Three Decades On And The Question Remains: Are We Warriors or Slaves?

Two days before our national elections on November 6th, we will reach the thirty-third anniversary of the beginning of the first major confrontation between America and radical Islam – the 444 day Iran hostage crisis began on November 4, 1979.

Thirty-three years, during which we have witnessed two wars in the Persian Gulf, one in Afghanistan, two terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center (one devastatingly successful), the destruction of the Marine barracks in Beirut, the USS Cole bombing, an attack on the Pentagon and a thwarted attack on the White House that ended in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania and our troops massacred on the streets of America and within our own military bases by adherents to a particular faith.

Israel, Iran and Pakistan have nukes. Syria and others in the region are confirmed to possess chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Now our diplomats in the Middle East are under attack again, with facilities sacked and burned and four people murdered on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 this past week.

Our response?

To institute shariah-like Islamic anti-blasphemy laws in deed, if not in word.

Our former leaders who confronted the threat were pilloried and obstructed by their opposition, while the current leadership leads from behind, attacks via proxy using drones to create the perception of strength while they appease and cower in fear.

When do we decide that it is time to end this? Will we reach a point when a Trumanesque decision must be made that the threat and likely outcomes are far more horrible than the action itself?

Truman was quoted as saying of the decision to use the atomic bomb:

The atom bomb was no “great decision.” It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness.

A “powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness”?

Can you even imagine the reaction that a statement like that today from one of our national leaders would generate from the Godless, faithless and secular humanists of today’s America?

I can’t state it more clearly…in spite of the national self-delusion, the platitudes spoken and the appeasement offered in sacrifice to the gods of political correctness, we are at war…and it is a war with Islam.

But even then there is a distinction.

When I say that we are at war with Islam, I do not mean the theology. We are; however, at war with people who have made it into a political ideology and seek to use it to kill or subjugate anyone who doesn’t express allegiance to its tenets.

If you don’t believe this, ask yourself why Jews, Christians, and other religions have been forced out of the predominantly Muslim Middle Eastern countries. Ask yourself why the atheist communist Chinese are fighting the Uighurs in western China, why the Hindus and Buddhists are in conflict with Muslims in India and Thailand.

This is what confounds me about the secularists in America – they quickly band together to fight Judeo-Christian values or any expression thereof while in effect, protecting Islam. They think that they are being noble and “righteous” in “guarding” a secular state – but in doing so they are opposing the only force in the history of the world that has allowed them the opportunity to be wrong and to be outspoken about it. There is no secularism in Islam – there is only Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

America is not being told the whole story. The American people are being shielded from the knowledge of life under Islamic rule. America is being deluded and lulled into a false sense of security and apathy by a government and a complicit media, both of whom share the same collectivist and humanist view. They have taken the measure of our Judeo-Christian traditions and found them wanting.

They are wrong.

History has proven time and time again that people motivated by faith (even faith in evil) will defeat people without faith every time. Hitler and his faithful Nazi horde were convinced that their faith was righteous. Hirohito and the Japanese people felt the same about their condition. Hitler overran Europe, Hirohito ran roughshod over China and the South Pacific until they ran into two countries with greater faith – Britain and eventually the United States.

I am not advocating a modern Crusade but it seems clear that the old bromide, “those who believe in nothing will fall for anything” is validated now on a daily basis. How will we confront a threat when our culture has become conditioned to believe in nothing and faith in anything must be questioned, found relative and as a result, deemed illegitimate?

Western culture has become a field of sheep, moving by habit from pasture to pasture until the dogs come.

If America and Western Civilization is to survive, this violent incarnation of Islam must be defeated in the same manner as Nazism and the WWII Shintoism of Japan.

We are either warriors or we are slaves.

The elitist and “evolved” American “progressives” vilified the “Bush Doctrine” for its apparent “you are either with us or against us” definition of the enemy but the asymmetric nature of this war guarantees that there are no innocent bystanders, no “moderates”. Choosing not to choose is actually a choice because you suffer the consequences of the decision of one side or the other.

There comes a point in every conflict when sides must be chosen and a stand taken.

Thirty-three years is enough. It is a time for choosing.

To my Muslim friends, I must offer my sorrow. I respect and value your friendship but as long as there are people of your faith who seek to convert or control me via violent acts or kill me or the fellow citizens of my country, this is my stand.

Lan astaslem.

As for me, I shall not submit.

6 thoughts on “Three Decades On And The Question Remains: Are We Warriors or Slaves?

  1. The Muslims of North Africa and Tripoli, were attacking and taking American Ships and making slaves of American sailors in Thomas Jefferson’s day.

    The crusades, contrary to current public opinion, were the RESULT OF, AND IN RESPONSE to Muslim actions.

  2. At 62 years old, there have been several radical forces over my lifetime that have caused concern to me, but none is as obvious and worrisome as radical Islam. A large part of this fear is that the non-radical Islam doesn’t seem to want to control the radical element.

    • Dusty, your statement begs the questions;
      IF there are no “non-radicals” standing up to say “no more violence” or “enough death is enough”,
      THEN are there really “radical” and “non-radical” ? Or is there just Islam ?

    • “A large part of this fear is that the non-radical Islam doesn’t seem to want to control the radical element.”

      Of course they do not. Why lose the moral high ground while you have the dolts doing the dirty work for you?

      They aren’t stupid, just insane.

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