Britannia Rule 5’s The Waves: Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge Exposes Her Two Ladies In Waiting

We previously noted the charms of the Duchess here in April of 2011…but now the Daily Mail reports that:

An Italian gossip magazine is set to follow a French publication in printing topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge, it was reported today.

Chi is understood to be planning a 26-page photo special of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on holiday in the south of France, to run in an edition next week, said the BBC.

I like Kate too much to go with the topless photos. She is a class act. She is often compared with Princess Di but in my opinion, there is a huge difference. Princess Diana could never escape the taint of celebrity even when she was doing worthwhile things, she was tabloid fodder of the highest degree. Kate is every bit as beautiful as Di but has a quiet strength and dignity that Diana was never allowed to have. She is a winner.

The French magazine took pictures of Duchess Catherine’s girls with a very long lens from a great distance away in what is a true invasion of privacy and Kate doesn’t deserve that sort of treatment; however, there is a Middleton relative that I have no such reservations about – no, not my future mistress Pippa – but their cousin, Katrina. For you see, Katrina is a burlesque performer and exposure is her stock and trade.

Please sit back and enjoy the quite NSFW pics of Katrina Darling:

3 thoughts on “Britannia Rule 5’s The Waves: Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge Exposes Her Two Ladies In Waiting

    • Agreed. Such a beautiful girl and then she goes and marks herself all up. Why can’t these silly girls just do those crackerjack temporary tattoos? It’s just like make-up; you create an image then you go back to your self.

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