NBC: Obama’s Best Friend

Now it really doesn’t surprise me that NBC News has a “fondness” for the democrats and President Obama.  It’s just that as a news organization it used to be assumed that both sides to an issue and maybe even the truth were supposed to be the ultimate goal of network television news outlets.  

Check out the rest of the story at the Dryer Report.  I found someone’s unmatched sock the other day.  Had a hole so I threw it out.  Thanks for coming by.

7 thoughts on “NBC: Obama’s Best Friend

  1. I will say this again — and I mean it. The major news media have become nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party and, as such, the networks should either be forced to stop ALL news and editorial broadcasting — sitcoms included — OR have their licenses pulled.

    The public airwaves should either serve ALL the People or none of them — NOT just one Party.

  2. Joe, I agree. There won’t be anything done though. when NOBODY watches them anymore then and only then will they change. By then it will be too late because the buggy whip syndrom will have hit them right between there biased eyes.

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