The Incredible Muslim Hulk

Waleed Aly, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, commits an act of common sense so stunning that I all of a sudden want to be Australian – because it appears that there actually is enough of it to go around down under – as opposed to here in the American media.

The last paragraph in this excerpt is spun from pure, golden truth:

No. Let’s start with the fact that so few of the protesters who descended on Sydney’s CBD this weekend seem actually to have seen the film that so gravely offends them. When asked by journalists, they bluntly admit this, one even adding that she refuses to watch something so offensive. It’s almost impressive how cyclical this stupidity is. But it’s also instructive. In fact, this is the key to making sense of something so gobsmackingly senseless. The protesters – at least the ones quoted in news reports – know nothing except how offended they are.

That, you see, is all that matters. This isn’t about a film. It’s about an excuse. We know because we’ve seen it all before, like when Pakistani protesters vandalised American fast food outlets and burnt effigies of President George W. Bush in response to the Danish cartoons.

We know because so much of the weekend’s ranting was nakedly gratuitous: ”Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell”. Pardon? Which dead? Weren’t we talking about a movie?

This is the behaviour of a drunkenly humiliated people: swinging wildly with the hope of landing a blow, any blow, somewhere, anywhere. There’s nothing strategic or calculated about this. It doesn’t matter that they are the film’s most effective publicists. It doesn’t matter that they protest using offensive slogans and signs, while protesting against people’s right to offend. It doesn’t matter that they object to insulting people on the basis of their religion, while declaring that Christians have no morals. This is baffling only until you realise these protesters are not truly protesting to make a point. The protest is the point.

As always, there is more.

37 thoughts on “The Incredible Muslim Hulk

  1. Well written.
    Hmmmmm, is Islam exactly like all the “groups” of people who make up the current “Democratic party” ?

    They spend their time “blaming” someone else for their problems instead of going to work and solving their problems…

  2. I wonder how many of those angry young people took time off from work, forsook wages, so as not to pass up this chance to be publicly outraged?

    Unemployment among Muslim-Australians is around 18%

    Violence and huge demonstrations in Tunisia

    Violent protests outside the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Tunis, were met with tear gas and gunshots, leaving two people dead, 29 others injured and plumes of black smoke wafting over the city.

    Several dozen protesters briefly stormed the embassy compound, tearing down the American flag and raising a banner bearing the Muslim profession of faith. They also set fire to an American school adjacent to the embassy compound and prevented firefighters from approaching it.

    Tunisia’s unemployment rate is 18%

    Same in Yemen…
    Security forces shot live rounds in the air and fired tear gas at a crowd of around 2,000 protesters trying to march to the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Sanaa.

    Yemen’s unemployment rate is pegged at 35%!!


    Some 5,000 hardline Muslims marched in the streets of the capital, Dhaka, after Friday prayers, burning U.S. and Israeli flags and calling for the death of the filmmaker.

    Bangladesh has a low unemployment rate, but up to 40%of the workers are rated as under-employed, working only a few hours a week. The average annual income is $1700/year

    Now, check this out…

    About 200 protesters chanted slogans and held up signs in a largely peaceful protest outside the heavily guarded U.S. Embassy in the capital, Jakarta. Indonesia’s government has been working to block access to clips of the film online, and a prominent cleric has urged calm.
    Indonesia’s unemployment rate is currently around 6.4%


    About 20 protesters held a peaceful demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. They briefly shouted ‘‘Allahu akbar!’’ or God is great, and handed reporters a letter addressed to the American ambassador expressing anger over the movie and calling for greater respect for religions.

    Malaysia’s unemployment rate was 2.1% as of this June

    See the inverse relation between employment levels and the number of protestors? Idle hands, devil’s tools…..

    • Yeah, only the impression I believe you are trying to give is 100% out of phase with the cause. These people are unemployed because of their culture — NOT the other way around. This is an historical FACT, Greg. Just do your homework and you’ll see.

      Corruption and graft destroy free enterprise. That’s why things are going down the tube in Europe and we are starting to circle the drain. It’s really that simple.

