A Totally Non-Partisan Review Of The 2012 Democratic Convention…Well, Maybe Just A Little Partisan

I would like to give an objective review of the Democratic National Convention and President Obama’s nomination acceptance speech last night, but the fact that I can’t be objective will come as no secret to anyone around here…Some will be surprised but I have to admit that I was disappointed with the Convention – but probably not in the way the readers might think.

My disappointment wasn’t in the fact that they stripped certain language out of the platform, thereby unnecessarily angering religious people so much that they put it back in while booing God three times, it wasn’t the references to Republicans as Nazi’s (not even the comment likening Nikki Haley to Eva Braun by the cartoon character that is the South Carolina Democrat Party boss, Dick Harpootlian), not the celebration of gay marriage (of which the First Gay President is a recent convert) or even the death cult ritual of supporting taxpayer funded abortion (written in the platform).

None of that generated my disappointment.

Because I expected it.

No, there was nothing new here that we didn’t already know about the Democrats. The support for homosexuality and abortion are as foundational to contemporary Democrats as free enterprise is to Republicans. Their lip service to religion as they display open antipathy toward it is also common knowledge; even the leftist tilt to their rhetoric is not a recent development. Chronicled as well is their lurch toward communism and radicalism – as J. Christian Adams writes today:

“The young radicals of 1968 have become the old radicals who now control the Democrat Party. They put on a convention this week characterized by incompetence, radicalism, and race.”

What did disappoint was how off key the whole affair seemed.

You see, I expected radicalism – and got it, of course –  but what  I didn’t expect was the muted quality of the entire affair. It was as if this was the 200th performance of a Broadway show where the lead was down to the understudy’s understudy’s cousin once removed. It felt tired, like they were just going through the motions because they had sold the stupid tickets and in spite of the weather forecast, the damn audience still showed up.

Obama’s speech was the same. He seemed to be phoning it in. Even this line, one I’m sure was designed for impact, was flat:

I’m no longer just a candidate. I’m the President.

Maybe Obama and the Democrats think that they have it locked up and this convention was just something that they felt that they had to do as a procedural matter. Maybe they were only playing sound bite bingo with their main constituency, the media – if so, they missed that mark terribly given some of the media comments that the Romney camp has helpfully collected

Of course, the MSNBC crowd thought that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread – but as I have said before, those sycophants retain so much blind Obamalove that that if he walked out of a Rose Garden cookout with a skewer of barbecued babies in one hand, a teenage prostitute’s decapitated head in the other, was wearing a cloak made of Michelle’s skin and a bloody paper hat made of the original U.S.  Constitution, it would still be the Republicans fault. To them, he’s as much purity and light as Bush was evil and darkness.

What bothered me the most was that the whole Convention almost had an atmosphere of defeatism hanging over it. Most of the participants were just screaming about their own agendas and maybe that was it – what we saw was a lineup of people promoting individual agendas that Obama promised to take care of and didn’t. When it came to Obama, they almost appeared to be trying to defend the indefensible – and they knew it.

There was even a big a cloud of dread and defeat over Obama as he delivered his message of “I now pinky swear that I will do all those things that I promised that I would do in my first term and didn’t.”

That cloud was as big as the horrible, lightening filled, Katrina-esque imaginary cloud over the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte last night.

Somehow I expected more fight, more Muhammad Ali and less Peter Rabbit.

November 6th.



15 thoughts on “A Totally Non-Partisan Review Of The 2012 Democratic Convention…Well, Maybe Just A Little Partisan

    • I don’t miss many – and never an important one. Obama had his chance and has hit his high water mark – now the oceans are receding (so to speak). Just wait – it is going to get worse for President Ladies Tee.

  1. What I got from their convention is…………….Every single one of the speakers LIED about what has been going on for the last 3 & 1/2 years. So, obviously truth isn’t a virtue that means a damn to the Dems.

  2. Romney/Ryan win? Unlikely. Landslide? Even less likely. So I guess you’ll probably be as disappointed in the election as you pretend to be by the convention. 😉

    • I was disappointed in their convention as well. In fact, at times … I felt sad for them.

      But I suppose you are also gifted with the liberal clairvoyance, and would also tell me I am pretending to disappointed as well?

      • Well, I don’t know why you’d be disappointed. After all, the fact that the GOP convention sucked didn’t hurt my feelings at all. Maybe you and Utah are just more compassionate than I am. 🙂

        • I missed quite a bit of that convention myself. You see, there’s this new lady, quite younger than myself …

          You know how it goes. 🙂

          • Unless you’re talking about a child or grandchild, no, I don’t know how that goes. My wife of 31 years is older than I am. 🙂

            • No James, I am no pedophile (though by the tone of your response, it seems that’s what you would like to think of me).

              • “by the tone of your response, it seems that’s what you would like to think of me”

                There you go again, Augger, acting paranoid. I didn’t mean that at all (damn, even emoticons don’t work). At our age, I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant, and having chased around a grandchild this summer I thought it might be that. But congrats on having a new flame.

                • No sir. Thank God my children have not procreated yet (some kids simply should wait, or just not pass their genes at all).

                  Though it is nice to be “pushing 50”, and still relevant to the early 30s crowd. 🙂

                • “nice to be “pushing 50″, and still relevant to the early 30s crowd”

                  Indeed; good for you. I’ve always had friends of varying ages (some of my students end up being friends after they graduate). My wife is 15 years older than I (not at all uncommon in the reverse, but less common this way), but I also play basketball twice a week with mostly younger guys, some about half my age. I’ve been blessed with good health, and it sounds as though you have as well.

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