Was Jennifer Granholm Drunk?

Or just Canadian?

I love it when wealthy liberal Canadian born politicians give speeches criticizing other wealthy people when they are loaded, don’t you? They’re just so cute.

13 thoughts on “Was Jennifer Granholm Drunk?

  1. That is unusual behavior for a Canadian. This is is the kind of thing most Canadians are embarrassed about when they see Americans doing it. Clearly not drunk either though. Just “en fuego”, as buzzfeed says.

    • Clearly a bit unusual…she did slur a couple of words, eh?

      I lived for a year and a half in Port Huron, Michigan – just across the Blue Water Bridge from Sarnia and she seemed a little more animated last night than when she was the gov.

    • We Canadians have our unfair share of dopey liberals.
      However, we also have more conservatives.
      I’m glad you guys have to deal with her rather than us.
      By the way, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, was born in the States.
      So, it cuts both ways.
      Really, I don’t think it was a fair trade.

  2. She was just trying to fit in with the rest of them. They were all yelling the whole convention. I don’t remember that from previous ones is this a new deal?

    • I don’t remember as much in the past. It was almost like when somebody talks louder to make other people think they are confident in what they are saying – as if louder makes it true.

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