Abortion Under A “Progressive” Regime Will Likely Be Safe, Certainly Will Be Legal, But Will Not Be Rare

According to this from Breitbart via Smitty at The Other McCain, taxpayer funded abortions are essentially being used as elective contraception:

According to the Chairoscuro Foundation, New York City’s disastrous abortion rate – 41 percent of all pregnancies in the city end in abortion – is largely the result of repeat abortions. The highest rate of abortion in New York City is in the Manhattan Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood, where 67 percent of pregnancies in end in abortion. Most shocking, in 2009, a full 56 percent of abortions were second abortions; 38 percent were paid for by Medicaid.

These statistics give the lie to the liberal notion that abortion can be safe, legal, and rare. Rare is obviously not a priority for groups that are happy to perform abortion on demand. And far too many women are using abortion as a method of birth control.

In a saner time, this would be tantamount to government sponsored genocide…but this is now the “enlightened” position. This is what you get from a political party, a spokeshole of which is a 31 year old career student/societal leech named Sandra Fluke – you get flucked…no dinner, no drinks, just a good hard flucking.

I’ve always supported the idea that abortion should be allowed in the case of rape, incest or to preserve the life of the mother but how does a civilization reconcile the ritual, and in this case, the repetitive killing of the unborn? Have we cheapened human life that much?

A woman has the right to choose when it comes to her body and that includes choosing to have or not to have sex, an act that has as its primary function the creation of human life, not the delivery of pleasure. The fact that “progressives” see the pleasure of carnal knowledge as the primary function of sex and a pregnancy as a mere symptom indicates that their position is the primitive, animalistic and unsophisticated one.

I would never deny anyone the right to do with their body what they wish. I believe, as John Locke wrote, that your body and everything that flows from it is your property – but I also understand that you also own all the consequences of your actions, positive or negative.

May god have mercy on our souls and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

2 thoughts on “Abortion Under A “Progressive” Regime Will Likely Be Safe, Certainly Will Be Legal, But Will Not Be Rare

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