Uniformity in Uniform

When I read through this article: http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2012/09/05/bronco-fans-told-cant-wear-peyton-manning-jerseys-to-school/ I got a bit enraged.

So this 8-year-old can’t wear his football hero’s jersey to school, but he can be taught how to give head? As I pointed out to CCF, evolution and sexual education are freely taught in our schools. Is this balanced? Losing my train of thought….

Apparently, the number 18 jersey (Peyton Manning’s) that the boy was wearing is gang related, but the school let him get by with the number 61 jersey (I have the faintest idea who that is.) This just seems like a bunch of horse sh*t to me.

Don’t get me wrong: I love school uniforms, (far less laundry) but to advocate depriving a child of his/her freedom of expression is crap!

I have seen this fella, Manning, play at that dreadful sport, football, and he’s awfully good. I daresay Tim Tebow’s number will be next on the chopping block……wonder what that reason will be…..

If a child is not required to wear a uniform to school, then should the child be told what he/she may wear?

4 thoughts on “Uniformity in Uniform

  1. Kells, unfortunately, gang members use sports jerseys and caps to recognize each other on the street, distinguish themselves from rival gang members, and to hide in plain sight from law enforcement. Why? Because it isn’t against the law to wear a sports jersey or cap on the street. Blue is associated with Crips, red is associated with Bloods, white/black and gold is associated with Latin Kings, and it goes on and on. Hats are used the same way (as far as color goes) but also the direction the bill of the cap is turned; to the right for Crips, to the left for Bloods, and on and on. Most educational employees don’t know this so would be easy for gangs to “represent” at school. It’s just easier to ban sports jerseys from schools than to deal with the gang problem that is there. That was one of the major reasons for adopting school uniforms in Bay county. A blue bandana on their head on hanging out their right back pocket or a red bandana out of there left back pocket. Right pants leg rolled up, left pants leg rolled up. Next time you go to a place where there are a lot of young people, keep your eyes open to what they’re wearing and the way they’re wearing it. It will give you cause for concern.

    Your school teaches boys to give head????

    • No. That was a school in CA. (naturellement)

      Well, all this code-wearin get up is news to me. Still, I cannot see a third grader as a Blood or a Crip. Now, a Jet on the other hand is somethin we’ve got to watch out for…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exGJsv6ZNlo
      (Unfortunately, I have no idea what their colors are, but I suppose if a child breaks out into song, it’s probably a big clue….)

      • You are absolutely correct, but the war between the Crips and Bloods is no longer the main issue. It has now come down to turf warfare between the different sets of Crips or the different sets of Bloods. The different sets will represent to either side to distinguish themselves. It’s getting harder to tell which team the players belong to, even in prison.

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