Top Reasons President Obama Deserves a Second Term

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Young writers get practice and exposure and we get different perspectives from an important demographic – not such a bad deal.

Our first installment comes from Jessica Lauges:

President Obama, like many recent presidents, has been a polarizing figure. Some people like him, while others want to see him out of office soon. Even his harshest critics will concede that he certainly came into office at a bad time. With two wars happening and an economy on the brink of collapse, he took on a tough job. Some of his supporters are disappointed he has not done more. Some of his harshest critics think that he has not done one right thing. In reality, he has guided the United States through a tough time. Here, are the top reasons why President Obama Deserves a second term.

Just about every one of the allies of the United States is rooting for an Obama win. When Obama took office, many felt it heralded in a new age of politics in the United States. Being that he is so well liked in the international community, his re-election would assure that this continues. It is much easier to enact policies and receive support from the international community when the president is well liked. Many people who watched the election around the world saw how far the United States has come.

Social Issues
Barrack Obama made headlines all around the world when he came out in support of gay marriage. The social trends in the United States are shifting, and exceptionally fast. He has started by repealing don’t ask don’t tell and extending certain benefits to same sex partners. It is essential that the leader of the United States has progressive social ideas. Things like gay marriage and gay adoption are going to be common in the future. It is necessary to have a leader that will foster that progress, rather than set it back.

War on Terror
Obama accomplished something that was not accomplished under the last two presidents. Under his term, Osama Bin Laden was killed, which dealt a serious blow to Al Qaeda. President Obama has chosen to go after terrorists with drone attacks, much more frequently than his predecessor. The drone attacks have weakened Al Qaeda tremendously. Their organization is failing from within; it is essential that Obama is reelected so he can finish the job.

Health Care Reform
As it is called “Obamacare” is an extremely crucial issue. Even people who do not support his health care reform realize change needs to happen. In order for the United States to flourish, it is vital that all Americans have health coverage. His plan may not be perfect, but his opponents plan is no plan at all. In the end, Obamacare will define his presidency. It is essential that he stays in office so this can proceed.

Barrack Obama certainly deserves some criticism as well as praise. He has navigated through some of the toughest times in United States history. There is a lot of work to be done to fix the economy, lower the debt, and get people back to work. Not only that, but there is certainly much more work needed in the gay rights arena. For the United States to continue in the right direction, it is imperative that Barrack Obama is reelected.

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9 thoughts on “Top Reasons President Obama Deserves a Second Term

  1. I’m sorry, but I just kind of puked in my mouth. It would be very easy to go down this list with a rebuttal for every point Jessica has posited, but I believe FL put it quite nicely. Unless your wish is for us to write a rebuttal? The thought of that kind of makes me feel a little sorry for Jessica….emphasis on little.

  2. International – Tell that to the reported dead US Ambassador, now dead. Tell that to the dead troops, killed by their supposed “allies” in Afghanistan, and tell that to Netanyahu. I am sure they would have a much different take on this.

    Social Issues – Redefinition of “progressive” does not a good progressive make. The issue of supporting gay marriage should really put gay folks on alert. Was he lying to you in 2008, or his he lying to you in 2012? What about the rest of you democrats who do not support gay marriage? Yeah, Obama has set a new norm on social issues alright. What he’s really done as taught us that profound deceit is the new normal.

    War on Terror – yeah Osama Bin Laden was killed, but Superman did not do it himself (despite what you might think). The drone strikes are in fact pretty awesome, but in all honesty, we live by the US Constitution, and while you sit there and castigate the previous administration for water-boarding just remember, the GITMO detainees are still alive and awaiting trial.

    Yep, you will argue that Bush’s wars killed a lot of innocent people. Good point. How many innocent folks are dead under the Obama regime? 🙂

    Health Care Reform – while you think Obama followed a laudable endeavor, many folks who are already being negatively impacted by this are finding it quite sordid. You see, Obama, like with so much else choose to ignore the unpopular pieces and parts of a true healthcare reform, instead he appealed to the ignorant masses and addressed only the “popular concerns”. We shall all pay a heavy price for that ineptness in short order, and then I would love to see a paper from you.

