Global Economic/Financial Collapse Now Certainty

Just in case you have been too distracted by the squirrels that Obama and his propaganda wing known as the MSM (a.k.a. Pravda West) have been shoveling, the best economic minds in the world have been trying to warn the global public that the global economic collapse they have been warning against is now inevitable.  Surf the web for the stories.  You’ll find them, and you’ll find some very respected names attached to them.

In the mean time, have you heard that China has now launched a new, gold-backed world reserve currency?  I don’t care whether anyone thinks it has a chance to succeed: it does and it probably will.  What I am concerned about is do you understand what this will mean when it finally catches hold and the rest of the world dumps the U.S. $ and switches to this new currency?

How does $500+/barrel oil sound?  Why $500/barrel oil?  Because the U.S. $ will be worthless.  Now, do you know what this will do to your ability to just feed your family?  Do you know what it will do to the economy?

The last crash was caused not so much by the banking scandal but by $145/barrel oil.  How do I know?  I read what the financial experts tell us — the stuff the media will not report because they actually believe the lies they tell themselves: that we are too stupid to understand or even care.

When the U.S. economy crashes, do you know what happens to the rest of the world?  The nations that own our debt will fail.  japan is now the largest holder of U.S. debt, then the Federal Reserve.  Japan is already teetering on financial collapse because of the tsunami.  And now, China is beating the war drums against Japan to help relieve its internal economic pressures.  What do you think will happen to Japan when we can’t defender her and she collapses as a result of our collapse?

What do you think will happen to Europe when we collapse?  Do you know that we have been pumping hundreds of billions of $’s into their banking system since TARP?  Do you know what happens to Europe when that money stops?  Do you know what happens to Europe when it collapses at the same time the Muslims are pushing to revive the Caliphate?  Do you even understand the history of the Caliphate?

Do you have any idea of how things in our world change when these things start to happen?  DO you know how hard it will be for these nations to just feed their people?  And do you know who they will blame?  they will blame the U.S. — in large part because we have been telling them it is our fault.  Obama has been doing this since he was elected, and his Progressive buddies have been doing it for decades before that.  This is all connected to the Marxist attack on Capitalism around the world, and we are seen as the global symbol of Capitalism.  We will be the scapegoat for the world when things crash — and rightfully so.

But it will NOT be because Obama and his ilk were correct,  but because we accepted their lies and tried their ideas until it was too late to undo the damage their ideas always cause — always!

3 thoughts on “Global Economic/Financial Collapse Now Certainty

  1. Great Article. I read about the BRICS forming a bank and a union together that had also decided among themselves to ignore the UN and the UN Sanctions against Iran. It was only a matter of time. We are living in really scary times.

    • Yes, we are. I did not mention that the people of Spain just held a rush on their banks and took out 90% of the money WE and others had given them to prop up their banks and that there was a recent report in Bloomberg stating that 10% of the people in the U.S. have CLOSED their bank accounts.

      If people REALLY understood finance, this news would cause a panic.

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