      OH, plus, the Marxist revolutionaries CALL for high unemployment so they can have this large force of restless “soldiers.” It was explained in one of those books I suggested but few bothered to read (The Coming Insurrection). They are the useful idiots — and their only purpose is to help the revolutionaries destroy what is. Too bad those same revolutionaries NEVER have any idea how to replace what is.

      Hmmm, I think we just hit on why Obama is and will fail… 😉

        • “Whatever caused the economic mess, the answer is jobs”

          I’ll run with your platitudes on this (and the long post above), Greg.

          I should like to point out that the following is true:

          – Education is not proffered the many in the Middle East
          – They have few “freedoms”, especially that of free speech.
          – Many live under the rule of a King, or a Dictator, or a God-Like Profit of Mohamed.
          – Punishments borderline (hell, screw borderline) … cruelty and torture far beyond the reach of anything seen in any history.

          Yes sir, benevolent Muslims and their benevolent rulers.

        • No, no, it isn’t. Americans didn’t tear their neighborhoods down during the Great Depression, so there’s no reason for this violence. Unemployment is just an excuse for destroying things — nothing more.

    • So a sign that says “Behead those who insult our prophet” really means “Please hire me and I won’t kill you.”?


      I’ll be as polite as I can – that’s plain bullshit. Like I have written, the appeasers – and yes, Imam Greg is one of them, grasp for any excuse to avoid the truth that we are hated simply because we are not Muslim.

      Bin Laden was from a very wealthy family, most of the 9/11 murderers were college educated young men, the “Underwear Bomber” was the son of the richest banker in Nigeria and had lived with his family in a £1.5 flat in London, 3 of the 4 UK July 7 bombers were college educated and all 4 were employed.

      Yeah, it is all about “jobs”.

      • I love it when you give me the buggerthat treatment, as you have no response to my argument but a personal attack.
        Had you listed the suicide bombers work records, which would have been pertinent to my comment instead of their academic history, which is not,, we might have been able to talk intelligently. Moron.

        • Yeah, well I never attacked you personally.

          You have earned the Imam nickname by being the chief apologist on this site for everything that is done in the name of Islam – including murder.

          I actually attacked your argument. I said that your argument was bullshit and it is.

          Here’s what I know from personal experience – I was in Tel Aviv working on a project with an Israeli construction company and I and was invited to go and see what the Israelis had created in Gaza. Before the Gaza handover to the Palestinians, the Gaza strip was covered in flower and plant nurseries that exported all over the world – thriving businesses and jobs (that many Arab Muslims held). I was back there about a year after it had been turned over to the Islamists and they had destroyed and looted everything, completely eliminating the chances that anybody, including the Muslims that already worked there, would benefit from it.


          Because it once belonged to the dirty Jews.

          I had to fly from Dubai to Tel Aviv once and guess what? Israel isn’t on any Arabic maps. I had to fly to Istanbul and take another flight to get there.

          How many time have you been there, Greg? How much do you know other than what you read?

          Buddy, this is a personal attack – you are a misguided fool if you really believe that jobs even factor into it. So take your butt-hurt and sulk. I’m tired of the bullshit excuses and the evasion. For us to talk intelligently would imply that both parties are intelligent – your statements prove that is a functional impossibility.

          But is is Bush’s fault and the lack of jobs.

          • Aren’t most of these idealistic, nihilistic “revolutionaries” from well-to-do families? The Marxist leaders, Fabian Socialists, American Progressives…

            In fact, the only “thugs” in the history of these ranks tend more toward fascism (i.e. Hitler), don’t they?

            Me tinks dare bees a connec-shi-on in dare sumwares. 😉

          • You wrote a post about me, Utah, you called me an imbecile, among other delightful terms, so take your saddle off the high horse, as it doesn’t fit there, either.

            Utah, Israel was plunked down in the middle of a people who had no say in the matter. I have written that it is time for the muslims to accept the fact of Israel and move on, but I have never been the descendant of a people who lost their land in recent times, have you?
            The hatred the muslims show is a major impediment to my solution, I have never argued otherwise. But acting like the hatred was not fanned by the creation of Israel is to ignore both human nature and history.

