It’s That Time…

For Dad to make his NFL predictions.  First a word about the NFL referees and the lockout.  Hey if you guys think the fans care about you and your plight you’re wrong.  You guys have created quite a mess for yourselves.

For more on how wrong Dad is with his predictions, please go to the Dryer Report and as always look out for those lost socks.  Thanks Dad.

All logos are trademarks of the National Football League and their respective teams.

5 thoughts on “It’s That Time…

  1. I’ve never understood the fascination with this silly sport. At least with basketball, things are moving. Good grief! 32 football seconds equals 32 minutes! It’s ridiculous. Oh, and how about golf? Gah! Can we talk about boring??!! What the hello is so exciting about watchin a fella get a ball in a hole? I don’t mind watching tennis because there’s lots of eye candy. Also, they’re not pattin each other on the ass like these pansy football players and golfers do. Kinda dig watchin pot-smokin swimmers, too. Bowling and billiards don’t seem to be too popular…surprising, really, because typically alcohol is involved. M. did a post on archery. I could handle watching that sport if Errol Flynn were the archer. Oh, dear. I’ve gone off on a tangent again…

    I will say this much for football, daddy: I do love to see a beautiful pass.

  2. Czar … Come on Bells Czar. Has it been that long that we’ve forgotten Czar. The only sport Barry care for is Golf….Because you can usually get a great cheeseburger at the clubhouse. 🙂

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