Hunting hobos has become so passe’, or so “yesterday” if you will.  We can all participate in a new pastime, hunting 1% (ers)! 

That’s right folks, you heard it here first.  Why go into the woods or run-down metros to look for the cracked-out druggies who have little or no food, few weapons, no teeth, and nothing to take?  Just for sport you say!  No, the real sport now is in hunting the uber-rich.  They of the Mercedes and Bentleys, they of the designer clothes and teeth so bright and white you gotta wear shades to talk to ’em.  They of the body guards, expensive security firms, and multimillion dollar missile silo bunkers.  There is the real sport, friends; pitting your cunning and skills against their unlimited resources.   Maybe you will be lucky enough to score a Lambo!

Middle Class vs. the 1%: It’s About to Get Really Ugly

No longer is the DNC trying to appeal to the poor and downtrodden with slogans like “Hope and Change”.  They intend to pit the middle class directly against the 1%. 

With a campaign slogan like “Forward” you’d think, and hope, the Obama Administration has moved passed the blame game politics of the last four years, pointing the finger at the Bush Administration as the root of all of America’s economic problems.

“What you’re going to hear is ‘we have done everything we could to right the ship, to make sure that we are headed towards recovery. We may not be there yet, but don’t change course,'” says Ed Mills, financial policy analyst at FBR Capital Markets. ‘”If you change course, the people who get the benefit of this recovery are not going to be you, but it is going to be Mitt Romney’s pals and the top one-percent.”‘

 “And there lies the rhetoric that will pit the middle class against the 1%. Mills points out, it’s about to go into overdrive at the DNC. The Democrats will praise President Obama’s record by touting the Affordable Care Act, Dodd Frank financial reform, and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency as achievements. He says they’ll hit particularly hard on the financial regulation component to create a tough stance on Wall Street, while promoting laws to protect Main Street.”

“It’s going to be about a clear choice,” says Mills. He predicts the tone will be, “we [the Democrats] are the choice of the middle class, Romney is the choice of business and the rich. And if you give him the keys, this is going to go back to the failed economic policies that brought us to the brink in the first place; it is Bush economics on steroids.”

Last but not least;

“That message is right in line with the 2012 Democratic National Platform. Here’s one of the first paragraphs from the 40-page document.”

The Republican Party has turned its back on the middle class Americans who built this country. Our opponents believe we should go back to the top-down economic policies of the last decade. They think that if we simply eliminate protections for families and consumers, let Wall Street write its own rules again, and cut taxes for the wealthiest, the market will solve all our problems on its own. They argue that if we help corporations and wealthy investors maximize their profits by whatever means necessary, whether through layoffs or outsourcing, it will automatically translate into jobs and prosperity that benefits us all. They would repeal health reform, turn Medicare into a voucher program, and follow the same path of fiscal irresponsibility of the past administration — giving trillions of dollars in tax cuts weighted towards millionaires and billionaires while sticking the middle class with the bill. But we’ve tried their policies — and we’ve all suffered when they failed.

If you believe any part of this untrue or exaggerated, catch Obama’s latest campaign ad starring William Jefferson (Slick Willie) Clinton.  His words could have been taken from this article.  Meanwhile, I’m going out to find me a 1%er.  The early bird gets the worm (or the Lambo).

3 thoughts on “BIG GAME HUNTING!

  1. I say, I think you’re on to something here, FL. I do think the 1%ers would be a bit more challenging than the hobos. What say I go to NY, nab a few OWSers and invite em to Rick’s ranch to do the hunting? It should be interesting to see how the hunter does against the hunted, unless the hunter hunting the hunted is just plain stupid.

    Hmmm…Why do I feel that this hunt will be fruitless?

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