One Thing I’ve Learned As President

President Obama in an attempt to paint his challenger Mitt Romney as out of touch with 1/2 of the American people, tells late night talk show lefty David Letterman, “One thing I’ve learned as president is that you represent the entire country,”.  Really you’ve learned that have you?

Now I seem to remember that on July 26, 2012 President Obama issued an Executive Order titled White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans.  Seem all-inclusive to me…errr well maybe not.  I think he left out a few others in the title then.  But he represents the “entire country” and so he probably meant to include educational initiatives for other Americans as well.

So you were being the President to all when you declared the “War on Coal” conveniently under-representing the people of Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Tennessee who’s livelihoods depend on the Coal industry.

And you were representing the entire Nation when you brokered the Auto Industry bailout, once again forgetting the shareholders and bond holders who should have been first in line via a structured bankruptcy proceedings.  Oh lets not forget (like you have) the thousands of dealerships forced to close because of your “leadership” for the entire nation. All while the UAW continued on its merry way.

And who is being represented when your Justice Department is in collusion with a Non-profit media organization attacking those who disagree with your immigration policies, right to work in South Carolina, and failed Fast and Furious gun running program?  The entire Nation is being represented?

And who is represented when you say I need to spread the wealth around so others get a “shot”?  Are the people you want to take from represented?  Do they get a say in what is taken from them by the force of government?  No they’re not represented, but you seem to think that doesn’t matter.

Was the entire Nation being represented when you shut down the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico?

Was the Nation represented with the Cash for Clunkers program?  What about the thousands of used car dealerships whose supply of affordable pre-owned vehicles dried up overnight because of your attempt to prop up the union fed auto industry.  Well what about the used auto part suppliers who no longer had a way to get parts because your administration deemed that all autos presented to the program MUST be crushed.  They just loved your representation for their businesses.

No Mr President you’ve been representing only those you have DEEMED deserving of your special leadership.  You haven’t represented the entire Nation, although the entire Nation is effected by your representation.  So to insinuate that Mr Romney is not concerned about the 47% of Americans who require some sort of government assistance is blatantly false and your wide grin doesn’t hide the fact that you understand what the Governor meant in his statement.

The fact that you can smile and joke around while 47% of Americans need the government as a result of your policies is as troubling as the fact that you have chosen to only show concern for those you DEEM needy instead of the ENTIRE Nation.

100% of the Nation finds none of this in any way amusing.  None.

9 thoughts on “One Thing I’ve Learned As President

  1. Do you think this community organizer will ever see the irony in him preaching to us about being “everyone’s” president when he has made his living by setting one group of Americans against another, and continues to do so to this day?

    These folks on the left have no clothes and they don’t even realize they are the only one who believes they do.

  2. Maybe if we could have the teleprompter talk back to “the One” … no never mind. His ego is larger than the great Republic of Texas, too bad his brain and thought patterns could only fill up a thimble. We CAN do better. 🙂

  3. “Do you think this community organizer will ever see the irony in him preaching to us about being “everyone’s” president when he has made his living by setting one group of Americans against another, and continues to do so to this day?”

    Interesting that you bring this up today. New news reports archiving a pile of Obama’s lawyer days are coming forth … documenting this very thing. Will be interesting to see how far they report findings.

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