it seems to me that things are set up so that whatever happens, it can be constitutional even if the constitution says otherwise. you can read my review of the book for an explanation as to why, but it essentially has to do with the power of the supreme court – they gave themselves the power to make something constitutional if they want it to be.

    It would take too much commenting space to go through all my thoughts, feel free read the post below.


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