            • And acting like Jews didn’t exist in the Middle East before 1947 is another fallacy as well. Jews, the Jewish faith and even Christianity predate Islam by literally thousands of years – to claim Jerusalem it first had to be taken from the people who were already there and since the Biblical references to it predate Islam, I would have to say that it should be in Jewish hands.

              I assume the post you refer to is this one: From Pedantic and Tiresome to Full-on Moronic in Record Speed

              It includes this:

              Until such time you prove me a liar, you owe the people writing and commenting on this site an apology for your tasteless, libelous and baseless insults.

              I once considered you a bright man – no more. I’m ashamed that I even thought that.

              I have been nothing but deferential to you but I will do so no more. You have embarrassed yourself and done significant damage to any credibility that you had. You have sadly revealed your self to be just another emotion driven, screaming and shrieking harpy, bound by a reactionary blood oath to liberalism – well, its not even really liberalism – it is some form of anti-realism…maybe we should call it Disneyism.

              You lost any right to assume any moral authority on the subject the second you typed the words “final solution”.

              But somehow I can’t find where I called you an imbecile. Take it personally or not – I still consider your positions and support illogical, ill-informed and wrong.

              • Utah,

                Do you think Greg knows or even cares that, before 1948, the only people calling themselves “Palestinians” were the PALESTINIAN JEWS? Until it was changed (I believe by Husseini, but it could have been someone else), the Arabs of this region had ALWAYS referred to themselves as Arabs — NOT “Palestinians.”

                Not that it will matter much to Greg or any other Lefty, but it sort of changes the dynamic for those seeking the truth when they learn the truth — don’t you think?


                There is a reason Progressives re-write history. The problem, as I see it, is you refuse to spit out their Kool-Aid.

                • “And I still wonder just what you and B would like to see done with all the muslim-americans you cannot find it in yourself to trust.”

                  Greg, you ever heard of this little document called the Bill of Rights? Yeah, I did not think so. I strongly suggest you go right now, and read it.

                  Does that answer your question eloquently enough, Greg? Here, I will make it a bit clearer for you …

                  I absolutely do not give one flying fuck what American-Muslims do … as long as it follows the Constitution. However, equal rights for all does not mean that your fucking President gets to choose who gets castigated for an opinion, and who does not.

                  Is that in any way not clear and concise enough for you, Greg?

            • “Utah, Israel was plunked down in the middle of a people who had no say in the matter.” — ah, more platitudes. Platitudes, platitudes, oh those lovely platitudes.

              So let’s see if I have this right …

              Eretz Yisrael existed 2,000 years before Christ.
              The “first Kingdom of Israel” was established 1,100 years before Christ.
              The Southern half fell 722 years before Christ to the Assyrians, and then later to the Romans.
              Israel has numerous rules, and ultimately a mixed cultures until 614 AD when it became the “Jewish Commonwealth”, and then conqured by the Byzantines 625 AD.

              (I guess this is the point where 2,700+ years of Jewish ownership and heritage no longer applies to Greg, and his Muslim brothers).

              Seems to me like following WWII, the world (especially Britain), corrected a long standing emperical wrong.

              • @Augger,

                Britain DID right a wrong, BUT Britain didn’t mean to do so. It actually hoped and expected the Arabs to destroy the Jewish state, thus, “finishing” what Hitler had started. The people who were largely responsible for the creation of Israel were very anti-Semitic. I find it to be one of God’s great ironies 😉

                • Of course they do. Now tell that to the Palestinians. Maybe they should have beat down the world like we and Britain did.

                  Sometimes, I love your logic.

                    • Yeah, well when somebody says “I’m going to kill you because…” or “I’m going to burn your embassy to the ground because…” and the words that follow that aren’t “you won’t give me a job – land – education -etc. – (or any other common excuse) and are followed by “because you insulted my religion” and “Allahu Akbar!”, your logic suddenly becomes non-existent.