    Utah — I wasn’t impressed with this first offering. 🙂

      • Utah
        I like the idea of having these “kids” on here.

        Maybe some of them will read something, anything, with an actual real world perspective. And maybe, just maybe, one will pull their head out of the sand and say:
        “wait a minute….”

        I’ll never forget the moment in my college engineering class when our professor had just finished explaining a “new” concept to the class.

        I pointed out society and the education system had lied to us as students, all our lives about a simple issue.

        I was so angry, upset, it shook my entire view of our society.

        If our education system would teach a lie to us about a “non-issue”; what other LIES have been, and are, being taught to “us”?

        A point which non-engineering types still believe to be true.

        The Lie is for zero reason, except that it’s easier to continue lieing to everyone than explain the actual forces and reality of the issue. And probably embarrassing to the education system which now tries to explain the LIE and say this “force” does exist.

        • All posts won’t display this level of naiveté but perhaps we can help address that condition.

          The fact that the disastrous effect of the Obama foreign policy is on full display negates much of this post.

  3. This is a college student ?

    Indoctrination ? Success !

    The true problem of ALL progressives, democrat or republican; repeat a lie often and long enough; and PERCEPTION (of lies) IS REALITY to them.

    Can any of you imagine having to rely upon them to solve a problem w/n your business, or your family?

    I have an idea, let’s see if she can obtain some of the global warming grants.

    We could all retire quite well if we were given 500 million and then filed bankruptcy.

  4. I wanna have some fun ::giggles:: Here is my rebuttal:

    I will concede that President Obama is a polarizing figure; and yet, he makes matters worse for he tends to fan the flames that are dividing this nation. Also, I will concede that he took office at a bad time, but he made it worse, and it has remained worse. I should like to know how he has guided the US through tough times. Here are my top reasons that President Obama does not deserve a second term:

    International: We were once the greatest nation on the earth and we were feared. We are now the laughingstock of our allies, as well as our enemies. Naturally, these foreigners love this president for he has dummied us down and turned us into followers instead of the leader that we should be.

    Social Issues: The reality of homosexuality is that it only accounts for 4% of the population; thus, when the populace votes; gay marriage never passes for it doesn’t have the votes. As far as repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, I will tell you that my brother-in-law is a SEAL and was not pleased by this. Personally, I have no problem with civil unions, but this president has stepped on the rights of the church by not only promoting gay marriage as a new rite, but also requiring that Catholic charity hospitals aid in abortions or close their doors. Yep. He’s polarizing, alright.

    War on Terror: I will concede that Obama got Bin Laden. Bush got Saddam Hussein. I dig drones, as well, but if you think the drones have weakened Al-Qaeda, please read the news. A good starting point would be Iraq. Our current CIC let the world know when we were to pull out troops, and look at the results. Now, he’s broadcasting when we shall pull out of Afghanistan. (Roaches hide in the dark.) I ask you, were I playing chess with you; how well would I do were I to tell you my next move?

    Health Care Reform: As SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts deemed it a tax, it is therefore illegal (unconstitutional) as it did not originate in the House. The after-effects of this enormous tax ($836.3 billion) are seeping into our lives on a daily basis. If you don’t believe me, talk to a healthcare worker or a patient.

    Economy: President Obama has crippled this economy. Off the top of my head, he put a moratorium on oil exploration, he blocked the Keystone Pipeline XL, and he refuses to tap into our own reserves (we actually have more oil/natural gas than all of the world.) But, I guess it’s just silly of me to think that for it would mean, um, I don’t know……………. jobs!?

    These are my top reasons why President Obama does not deserve a second term.

    Kells Bells

    PS- I should like to read a rebuttal from B.

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