Cory Booker fired up the base with his statement that raising taxes on the rich is patriotic. I am not sure if he meant the rich would be considered more patriotic, or the ones who raise the taxes are wrapped in the flag. I know he is wrong; his example of supporting the military exercises in which our troops are involved irks the freaking crap outta me.

Patriotism is a voluntary thing, paying taxes, not so much. I can understand Cory’s wanting more money for Newark,, where he serves as mayor, but the desire seems to have clouded his vision, or he is trying to make amends for calling Obama’s attacks on Bain capital ‘nauseating’, by carrying the President’s water.

Taxes are necessary, and a case can be made that is patriotic to pay them. But equating the raising of taxes on one segment of Americans with patriotism is equivalent to calling those who want to lower taxes unpatriotic; it is a divisive move, one that will backfire on the dems. Certainly, this statement, paired with the ‘we belong to the government’ theme, is making the Republicans’ job easy for them. In fact, the repubs should just sit back and let the dems feed them raw meat like this, they are better at making themselves look silly than any GOP operative ever could.

Mr. Mayor, stick to saving families from burning buildings, that is the kind of news the Dems need, 

9 thoughts on “CORY, I LIKE YOU, BUT……

      • Kells, where did you see them? Did they put on a good show? Was Adrian Belew playing guitar for them?

        Kells, their keyboard player, Jerry harrison, put out three albums, the 1st is interesting, the second and third, with his band, Casual Gods are jaw-dropping, booty-shaking,awesomely fine!

        And Tina Weymouth’s(bass player) cousins live here in town; that’s about the only thing they have going for them.

        • I saw them in Tallahassee in the 80’s. Yes, they were awfully good. I cannot recall the names of the fellas. I wish I still had the t-shirt from that event….

          I’ve not heard of Casual Gods. I’ll have to go to the youtube… I tell you, my son trys to keep me up to date on music, but, I’m pretty lame. I notice you and M. have some interesting tastes in music….

          I hear ya. My cousins gotta bar in Milwaukee, and that’s all I’ve got going for me. (Eh; beers, brats, and broads ain’t so bad.)

    • I wish I had thought of that!

      Actually, I was hoping that you would provide a different perspective, explain what he said wasn’t really as dumb as it sounds, but that may be asking too much of one man.
      Oh, and sorry about running your friend off. 🙂

      • “explain what he said wasn’t really as dumb as it sounds”

        Actually, it sounded dumb to me, too. I assume what he meant is that WANTING to pay taxes to support the needs of the nation is patriotic.

        “this statement, paired with the ‘we belong to the government’ theme, is making the Republicans’ job easy for them”

        Sometimes I think either party would benefit from shutting up and just letting the other side shoot itself. On the other hand, Booker’s speech wasn’t in prime time, and the ones that were (esp. Michelle Obama’s) got good reviews even in some cases from Republican pundits.

        “Oh, and sorry about running your friend off.”

        Yeah, that was a deep intellectual loss to the RNL. 🙂

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