                      But liberals (and what ever you are) have this special insight so that you just know that it isn’t about religion and all Muslims are apparently habitual liars, so we can’t believe them when they chant “Death to America” and proceed to kill our citizens.

                    • I am NOT the one calling them all liars, that would be your cohort-in-misinformation.

                      Scientists from Taiwan analysed the suicide rates in Asia after the economic crisis of 1997 and 1998. They found a positive correlation most closely associated with rises in unemployment. (Soc Sci Med. 2009 Feb 4. Chang SS, Gunnell D, Sterne JA, Lu TH, Cheng AT. Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK; Ju Shan Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan.)

                      That is an interesting correlation; I wonder how many of the suicide bombers were already thinking about offing themselves?

                      you said…
                      “I’m going to burn your embassy to the ground because…” and the words that follow that aren’t “you won’t give me a job

                      Utah, those people are not thinking along those lines, as many have never been gainfully employed in the first place. And we are not the partners of choice in any economic venture, wealthier and more economically diverse muslim countries such as Turkey and Indonesia need to step up. Maybe they already pitch in, I will look into that.
                      Seriously, even if, at first, they use some of the money to purchase garage-door openers, disposable cell-phones, and oversize jackets, the mindset will change as the amount of disposable income increases, and vacations in Cyprus will look more appealing than jihad-inspired attacks anywhere else.

                      But the Palestinians are a disaffected bunch, their culture in tatters, trades forgotten or useless with out the tools to engage in them or a customer base. It will be a tough sell to venture capitalists, for sure.
                      Bottom line: higher the percentage of the people that have stable jobs in a given country, the lower the level of radical activity.

                • “Seriously, even if, at first, they use some of the money to purchase …”

                  Oh dear God, Greg. We are sitting here in the US now debating on stopping funding these fools, and now you come along with this most amazingly insightful line … as if we (or anyone else for that matter) have yet to ever throw them a damn bone.


        • Greg,

          Unless you are now going to admit that the Department of Education is unnecessary, teachers’ unions need to be broken, the public education system privatized AND the Federal Student Aid program ended, then the education levels of the 9/11 attackers certainly IS pertinent to your argument.

          After all, it is those of you on the Left who have been telling us for decades that “education is key to employment and better employment.”

          PLEASE, try to take a moment or two to think about the logical extension of your comments before you make them. It may help you make a better argument. This one has collapsed.

          • You are cramming words down my mouth, B.
            All I meant was that if more of these disaffected people were working, if more of the young had a future with some promise, they would not be so quick to end their lives in the pursuit of moral purity.
            I made no accusations about who to blame, nor do I have any good ideas as to how to achieve it, but economic prosperity will diminish religious conflict, and I hope there is a chance to prove it soon.

            • Just in case you missed it the first time around, Greg ..

              “I should like to point out that the following is true:

              – Education is not proffered the many in the Middle East
              – They have few “freedoms”, especially that of free speech.
              – Many live under the rule of a King, or a Dictator, or a God-Like Profit of Mohamed.
              – Punishments borderline (hell, screw borderline) … cruelty and torture far beyond the reach of anything seen in any history.

              Yes sir, benevolent Muslims and their benevolent rulers.”

              You sir, are wishing a pipe dream. What ever change is going to happen in the Middle East … the Middle East is going to have to want.

              They do not want it.

              Wish/pray/help ours buddy. Well, at least those that want it here anyway.

            • I tell you, G., I think their religion practiced over there inhibits them; they seem to do quite well over here. (I think it is because we’re a bit more relaxed…. some see and some don’t.)

            • No, actually, I’m not. I am taking your words to their logical extension. That you do not like the destination is not my fault, it is caused by the inconsistencies in your positions/arguments.

              As to the idea that work would resolve this unrest: that is more naive thinking that has no foundation in reality. Sorry, but this is just a fact and no amount of wishing it otherwise will change the attitude of the people in question here. Lack of jobs is just an excuse, like that video. It is NOT the problem. 😦

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